What’s what and who’s who: Tennis

February 28, 2008
Who’s up After the doubles matches are played, the singles line up against one another. The players from each team are ranked, with the number-one seeds playing each other, twos playing each other, and so on. Although the rankings can change on a weekly basis, it is rare for a coach to manipulate the playing »

What’s What and Who’s Who: Indoor Track

February 14, 2008
How many times? The Coxe Cage track — like most others — is 200 meters in circumference. In other words, you have to run around it eight times for a mile-long race. And, unlike fall’s cross country, the 3,000-meter event requires each athlete to circle the track 15 times. But don’t worry, there is a »

For some, that Bulldog bond just isn’t enough

February 6, 2008
Going into Super Tuesday, the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee remained close between Senator Barack Obama, the candidate of change, and Senator Hillary Clinton, the candidate of experience. Pundits predicted that state primaries would generate unprecedented turnout among the 18-24 age demographic, as political fervor grew visibly on college campuses nationwide. But despite »

To woo students, tour guides blur fact-fiction line

February 1, 2008
Each variation of the story is different, but there are some irrefutable facts. A statue of Nathan Hale stands next to Connecticut Hall on Old Campus, and a carbon copy of the same statue stands in the entrance of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Langley, Virg. headquarters. But after that, the story gets confusing. Nathan Hale, »

What’s What & Who’s Who: Gymnastics

January 30, 2008
You better have depth A team sends six athletes to compete in each event, with the top five scorers counting toward the team score. Occasionally, a seventh gymnast will participate as an exhibitionist, although her score does not count toward the team or individual rankings. The gymnasts are often honored for individual performances, in addition »

Improved city relations may enable expansion

November 30, 2007
In 1972, Yale announced a plan for expansion. The blueprints had been drawn. Funding was in place. The location had been determined. But on the eve of construction, New Haven officials blocked the addition of Yale residential colleges 13 and 14. A decade after the erection of Ezra Stiles and Morse colleges, Yale was once »

What’s What & Who’s Who: Fencing

November 15, 2007
The nitty gritty A collegiate fencing match is split into three divisions, with three fencers assigned to each division. Each of these three divisions corresponds with a different weapon, and each contestant in a given division fences against every opponent in that division to make for a total of up to 27 bouts. Each match »

UCS may underestimate I-bankers and financiers among recent Eli alumni

November 5, 2007
The aisles at the 2007 University Career Services Career Fair were dominated by representatives from finance giants such as Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Co. Inc. and Goldman Sachs. Of the more than 90 employers at the fair, 30 were in the finance and business industry and 29 were consulting firms. But according to a survey »

What’s What and Who’s Who: Volleyball

November 1, 2007
The laws of the court Both teams line up facing the net, six girls on each side — one setter, two hitters and three defensive players — with three players standing in the front row and three in the back. Once the ball is served, the girls might change where they stand on the court, »

Decades ago, two new colleges greeted eagerly

October 31, 2007
It is late August, 1962. Bright-eyed Yale men are moving boxes and bookshelves into the University’s two newest colleges, Morse and Ezra Stiles. Word has it that nearly 80 percent of the pristine dorm rooms are singles. The excitement on campus is palpable. Fast-forward four decades. As the Yale community once again tries to envision »

What’s What: Cross Country

October 25, 2007
Get Ready, Get Set… Runners are organized by team when they come to the starting line. Each team gets a “box” in which to organize its runners in a specific order — not all of the athletes fit on the front line. It is important to get off the line quickly, because the runners are »

Dean of Forestry School to help start magazine

October 17, 2007
Tree-huggers everywhere will be able to kick off their Birkenstocks this spring and immerse themselves in a new paperless publication. The magazine YaleEnvironmental Online will launch this spring under the leadership of Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Dean Gus Speth. The publication will attempt to fill the gap in the worldwide coverage of »