Petition calls for reform of visas

October 2, 2003 • 0
Qin Qin GRD ’05 has a friend whose wife applied for a visa five times with no success. More than a year after she began the process, she gained one on her sixth try and was able to join her husband in the United States. Qin said his friend’s experience makes him afraid to go »

Study expects Yale to up spending

September 30, 2003 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. While many universities are contemplating budget cuts, an expert in college finances predicted Yale should be able to increase spending next year. In a report on Yale’s formula for endowment spending, Dick Ramsden of the Commonfund — a nonprofit organization in Wilton that »

Still living together, years later

September 23, 2003 • 0
At this point during his freshman year, Chris Hanson ’05 knew he hated his roommate. But for the past two years, he has chosen to live with him. “Sometime around February of freshman year I started to adapt more to his standards, and he adapted to a little of mine,” he said. “We became really »

Multicultural outreach event draws large turnout

September 22, 2003 • 0
Tinbet Tecle ’07 participated in the Yale Multicultural Recruitment Program last year when she wasn’t sure whether to apply to Yale. On Saturday, Tecle attended the program again — this time, to share her impressions of her first month as a freshman. The first of two open houses this fall designed for multicultural outreach drew »

Alternative strategy fed endowment growth

September 19, 2003 • 0
While Yale’s endowment increased by nearly 5 percent this year, largely the result of alternative investment stategies that play down the role of traditional equities, other Ivy League schools reported mixed results this fall. Despite the stagnant American economy, Yale recorded an all-time high as its endowment grew to $11 billion during the 2002-03 fiscal »

Class of 2003 finds varied employment across the globe

September 16, 2003 • 0
Meredith Whipple ’03 never figured she would use her religious studies major for a job. Instead, she took advantage of Undergraduate Career Services’ on-campus interview program and landed a job with Bain and Company in Boston. She began training this month. Whipple is among the 37 percent of the class of 2003 working in the »

Senior job search filled with anxiety

September 11, 2003 • 0
Like many seniors, Dorothy Jean ’04 said she is a little nervous about what to do after college. “I guess a lot of us are feeling pretty scared about [finding a job],” she said. “I’m a cog sci major, so I’m not sure if I want to go into research or find some other job »

NACAC revises early action rules

September 10, 2003 • 0
As Yale approaches the implementation of its new early action policy, which will prohibit students from applying early elsewhere, the National Association of College Admissions Counseling has temporarily suspended a rule that would have contradicted Yale’s new policy. In response to announcements this past year by Yale, Harvard and Stanford universities, NACAC — a coalition »

New financial aid formulas place cap on home equity

September 8, 2003 • 0
This school year, 28 colleges and universities across the country will implement a new method of counting home equity when determining need-based financial aid. But Yale students will barely be affected, since the University started using a similar policy last year in anticipation of the shift. Families will still be expected to put 5 percent »

Three students enroll after visa delays

September 5, 2003 • 0
Three foreign students admitted to the class of 2006 are finally beginning their freshman year at Yale after delays last year prevented them from obtaining visas before the start of school. Ahmed Makani of Karachi, Pakistan, and Brian Ong of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, joined the class of 2007 this fall after visa problems prevented them »

High frosh yield leads to crowded dorms

September 3, 2003 • 0
Though Yale admitted a smaller percentage of its applicants than ever before last year, this year’s freshman class is larger than expected, putting a premium on space on Old Campus and in next year’s freshman class. The class of 2007, whose members come from all 50 states and 50 foreign countries, consists of 1,354 students »

Talent abroad is a challenge for Yale

April 25, 2003 • 0
A group of Yale faculty members and students left for Moshi, Tanzania, last year to conduct AIDS research on a sugar cane plantation. But the scope of their duties became broader than they expected. When they were looking for research assistants, the researchers met Amani Kitali, a Tanzanian teenager who planned to attend medical school »