JE Dean Cabolis to step down

January 19, 2005
For three years, Kim Swennen ’03 has known economics professor Christos Cabolis as the dean of Jonathan Edwards college. But informally, Swennen has also considered Cabolis “an old friend of the family” — someone she talked to in the JE buttery, someone she showed pictures of her semester in Senegal to, someone she could refer »

Historian Winks suffers a stroke

September 26, 2002
History professor Robin Winks, one of Yale’s most renowned scholars and a faculty member since 1957, suffered a stroke on Saturday and has stopped teaching his two courses, “The Writing of History” and “The National Parks: Lessons in Diversity, Environmental Quality and Justice.” Currently, Winks is at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and it is unclear whether »

Yalies say advising is in need of overhaul

September 25, 2002
When one group of freshmen sat down with their faculty adviser for the first time three weeks ago, the conversation did not revolve around Yale College academics. Instead, the freshmen patiently listened as their adviser talked about another topic — bookstores around Harvard. “Faculty advising at Yale is pretty worthless, if you ask me,” said »

Inaugural year of World Fellows Program kicks off

September 20, 2002
As the first batch of World Fellows arrived on campus three weeks ago, Yale inaugurated what may possibly evolve into its own version of the prestigious Rhodes scholarship program. Charged with building a global network of future leaders, the World Fellows Program has attracted 17 professionals from around the world for a rigorous semester of »

SOM seeks to get more minorities

September 19, 2002
As the stock of the Yale School of Management continues to rise, the school is enrolling more women and underrepresented minorities, though officials and students said there is still work to be done. This year, the SOM admitted a record-breaking number of women and underrepresented minorities. After reviewing 2,517 applications — a 20 percent increase »

Paperless system eases class registration, transcript orders

September 18, 2002
By 5 p.m. today, Yale juniors and seniors will hand in their course schedules — all at once. While the frenzy of the last-minute rush in residential college deans’ offices may suggest otherwise, most Yalies have had a relatively easy shopping period because of online registration. And now, they will have an easier time ordering »

Graduate School attracts minority students

September 17, 2002
With an 18 percent increase in applications, the Graduate School experienced a record-breaking admissions season this year. The Graduate School was particularly successful in recruiting underrepresented minorities to its programs. After receiving more than 7,400 applications — an all-time high — the Graduate School accepted only 15 percent of the pool last spring, setting another »

Globalization center settles into new role

September 16, 2002
After a tumultuous first year marked by the departure of its director, the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization will host its first major international conference beginning this Thursday. In addition, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is scheduled to give a speech in Battell Chapel on Oct. 2, courtesy of the globalization center. The »

University tenures record number of women: 12

September 12, 2002
After another year of faculty searches and promotions, Yale moved one step closer in its quest to correct the gender imbalance existing in the senior faculty ranks. During the past academic year, the University offered tenured positions to more women than ever before, Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead said. In addition to the five women »

Ailing Bloom cancels classes

September 10, 2002
When Ryan Taylor ’04 went to shop humanities professor Harold Bloom’s “Genius and Genius” seminar last week, he didn’t find the acclaimed scholar he expected. Instead, he found a sign saying that Bloom had decided to cancel all his classes this term. “I showed up to his class and nobody was there,” Taylor said. “I »

Yale recruits senior history prof from Amherst

September 6, 2002
Fending off fierce challenges from Brown and Harvard universities, Yale added another name to the History Department’s already impressive roster — David Blight. A top scholar in American Civil War history, Blight accepted the University’s offer for a senior professorship in July. Although his appointment with Yale begins on Jan. 1, Blight said he will »

Academic review committee edges forward

September 5, 2002
While many Yale students spent this summer traveling to various destinations around the globe, members of the Committee on Yale College Education did a little traveling of their own. As part of the year’s ongoing academic review, 10 members of the committee split up into two groups and traveled to Princeton and Stanford universities in »