By banning exhibit, Salovey upholds Eli values

April 23, 2008
I was shocked and appalled when I opened the News yesterday. After Monday’s call for Peter Salovey to step down for his “hypocrisy,” I expected to find the entire newspaper comprised of guest columns and letters to the editor in defense of that noblest of mustachioed deans. Although I had planned in this space to »

Fedoras alive despite chorus of cynical madcaps

February 27, 2008
You’ve probably seen me around campus sporting my fedora or, if I’m in a particularly jovial mood, my top hat. And you’ve probably thought to yourself, “The 1950s called, they’re missing that guy who complains a lot.” However, I assure you I am not at the end of a fading trend, but quietly awaiting the »

Pitch fewer tents on the dining-hall table

February 13, 2008
Many things bother me on a daily basis. My greatest sources of annoyance are those things which make it difficult for me to eat. I have learned patience when in line for the food trough and the microwave, and when there’s overcrowding at the tables. I am even able to find inner peace when I »

Apocalypse by asteroid inevitable; cut loose

January 30, 2008
With the end of shopping period comes a redirection of our intellects to loftier pursuits. And I don’t mean politics. I literally mean the lofty skies above us. Last night, 2007 TU24, a 24-billion-kilogram asteroid, 250 meters in diameter, traveled within 344,384 miles of Earth. Though seemingly far away, at a mere 1.4 times the »

Facebook ‘marriage’ killed the dinosaurs

January 16, 2008
Over winter break, I got engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. It was certainly a happy and joyous occasion. Unable to contain myself, I promptly updated my Facebook profile to proclaim my elation to all the world. However, upon returning to campus, the joy was somewhat diminished by a single haunting question »

Classes v2 server is far from providing service

November 28, 2007
Last year, every time you went to the classes server, up popped a quotation: “I wish all my professors used classes v2.” But when the gods wish to punish us, they grant our wishes. I’m not pining away for the old classes server, but is classes v2 really Yale’s Great Leap Forward? While I hate »

Say ‘no’ to YES: Entrepreneurs need better support

November 7, 2007
Monday’s business page made me happy. But only for a little while. My feelings changed when I read its mention of the Yale Entrepeneurial Society (YES), which is something of a sore spot with me. The highlight of my experience with YES was when I joined them on their trip to meet Warren Buffet. Even »

Gore’s global warming an ideological scapegoat

October 24, 2007
It’s mean to pick on the New Haven Register. So when I write this article, know it’s more of a shot at Al Gore. It used to be mean to pick on Al Gore, but he won a Nobel Prize, so now picking on him is more brazen than anything. Over the weekend I was »

Gray squirrels went, saw, conquered England

October 10, 2007
There’s a war brewing in England, and everyone seems to be on the side of the reds. No, it (thankfully) isn’t “V for Vendetta” come to life. Instead, it refers to the desperate battle to save England’s endangered red squirrel. Strolling through Old Campus, it is exceedingly difficult to imagine squirrels being unable to adapt »