Squash in the City

The regulars, alums with tufts of grey hair pulled back behind Yale insignia sweatbands and varicose veins peeking out of their tube socks, seem a little befuddled by the noise coming from the courts. Above the familiar smack of a hard, black squash ball, the squeals of 33 New Haven middle-school students in their fourth […]


Up the Hill – Do You Believe in Medicine?

Experts estimate that by 2020, the United States will have a deficit of 85,000 physicians, with a disproportionate shortage of doctors willing to care for the poor. As images of hospitals overflowing with patients, doctors overwhelmed with work and the sick languishing in pain begin to resemble reality more than science fiction, recruiting more doctors […]

Short Feature

Often overlooked, Gibbs was Yale’s great chemist

Chemistry professor Jonathan Parr makes it a point to spend some time in his CHEM 114 general chemistry class lecturing on “the least well-known person from the 1800s who deserves to be well-known.” Though this title could be applied to a great number of 19th century thinkers, Yale students passing through Science Hill can find […]


Eli thespians come together at Cabaret

It’s no secret that acting is a tough business. Those Yale School of Drama graduates who have ventured out into the real world of New York theater know that Yalies are not immune to the plight of the starving artist. “As much support as you’re given from Yale, there isn’t a support base once you […]


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With his inbox overflowing with 50 e-mails a day, his professors posting vital readings online and a small private business to manage on the side, Clark Gillam, a freshman at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, said he definitely takes advantage of Philadelphia’s burgeoning wireless Internet services. “The ability to have […]


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Just weeks after the discovery that South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk forged what would have been influential stem cell research data, Yale announced it will join forces with Wesleyan University and the University of Connecticut in an attempt to push the science of stem cells forward and restore any lost credibility to the field. The […]


Cancer link to diet soda disputed

For some devotees, nirvana can be found in a can of diet soda. “In the afternoons, a cold Diet Coke just makes me feel better,” said Samantha Wilson ’07, one of millions of Americans who consume a combined 13.15 billion gallons of carbonated beverages each year. But in recent years, many have been discouraged from […]


Orgo: myths and molecules

With rumors of weekly homework assignments comprised of hundreds of problems, intense competition and nearly impossible tests, organic chemistry has the reputation of being a dream-killer for many undergraduates who aspire to attend medical school. “The legend is that because it’s a required course for medical school, students are anxious to get a good grade, […]


In geology, women undergrads outnumber men

Harvard President Lawrence Summers stirred controversy earlier this year with his comments on the lack of women in the sciences. But if he had poked his head into a geology class at Yale, he might have noticed that women geology and geophysics majors at the University consistently outnumber men. Martha Bell ’04, who double majored […]


Some students choose to abandon the sciences

The facebook.com group “Pre-med? Not Anymore” boasts a menacing image of four people clad in scrubs with a blood-red slash over their grinning faces. Although the group only has 15 members at Yale, other students said some of the University’s introductory science courses convinced them to shift their studies from molecules to Milton. Still, some […]


Venue costs burden performers

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. When Vassar College students rented out Powerhouse Theater, a campus performance space, to stage “The Illusion” in mid-October, the only fees they incurred were those necessary for the production of the show itself. But when Yale students staged Richard III this fall, their […]


Classroom lectures go mobile with podcasting

A slacker student’s dream is becoming a reality at several universities across the country. At Purdue, American and Duke universities, professors are using iPods to record and broadcast their lectures. Though podcasting is intended as a review tool and a way to prepare students for class discussions rather than as a replacement for lectures, some […]