Latvia can join NATO, EU without obeying rules

April 6, 2004
Back in high school, a friend who cheated on tests once told me that “a criminal is not someone who committed a crime, it’s someone who got caught.” It occurred to me that the same principle applies not just to individuals’ moral dilemmas of test-taking but to entire countries as well. As long as you »

Kerry’s leadership in YPU was lackluster performance

February 25, 2004
If you ever wander around campus on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, you may run into a curious spectacle. You are likely to see a bunch of people with seemingly nothing better to do than sit around college common rooms drinking, banging gavels, and discussing some terribly obscure or dreadfully obvious “resolutions.” Sadly, I am usually »

‘Great Liberal Hype’ is catching up with Dean

February 4, 2004
The entire Democratic primary battle reminds me of a movie called “The Great White Hype.” In case you’ve never seen it, here is a recap. For many years, blacks fighters have dominated boxing. Unfortunately for their promoters, this did not appeal to white Americans and profits from boxing plummeted. To resolve the situation boxing champion’s »

LaRouche sets frightening example in campaign

January 15, 2004
“Where is LaRouche? Where is LaRouche? ” a group of audience members began to chant in the middle of Joe Lieberman’s speech. Lieberman froze. “I suspect he’s in jail” Dean quipped. Al Sharpton appealed to the audience asking them to respect candidates’ right to speak and was rewarded with a resounding round of applause. At »

Faction split brings Russia to political crisis

November 4, 2003
One famous Russian poet wrote a century and a half ago: “Blessed are those who visit this world in its decisive moments.” He was right. It is a real honor to observe events that will change the world for decades, if not centuries, in the future. Because of the events in Russia, now is one »

Anti-semitism in film is part of larger, troubling political trend

October 9, 2003
For me the final shock that came out of the Florida debacle in 2000 had nothing to do with Supreme Court decisions or ups and downs of the recount process. It came from the most unexpected person: my mother. While we were watching Gore’s concession speech she suddenly said, “I guess we should have expected »

Don’t call me a music thief — the preferred term is ‘rebel’

September 24, 2003
When people finally began to get sued for file sharing, it suddenly became a hot topic. It’s good that this issue is finally on the radar screen. For all of the attention it is getting, however, it appears that the underlying cause of file sharing is either hidden or misunderstood. Many words are used to »

From Russia with corruption: The collapse of a government

September 11, 2003
My sister was fired for being Jewish. The good news is that it happened in Russia, not in America. The bad news is that it happened not many years in the past. It happened several months ago. My sister had a long and successful career within the top managerial ranks of companies involved in chocolate »