KRONMAN: Our honorable masters

August 28, 2015
Davis' is an act of insufferable arrogance

Kronman: Yale is distinct from its Press

September 30, 2009
Speakers representing the widest imaginable range of points of view are routinely invited to the Yale campus by departments, student groups and individual members of the faculty. Sometimes a speaker will be thought objectionable by a segment of our community. Within very wide limits, however, Yale is committed to the principle of free expression, painful »

Divestment backers must be fully rejected

December 2, 2002
A few weeks ago, a group of Yale graduates and students launched a campaign condemning the policies of Israel and demanding that the University withdraw all investments from that country. We support vigorous debate at Yale on important issues of the day. But the “divest from Israel campaign” is a travesty of reasoned, balanced and »

Anthony Kronman

October 8, 2001
The war that began on Sept. 11 has entered its second phase. How long this phase will last no one can tell, but it will surely be measured in years, not days, unlike all of America’s other military campaigns since the Vietnam War. I am encouraged by the prudence and deliberateness with which President George »

Foreground, background: A changed America

September 14, 2001
We live in the foreground of experience, though our lives of course have a background too. In the foreground are our immediate preoccupations, our jobs and daily routines, and our families and friends. In the background are all those larger arrangements and broader attachments whose existence we more or less take for granted. There is »