Giving back to Yale should transcend personal beliefs

February 17, 2006
Since 1998, Yale seniors have been donating money to the Yale Alumni Fund as the senior class gift. The Alumni Fund is the vehicle through which Yale seniors, alumni, parents and friends can donate flexible funds for the University’s current use, providing critical funding for all of Yale’s core priorities. The dollars raised by the »

Yale must find balance of views on academic freedom

September 27, 2004
When I spent this past summer in downtown Washington D.C., I naturally expected every conversation I participated in to carry political undertones, especially with the tensions in the presidential campaigns escalating and the anxiety over another terrorist attack on American soil growing. Every morning I walked to work I encountered human rights protesters, campaign posters, »

Nicaragua’s needs put student life in context

April 20, 2004
It has now been over a month since I saw stars like I had never seen before — so clearly filling an entire night sky with an overwhelming luminescence — nothing like I had become accustomed to experiencing in New Haven. We had all just barely fit our 15 bodies into the small van that »

Education requires attention in public discourse

February 12, 2004
During the final five minutes of my lecture in “Inequality and American Democracy” yesterday, a young law school student made a desperate plea for the students of the class to consider participating in the Teach for America program once they graduate from Yale. She described her experience with the program and the remarkable and positive »

Medicare prescription drug bill moves toward individual choice

January 21, 2004
Most informed college students know that Medicare is the government program that pays for medical care for the elderly and disabled, and that it is the primary health insurance program for over 40 million Americans. Health care-related expenditures account for approximately 14 percent of the U.S. GDP, and the federal government pays for 45 percent »

Union leaders penalizing their own: the strife isn’t over

October 2, 2003
Without missing a beat in his performance under the Yale labor relations spotlight, Local 35 President Bob Proto announced last week that union leaders are now considering ways in which the union employees who did not participate in the strike earlier this semester could be punished. In the Yale Daily News’ article last Friday, “Proto »

The value of good, honest talk

September 19, 2003
The diversity of thought, experience and opinion on the Yale campus is an oft-praised feature of the institution, and it is one of the primary reasons why I made the decision to venture to New Haven in search of a fine Ivy League education one year ago. During the course of my freshman year, however, »