Vaccine exemption policies get second look

February 17, 2015 • 0
As the recent measles outbreak brings the vaccine debate into the national spotlight, Connecticut legislators are attempting to address the issue at the federal and state levels.

Malloy to propose legislation combating opioid abuse

February 16, 2015 • 0
As the rates of opioid overdoses increase across the nation, newly announced proposals for state legislation aim to reverse this trend in Connecticut.

Soda, candy may be taxed

February 5, 2015 • 0
Connecticut state Rep. Juan Candelaria, D-New Haven, has proposed a new state tax on sugary soft drinks and candies. The tax aims to curb childhood obesity by disincentivizing sugary foods and drinks and using the added tax revenue to support anti-obesity programs.

Mindmap program aims to make psychosis treatment more accessible

January 29, 2015 • 0
A new program may make it easier for young people in New Haven and the surrounding areas to navigate the early stages of psychosis.

New YMCA opens on Chapel

January 16, 2015 • 0
Nine years after New Haven Fitness opened at 900 Chapel St., a new branch of the YMCA is taking its place.

Connecticut to receive senior food program funding

January 15, 2015 • 0
This year, new federal funding will allow senior citizens in Connecticut to have access to more nutritious food.

Regulate e-cigarettes, researchers say

January 9, 2015 • 0
The American Association for Cancer Research and the American Society of Clinical Oncology released a joint statement on Thursday to discourage the use of electronic cigarettes, citing uncertainty regarding their safety.

Healthcare exchange enters second year

November 14, 2014 • 0
This weekend, thousands of Connecticut residents will have a second opportunity to sign up for affordable insurance through the state’s branch of the Affordable Care Act.

Conn. biotech company in process of developing Ebola vaccine

October 30, 2014 • 0
A Connecticut biotechnology company hopes to be one of the frontrunners in the race to develop a vaccine to fight Ebola.

Quarantine seeks to “play it safe”

October 21, 2014 • 0
Although the test came back negative, President Salovey said in a Thursday email that the researchers would continue their quarantine for 21 days, in adherence to guidelines established by the state of Connecticut.

Protesters criticize U.S. global health priorities

October 20, 2014 • 0
Fewer than 24 hours after tests for Ebola on a patient at Yale-New Haven Hospital came back negative, students gathered outside the Yale School of Public Health to generate awareness of healthcare discrepancies between Africa and the United States.

Ebola threat puts response plans in focus

October 17, 2014 • 0
Thursday’s Ebola scare — which instantly triggered statewide concern about the spread of the disease — has brought Yale-New Haven Hospital, the University, the city and their plans to prevent the proliferation of the virus under scrutiny.