Labor strife threatens WNBA

The WNBA was supposed to avoid all the mishaps that have befallen men’s professional sports leagues. In an age when professional athletes are overpaid, undereducated and aloof, the average WNBA player makes roughly $50,000 during the four-month season, holds a college degree and happily signs autographs. Now, however, it seems the league has compressed all […]

Kareem not the answer Columbia hoops needs

Who would have thought one of the most interesting college basketball off-season maneuvers would come from Columbia University? After firing men’s basketball head coach Armond Hill March 10, the Columbia Athletics Department has racked up an impressive list of candidates for the position. Most notably, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has interviewed in Morningside Heights and […]

M. basketball: Just wait until next winter

With losses to Penn and Princeton last weekend, the men’s basketball team was officially eliminated from the Ivy League title race. The Bulldogs can’t write off this season yet; they still need to focus on their upcoming trip to Dartmouth and Harvard. Two wins this weekend could help Yale save face and give it a […]

Bulldogs lacking chemistry

After going 0-2 at Penn and Princeton this weekend, it will take nothing short of a miracle for the men’s basketball team to repeat as Ivy champions. With Penn returning all of its players and the increased parity in the league, a second championship was by no means a guarantee. Nevertheless, few expected the Bulldogs […]

Lebron James to replace M.J.?

The National Basketball Association is grasping at straws. The league is halfway through the regular season and two of the biggest stories so far have been an underachieving defending champion and an 18-year-old phenom yet to play in a professional game. With such a dearth of highlights, the NBA has fallen back on its tried-and-true […]

Top ads offer better contest than Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl was not exactly a nail-biter. Despite my roommate yelling “Kill him!” every time a Raider caught a pass, the 10 of us watching together lost most of our enthusiasm by the second half. If you’re like us, once the game was no longer in doubt, you focused on more important things: […]

Vols and Huskies alone at the top

There are many storied rivalries in college and professional sports: the Celtics versus the Lakers, the Yankees versus the Red Sox, the Redskins versus the Cowboys, and, of course, Harvard versus Yale. In the past two decades, the women’s basketball teams from Connecticut and Tennessee, which have combined for six out of the last 13 […]

Hall should add Carter, Murray

Measuring an athlete’s contribution to his sport is often a numbers game. Instead of trying to quantify intangibles such as leadership, dedication or heart, pundits look to the number of championships and winning percentages. But nothing invokes more discussion of statistics than the election of players to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The shrine […]

It’s time for Woods to take a stand

It’s hard to feel sorry for Tiger Woods. At age 26, he has already redefined the way golf is played. In six years on the PGA Tour, he has won eight major tournaments. He is currently $2 million ahead of all other golfers on the tour and makes millions more in endorsements. He is a […]

Poor pro teams should pay fans back

I have tickets to the Knicks versus Nets game at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 17. With the Knicks and Nets at the exact opposite ends of the Atlantic Division standings, however, I’m not holding my breath for a Hudson River rivalry classic. But it costs quite a pretty penny to go to a Knicks […]

Jumping on the NYC bandwagon

This past Saturday, the United States Olympic Committee named New York City as its candidate for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. I can’t remember when I first heard about the campaign, but I do know that my reaction was something to the effect of “The Olympics in New York? You’ve got to be kidding.” But […]

Television sports coverage lacks focus

“60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney has taken a lot of heat recently for his comments about female sports broadcasters. In an interview on the Madison Square Garden Network’s “The Boomer Esiason Show,” Rooney said women have “no business” reporting on a football game. I’m not going to bother trying to refute that statement because that […]