Students can benefit from hearing professors’ political opinions

September 30, 2004
What struck me most after reading Austin Broussard’s opinion piece, “Yale must find balance regarding academic freedom” (9/27) was the feeling that members of the Yale faculty are unlikely to change in regard to including their opinions in class. Instead, I wondered whether the inclusion of these personal opinions by professors can improve the education »

College ranking stats don’t tell whole story

September 16, 2004
In the “Best Colleges 2005” issue by U.S. News & World Report released August 30, Yale University finds itself again third, following a curious tie between Harvard and Princeton for first. The issue of ranking colleges is clearly a divisive one, and I am not going to confront the debate over whether colleges should be »

Bush’s fundraising will be a challenge to Kerry

February 20, 2004
The election pace is picking up and Nov. 2 is getting closer and closer. Senator John Kerry is virtually assured the Democratic nomination. But it seems very possible that this election may be over from the very start. As President Bush begins to campaign with over $130 million in campaign funds, with more coming in »