For some, contraception holds stigma

October 3, 2003
She still doesn’t know whether or not the condom broke. Just after spring break her freshman year, a female student, who declined to give her name, said she was drinking with a friend and “suddenly came to discover” that they were having sex. She does not know exactly how it happened. She does not know »

Strike over, a return to normalcy

September 23, 2003
Some Yalies spent the extra money from their strike rebate checks on alcohol. Some went shopping. But Santanov Chaudhuri ’06 is going home for the holidays. By eating out for only one meal a day, Chaudhuri managed to save around $10 every day, he said. With money he made working, he now has nearly the »

Dean rallies 1,000 in support of unions

August 30, 2003
Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean ’71, in a Friday evening speech on Beinecke Plaza, became the third prominent national figure to speak out this week in favor of Yale’s unions. Dean’s speech followed those by fellow presidential hopeful Sen. Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 and the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Monday and Wednesday, respectively. In »

Hundreds of Yale workers go on strike

August 28, 2003
Yale and its workers opened another chapter in their fitful 40-year relationship Wednesday, as hundreds of union members took their places on campus picket lines in search of higher wages and better pension benefits. On the same day that Yale opened its doors to upperclassmen, the University’s two largest unions and workers at Yale-New Haven »

New frat Sig Ep seeks diverse brotherhood

April 25, 2003
Brian Korchin ’05 wants to get back to the root of what “fraternity” means. So far, he seems to have been successful. “A lot of the essence of what a frat is has been lost, I think. It’s sort of turned into a gentlemen’s drinking club,” Korchin, the president of new-fraternity-on-campus Sigma Phi Epsilon, said. »

Brei’s selflessness remembered

March 28, 2003
When Brandon Brei GRD ’06 was an Eagle Scout in middle school, he went to Philmont, a Boy Scout ranch in New Mexico. The troop was on a two-week survival mission for which they had to carry their food and supplies in backpacks. But even though Brandon’s pack was heavy and he had far to »

As war intensifies in Iraq, opinions vary greatly on campus

March 24, 2003
One Yale sophomore’s aunt could be on her way to Iraq within 48 hours’ notice. “When you know people in the military, when it’s part of your family, you realize more about how serious it is,” the student said. “Everyone thought it would be easy, but all of a sudden, it’s been four days, and »

As workers picket, students adapt

March 4, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Just after sunrise Monday morning, the usually quiet sidewalks lining Wall Street near Cross Campus became an assembling ground. Members of locals 34 and 35 and students in the Graduate Employees and Students Organization, or GESO, met in the cold weather to begin »

In small ROTC corps, focus and discipline

March 3, 2003
For some Yalies, LEGOs bring back memories of childhood. For Justin Elliott ’05, the interlocking plastic blocks represent his dreams for the future. “That’s Jack Stone,” Elliott says, pointing to a moustached plastic adventurer sitting in a LEGO plane on his common room table. “My mom sent it up.” Elliott, who has wanted to be »

Fond recollections of Naples community, tradition

February 21, 2003
When Rebecca Nichols ’05 visited Yale as a prefrosh, her host wanted to show her a good time. He took her to a few parties on campus, and then, at last, to Naples Pizza & Restaurant, a popular hangout then famous as “The Place” for freshmen to congregate on Thursday nights. “He wanted to take »

Humor, apathy mark student reaction to speech

January 30, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. As President George W. Bush ’68 addressed the country Tuesday night, conservative students toasted him and leftist Yalies booed him at gatherings around campus. In his State of the Union address, Bush concentrated on tax cuts, health care and the high possibility of »

Moment of truth for three local early applicants

January 16, 2003
Almost three months ago, three Connecticut high school students — Maya Shankar, Megan Powers and Paige Rossetti — were anxiously putting the final touches on their early decision applications to Yale. After six weeks of anticipation, the results are finally in — online, by phone or slowly making their way by mail. Two will join »