Professor Susan Hyde spent more than a week in Afghanistan leading up to last Saturday’s parliamentary election.

Poli Sci professor monitors elections in Afghanistan

September 24, 2010 • 0
Outside a school in Charikar, Afghanistan, an unruly throng of people gathered near the entrance, waiting to be scanned by handheld metal detectors. Some of them had walked for more than an hour to cast their votes in last Saturday’s parliamentary elections. Others arrived in cars, taxis and campaign buses covered with candidate posters. A »

Harvard/Yale cross-admits explain their decisions

September 21, 2010 • 21
Last year, Stephanie Kan ’14 had to make the hardest decision that thousands of high schoolers would love to make: Harvard or Yale? For some time, Kan, who hails from Philadelphia, said she was tempted by Harvard’s name and reputation as the most selective college in the nation. But eventually she decided that what mattered »

Fewer freshmen apply for aid

September 17, 2010 • 2
While slightly fewer freshmen applied for financial aid this year, the amount of financial aid awarded to the class of 2014 rose 6 percent. As of May, 69.14 percent of the class of 2014 had applied for financial aid, down just over 1 percent from the previous year, according to data released by the Financial »

Univ. trims scholarships for children of staff

September 6, 2010 • 1
When Yale Police Department OfficerMartin Pitoniakopened the letter containing his daughter Annie’s tuition bill for St. Joseph’s College in Hartfordthis summer, he received an unpleasant surprise: The bill was thousands of dollars higher than he expected. Yale had given his family less than $2,500 —one third of what he had expected—from its Child Scholarship Plan, »

Admission rate rises for class of 2014

September 1, 2010 • 1
After last year’s record-breaking application pool, the admission cycle for the class of 2014 saw a slight dip in application numbers, a lower yield and more students admitted from the waiting list. The gap in the number of female and male applicants continued to close from last year, although women still matriculated at a higher »

New college deans appointed

August 27, 2010 • 0
Since May, Yale College Dean Mary Miller announced the appointment of new deans for Berkeley, Branford and Ezra Stiles colleges. Mia Genoni, a Mellon Special Collections humanities postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in the Humanities Department, has replaced Kevin Hicks ’89 as the dean of Berkeley College. Hilary Fink, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies »

Bank pays Univ. millions to market credit cards

June 11, 2010 • 0
Yale has been providing Chase Bank with the names and contact details of alumni, staff and sports fans for the past three years under a deal worth $7.98 million, according to an article published Monday in the Connecticut Post. The seven-year deal, which remained secret until the enactment of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and »

Fewer admits apply for financial aid

April 30, 2010 • 0
The number of students admitted to the class of 2014 who have expressed interest in financial aid has fallen slightly compared to last year. As of April 1, approximately 68.8 percent of prospective students indicated they intended to apply for financial aid, down from 71 percent recorded last year. Students are also taking longer to »

Brenzel named TD master

April 26, 2010 • 0
After University President Richard Levin announced Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeff Brenzel’s ’75 appointment as the new master of Timothy Dwight College on Sunday, outgoing Master Robert F. Thompson welcomed Brenzel and his wife with a special rap: “The man who picks who gets into Yale / Now joyfully follow, their TD trail,” rhymed the »

Brenzel appointed TD master

April 25, 2010 • 0
Jeff Brenzel ’75, the dean of undergraduate admissions, is now also the new master of Timothy Dwight College. Beginning July 1, Brenzel will replace Robert F. Thompson, affectionately known as “Master T,” who is retiring from the role after 32 years. At the same time, University President Richard Levin extended Brenzel’s deanship of the admissions »

Self-help increase protested

April 22, 2010 • 0
They shared stories of summers spent as maids and winters spent on campus, of parents living paycheck to paycheck, of working long hours during the school year at the expense of grades and extracurricular activities. More than 50 students protested the University’s decision to increase the amount students on financial aid must contribute toward their »

Record prefrosh crowd expected

April 15, 2010 • 0
A record number of prefrosh are expected to arrive on campus Monday for this year’s Bulldog Days. As of Wednesday, 1,185 students had signed up to attend the three-day event, matching last year’s record-high turnout — and Liz Kinsley, director of outreach and recruitment, said she expects a handful of late registrations to trickle in »