Departments, individuals fight climate change

February 22, 2007 • 0
Wednesday’s News’ View (“Sustainable solutions lie in lab, not lights”) claimed that Yale’s role in slowing global climate change should primarily be to research and discover new technologies, rather than to take action on our own campus to reduce institutional emissions. These two goals are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually reinforcing. The fact that »

Yale should set example on sustainability

October 5, 2005 • 0
Since 1701, Yale University has educated its students to make responsible decisions not only for their own futures, but for the future of our nation and the world. Our generation’s future will be determined by decisions made now regarding energy: our international choice to maintain our climate, our national choice to regain energy independence and »

Let’s step up to plate on curbing global warming

February 16, 2005 • 0
Eight years after its creation, the Kyoto Protocol will go into effect today, commiting 141 countries to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5.2 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2012. Although today is momentous for climate-change activists and the global community, Feb. 16, 2005 must also remind us of the United States’ failure to »