Acceptance rates decline across the Ancient Eight

April 2, 2008 • 2
Yale may have reported a record-low 8.3-percent acceptance rate for the class of 2012 on Monday, but officials in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are not the only ones announcing a lower figure than last year: So far, every Ivy League school that has released admissions data has recorded its lowest admit rates ever, owing »

Admit rate falls to 8.3 percent

April 1, 2008 • 17
Yale College posted an all-time-low acceptance rate this year, as the total admit rate dropped 1.3 percentage points from last year’s initial rate to 8.3 percent for the class of 2012. But Harvard University stayed a step ahead with an Ivy League record-low acceptance rate of 7.1 percent. Yale accepted 1,892 students out of the »

Yale College admissions rate drops to 8.3 percent

March 31, 2008 • 5
Yale College posted an Ivy League record-low acceptance rate this year, as the total acceptance rate dropped 1.3 percentage points from last year’s initial rate to 8.3 percent for the class of 2012. Yale accepted 1,892 students out of the 22,813 total early and regular applicants for the class of 2012, Dean of Admissions Jeff »

In crunch, professional-student loans tighten

March 27, 2008 • 1
While most Yale undergraduates will be celebrating the end of student loans next year, many of their graduate-student counterparts will still be taking out tens of thousands of dollars in loans — a process that tightening credit markets have made even more stressful. Although graduate- and professional-school students, like undergraduates, will have no difficulty obtaining »

Two Yalies named as Truman Scholars

March 26, 2008 • 0
In addition to their day jobs as Yale undergraduates in New Haven, two juniors’ commitment to Africa has helped put them on the fast track toward careers in public service. Emily Morell ’09, who runs a nonprofit organization targeted at helping malnourished HIV/AIDS patients in Rwanda, along with Samuel Ayres ’09, who has worked with »

Brief: Harvard adopts two-year moratorium on accepting transfer students

March 24, 2008 • 7
Harvard University will not accept transfer students for the next two academic years in an effort to ease a residential housing crunch, the university announced last week. Although the transfer application deadline for this year — Feb. 15 — has already passed, Harvard will not enroll any new transfer students in 2008-’09 or 2009-’10. The »

Columbia, MIT announce aid reforms

March 24, 2008 • 0
In the wake of similar reforms at Ivy League schools and Stanford University, Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unveiled new financial-aid programs earlier this month. Princeton University is the only remaining Ivy League school not to announce an aid initiative in the recent wave of financial aid reforms. With their new policies, »

Harvard accused of lax recruiting tactics

March 4, 2008 • 32
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Despite allegations that Harvard University’s admissions standards for athletic recruits may be slipping, athletics officials at both Harvard and Yale say there is not yet enough evidence to speak to the allegations’ veracity. According to a New York Times article published Sunday, this »

Outside group offers study-abroad ethics

March 4, 2008 • 0
In part as a response to recent investigations into study-abroad practices, the Forum on Education Abroad on Monday released a “code of ethics” meant to provide clear rules for relationships between universities and program providers. The six main sections of the code — compiled by an organization widely seen as setting the standards for the »

Yale, IARU schools to offer summer study abroad

February 27, 2008 • 0
Yale is among a consortium of 10 internationally renowned research universities that will be opening their doors to students at member schools for intensive summer study-abroad programs, the Yale Summer Session office announced this week. The participating institutions in the International Alliance of Research Universities have launched a “Global Summer Program” exchange to allow their »

Brown joins Ivy trend, re-evaluating parental contributions in financial aid

February 25, 2008 • 0
Brown University will no longer require a financial parental contribution from most families earning under $60,000, the university announced Saturday. In a move that follows recent financial-aid announcements by five Ivy League schools, Brown will eliminate loans from the aid packages of families making less than $100,000 per year. The university will also reduce loan »

Stanford reforms financial-aid policy

February 21, 2008 • 0
In the latest round of financial-aid reforms at the nation’s top universities, Stanford University will reduce or eliminate the expected parental contributions for families making under $100,000 annually, the university announced Tuesday. Stanford will require no parental contribution from families with incomes under $60,000, while families with incomes between $60,000 and $100,000 will not be »