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Three members of the Class of 2006 have revived a bygone Yale social tradition to provide seniors with an opportunity for warmth and camaraderie on otherwise chilly February nights. Feb Club, a senior-only group that plans to hosts a theme party every night this month, has drawn more than 200 students so far. The purpose […]


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After observing a number of bacterial skin infections in September, including one documented case of a dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the Athletics Department has chosen to keep the whirlpools in Payne Whitney Gymnasium and the Smilow Field Center closed indefinitely — a decision that continues to frustrate a number of Elis. The closing of the hot […]

The crit

Ten large faces hang on the wall. Each is illuminated by a bright light, like a bizarre religious icon set against a backdrop of black nothingness. The static faces are young, male. They stare intently, eerily, not straight ahead, but at something. All of their mouths are open. “So Craig,” says Tod Papageorge, ledendary photography […]

Short Feature

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Swedish pop star Gunther Levi professed his love for Yale to a full house at Commons Dining Hall on Friday night. After 1,500 reserved tickets sold out in less than nine hours on Wednesday night, the concert crowd exceeded the 1,700-person capacity of the dining hall as students pushed and shoved to sneak by security […]


Posters allege misogyny, homophobia

A group of students — who refused to name individual members and said they are not affiliated with any student organizations on campus — posted dozens of fliers showing the personal facebook.com profiles of Yale undergraduates that they said contained homophobic or misogynistic content on bulletin boards across campus Wednesday morning. One member of the […]


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Swedish pop star Gunther and his Sunshine Girls will deliver their message of love at Yale on Feb. 3 in a free concert at Commons Dining Hall. The Yale College Council approved up to $16,000 of the Committee for Campus-wide Activities’ $25,800 budget last Wednesday to bring the singer to campus for an hour-long performance […]


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A Yale Daily News poll conducted last semester found a general lack of opinion among students about the Yale College Council, and students at several other Ivy League schools said some of their peers are also apathetic about the policies and activities of their own student governments. While opinions about student governments range from supportive […]


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A week of controversy surrounding former Yale College Council Representative Alan Kennedy-Shaffer ’06, his failed “Equal Access Amendment” and the unsuccessful impeachment charges he brought against three members of the YCC executive board concluded uneventfully at Wednesday night’s Council meeting. The impeachment charges against YCC President Steven Syverud ’06, Vice President Marissa Brittenham ’07 and […]


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Despite the reinstatement of this year’s Fall Show and the buzz — both positive and negative — created by the implementation of the new Student Activities Fee last fall, many students remain uninterested in the Yale College Council, according to a recent Yale Daily News poll of 200 randomly selected undergraduates. When asked if they […]


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With the Yale College Council elections coming up this week, YCC Representative Alan Kennedy-Shaffer ’06 — who, as a second-semester senior, is no longer eligible to serve as a representative — will not leave the Council without a fight and has moved to impeach three officers of the YCC Executive Board. After three year-long terms […]


Cooper to speak on Class Day

CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper ’89 has been chosen to deliver the address at this year’s Class Day on May 21, Senior Class Secretary Tre Borden ’06 announced in an e-mail to the senior class Thursday night. Since graduating from Yale, Cooper has reported for Channel One News, ABC News and CNN, covering major breaking […]


Activities fee draws some complaints

The Yale College Council has begun to distribute money raised in the inaugural year of the Student Activities Fee, but some students who are involved in these activities said they think the allocation process needs improvement. The YCC allocated $270 to each club sports team this fall and will form a group next semester consisting […]