Protest awaits Israeli leader at tea

February 26, 2004
Students interested in listening to Israeli Maj. Gen. Doron Almog’s talk on terrorism and security in the Middle East Wednesday had to pass through a group of seven vocal protesters and two checkpoints manned by Yale police officers checking ID cards. Almog spoke at a Calhoun Master’s Tea about his experiences as Commander of the »

Artist Rapiman paints a people’s struggle

February 5, 2004
For painter Eduardo Rapiman, art is about more than just self-expression. At an exhibition of his paintings Wednesday night at La Casa Cultural, Rapiman said his work represents the collective struggle of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people to maintain their identity and culture in modern Chilean society. Rapiman presented the historical and cultural traditions of the »

Ambassador relates experiences

November 19, 2003
Ambassador Munir Akram never intended to end up a diplomat. “Diplomacy, as far as I’m concerned, was an accident. I was a farmer,” Akram said at a crowded Saybrook College Master’s Tea Tuesday. Akram, the permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, discussed his life, the United Nations and India’s relationship with Pakistan. Approximately »