Robinson-Sweet: Divest from HEI now

February 23, 2011 • 6
Two and a half years ago Jose Landino, an employee of the Long Beach Hilton, came to Yale and spoke to an audience of over 150 students. He came to tell us about how his employer, a hotel management company called HEI, was engaged in a nasty anti-union campaign against its workers. Mr. Landino flew »

Herring, Robinson-Sweet and Studebaker: Irresponsible investing

October 26, 2009 • 17
Last year, members of the Undergraduate Organizing Committee met several times with the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) both in public and private to ask for action regarding Yale’s considerable investment in HEI Hotels & Resorts. So far, nothing has been done. HEI is a privately held owner and operator of 33 full-service hotels »

Herring, Ortiz, Robinson-Sweet and Studebaker: Yale’s questionable past

“My creed on the subject of slavery is short. Slavery per se is not sin. It is a social condition ordained from the beginning of the world for the wisest purposes, benevolent and disciplinary, by Divine Wisdom.” So said Samuel Morse 1810, inventor, artist, nativist and the namesake of Morse College. Why then, 47 years »

Ward 1 Democratic Committee Endorsement Vote Board: Before the next election

As we reflect on the meaning of this historic week in our nation’s history, we may look forward to another swearing-in ceremony, one year from now, for municipal officials in the city of New Haven. During this time of enormous change at the federal level, it is also important to consider the work that must »