Lightweight crew pulls for Make-A-Wish

March 30, 2004
While the lightweight crew team rowed on Cross Campus for 12 hours Monday, its boat didn’t move an inch. But to recipients of its charitable efforts, it may have gone the distance. In an effort to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that has granted over 110,000 children with a life-threatening medical condition »

Nave decries death penalty injustice

March 3, 2004
Death penalty abolition advocate Robert Nave said he was furious Tuesday at an Ezra Stiles College Master’s Tea. “What brought me here today is extreme anger,” Nave said. Nave, who is executive director of the Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty and an Amnesty International State Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator, spoke to about 20 »

Bright sheds light on HIV-positive inmates

January 28, 2004
Southern Center for Human Rights Director Stephen Bright spoke Tuesday about the severe suffering of the HIV-positive inmates in Limestone, Ala., where he said rats ran rampant, prisoners were not given medication, and some died drowning in their own respiratory fluids while many more died from starvation after having to beg for food. About 20 »