In academic arena, ties to Wall Street world crucial to Shiller

January 14, 2008
Yale economics professor Robert Shiller is a best-selling author and currently teaches the famous course “Financial Markets.” Shiller is best known for the Case-Shiller Index, a house price index he began tabulating in 1991. This index has recently been cited as an indicator of the strength of the housing market, recently brought to light by »

Linux great, for iTunes-free ‘apostles’

December 12, 2007
After years of rumors regarding the company’s intentions to produce a “gPhone,” Google made an announcement about the public buzz in November. Google didn’t actually design a phone to sell to the masses, but the corporation did design a software suite called “Android” that will run on many phones, much like Windows Mobile does today. »

Goetzmann deems hedge funds good for Elis

December 3, 2007
William Goetzmann is the Edwin J. Beinecke professor of finance and management studies at the School of Management, where he teaches a popular course entitled “Investment Management.” His research focuses on investments ranging from hedge funds to real estate to paintings. In an interview with the News, Goetzmann discusses how Yalies can get involved, how »

SOM boosts language skills

November 30, 2007
Yale’s language-study requirement may be the bane of some students’ freshman years, but for those pursuing careers in the world of international trade and business, there may be no choice but to endure the pain. Students, professors and administrators at the School of Management and in Yale College said the increasingly competitive global job market »

SOM redesign to bolster curriculum

November 16, 2007
As renowned architect Lord Norman Foster ARC ’62 and his firm Foster + Partners prepare to release more detailed plans for a new School of Management campus scheduled to go up in 2011, students and administrators involved in planning the construction are becoming excited about the new complex’s ability to better serve the SOM’s unique »

Career market remains strong for SOM students

November 15, 2007
As School of Management students finish up their fall coursework, they are focusing not just on Thanksgiving dinner, but on employment for next summer — whether that means an internship or a full-fledged job. But while the lagging national economy has noticeably curtailed business and finance opportunities for undergraduates, for the most part, job prospects »

Tailoring to trends brings local success

November 12, 2007
With diploma in hand, Shawn Liu SOM ’07 founded New Haven custom clothing company Hillhouse Tailors with classmate Jennie Vry SOM ’07. Liu, whose company sells Shanghai-manufactured men’s dress shirts that start at $65, estimates that Hillhouse Tailors will have revenues of $1.2 million by 2009. Liu sat down with the News to talk about »

Apple wins operating system battle

November 7, 2007
Operating systems are the bane of many people’s existences, and yet they use the systems every day without much thought. Apple released Mac OS X Leopard Oct. 26. I was lucky enough to be able to successfully install it on my Toshiba laptop this past weekend. This was a bit of an ordeal: I would »

YES president: Immersion is key to success

November 5, 2007
Marty Rod ’08 is president of the Yale Entrepreneurial Society, a non-profit student group that promotes entrepreneurship on campus. YES currently runs a yearly “Y50K” competition for aspiring entrepreneurs, backing the winning team with a $50,000 investment and support. Rod sat down with the News to explain how students can become entrepreneurs, what types of »

Pick your phone, from glam to geeky

October 24, 2007
You clumsily drop your cell phone into a full margarita pitcher at Viva’s as your ex drunk dials you on a rainy Wednesday evening. Your night has taken a decisive turn for the worse. Your normally vibrating, singing, flashing and generally happy “telephone” is dead. Even worse, you’ve ruined the pitcher of booze-a-hol for your »

Admit it: Tech pushes your buttons, too

October 17, 2007
I’ve had it. I’m coming out of the closet. I’ve been a geek for most of my life, and I’m done hiding it. Every girl I’ve ever gone out with has thumbed her nose at my formerly-closeted “geekdom.” It’s as though the moment they find out that I like tech, I suddenly gain a double »

Aldermen consider Taser proposal

April 19, 2007
The Public Safety Committee of the Board of Aldermen met Wednesday to discuss the proposals of the Deadly Force Task Force, which were released last November in response to incidents of lethal force used by police officers. Formed after a string of deadly confrontations between police and residents, some of whom were mentally ill, the »