‘Adam’ debate continues

April 14, 2006
The Christian awareness campaign “I Agree with Adam” ended last week, but the message — and tactics — of the participating religious groups remains a prime topic of discussion. The campaign is part of a nationwide Christian evangelistic outreach strategy that has already taken place at other universities. The initiative is organized by Campus Crusade »

‘Adam’ campaign prompts debate

April 5, 2006
Students around campus in daffodil-colored T-shirts with the slogan “I Agree with Adam” are showing their support for a statement of Christian faith made public by Yale Students for Christ member Adam Meredith ’08, whose manifesto has provided the force behind this week’s Christianity awareness campaign of the same name. Organizers and participants said the »

Dwight Hall posts recruiting info

March 30, 2006
While a Wednesday freshman recruiting session by Goldman Sachs at Undergraduate Career Services attracted 40 students, a similar Peace Corps panel addressed to all Yalies only drew a crowd of 15. To raise interest in the field of social justice among students, community service organizations have begun using Dwight Hall as a clearinghouse for posting »

National survey confirms student interest in religious activity

March 24, 2006
A recent rise in student religious involvement at Yale has drawn attention from many of those involved in the University’s religious community. And according to a recent nationwide survey of college freshmen, the significance of spirituality in higher education may not be limited to Yale. More than two-thirds of students nationwide believe it is “essential” »

Service helps poor with taxes

March 3, 2006
In a city where 36 percent of the population falls below the federal poverty line, help securing tax refunds can become an important commodity. The Volunteer Income Tax Assessment program, which helps low-income earners file their taxes and assess their refund options, has already assisted 900 New Haven area residents this tax season — up »

Cancer prevention group releases report

February 24, 2006
The fight against cancer has found new assistance from a recent state plan aiming to control the disease and bridge the socioeconomic gap in prevention, treatment and care. The Connecticut Cancer Partnership, released its recommendations Wednesday for a statewide comprehensive cancer plan on Wednesday, emphasizing the need to reduce disparities in cancer prevention and care »

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February 13, 2006
Questioning their community’s hospitality toward people of various sexual orientations, some members of Yale religious groups are attempting to redefine the relationship between religious teachings and modern views on sexuality in an effort to change the perception that the Christian faith does not accept homosexuality. Issues surrounding the compatibility of religious faith with homosexuality were »

Bill proposes junk food ban in schools

February 7, 2006
Soda, chips and other snack foods may soon disappear from cafeterias and vending machines in Connecticut schools if a new bill to subsidize healthy food in public schools passes the state legislature this spring. The proposal, put forward by state Sen. Don Williams and backed by Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell, would be the first »

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February 2, 2006
Connecticut ranks second to last in the nation in state funding to prevent tobacco usage, primarily among minors, according to a recent study by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Jerold Mande, associate director for policy at the Yale Cancer Center, said the Centers for Disease Control recommended a $21.24 million state budget for comprehensive tobacco »

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January 31, 2006
A new study by a public education and advocacy group reported that the wealth gap between the rich and poor in Connecticut has increased more since 1991 than in any other state except Tennessee. The report, issued last week by Connecticut Voices for Children in conjunction with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, detailed »

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January 25, 2006
New changes to traffic signals and circulation throughout the city may help relieve traffic and pedestrian congestion endangering New Haven citizens. At a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday evening, the Department of Traffic and Parking unveiled new plans for technological advances in traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and traffic flow. The city has »

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January 23, 2006
The ongoing construction of a new “Catholic center” at the St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel is one sign of a recent upswing in demand for religious discourse at Yale, a university that William F. Buckley ’50 accused of anti-religious hostility only half a century ago. Following its completion, which is slated for this coming fall, »