AIDS prevention within reach, Schoofs says

October 13, 2011
Americans have the ability to stop the AIDS epidemic, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mark Schoofs ’85 told students and faculty gathered at the Yale School of Public Health on Wednesday. Schoofs, a senior editor of the independent nonprofit newsroom ProPublica, spoke to an audience of over 50 students and community members about the treatment and prevention »

Doctors’ language under examination

October 5, 2011
Doctors should be wary of how they talk to patients about their weight, say Yale researchers. The study, from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale, found that parents prefer that health professionals describe a patient’s weight as “unhealthy” instead of using the terms “fat,” “obese” or “extremely obese.” The findings, published »

Grassie talks transhumanism

September 29, 2011
Good news for humans: it is impossible to predict whether we will be replaced by machines anytime soon, William Grassie, founder of the science and religion research organization Metanexus Institute, said at a talk Wednesday. In front of an audience of 20 students, faculty and community members at 77 Prospect St., Grassie spoke about plausibility »

Prof explains health disparities

September 19, 2011
Despite the high quality of American health care, the life expectancy of American Indians can be as much as 30 years shorter than the lifespan of an average American. In front of an audience of 25 health professionals and members of the Yale community in the Sterling Hall of Medicine on Friday, professor Margaret Moss, »