Med school prof dies at 61

January 21, 2011
Dr. Bruce J. Rounsaville ’70, a pioneer in the field of psychiatry, whose groundbreaking work at the Yale School of Medicine revolutionized nationwide approaches to addiction and depression therapy, died Jan. 9. He was 61. Although the cause of Rounsaville’s death remains unknown, he died while swimming at Payne Whitney Gymnasium. During his time on »


January 19, 2011
Robert Sargent Shriver ’38 LAW ’41, a pioneer for public service who revolutionized community participation in America as a founder of the Peace Corps and the Special Olympics, a 1972 vice-presidential candidate and a Yale Daily News Chairman, died Monday afternoon at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md. He was 95. Shriver, known as “Sarge” to »

New Haven Promise to offer internships

January 13, 2011
University President Richard Levin promised in November that Yale would help New Haven public school students reach their “full potential,” and this summer, two Yale students will do so through the President’s Public Service Fellowship. New Haven Promise — a partnership between the city of New Haven and Yale that provides college tuition to New »

No stopping for snow

January 12, 2011
Yale has not had a snow day since 1978, and it looks as if today will be no exception. While Governor Dan Malloy said he was prepared to close state roads and highways if needed after forecasts suggested 18 to 25 inches of snow across Connecticut through early Wednesday evening, Yale will stay open. Tuesday »

Square donuts influenced by New Haven’s design

January 11, 2011
Diner owner Tony Poleshek Jr. has filled a hole in the New Haven culinary scene. The doughnut hole, that is. Poleshek, the owner of the Orangeside Luncheonette on Orange Street, began selling his very own square doughnuts last Monday. For $1.50 a doughnut, enthusiasts no longer need Dunkin’ Donuts to get their fix. Apart from »

Bulldogs internships under review

November 18, 2010
Administrators seeking student feedback about the Bulldogs Across America internship program this year may get more than they bargained for. Undergraduate Career Services has started to review the Bulldogs program, the latest in a series of routine evaluations of internship programs at Yale. But some students interviewed said that essential parts of the program — »

Entrepreneur speaks at SOM

November 15, 2010
When Chad Troutwine SOM ’02 graduated from high school at age 16, he had no idea that he would be a lawyer, a real estate developer, an educational entrepreneur and an independent film producer by the time he was 40. Back then, all he knew was that he wanted to be his own boss. Troutwine »
Dan Malloy

Two claim victory in Gubernatorial race

November 3, 2010
HARTFORD — Visiting New Haven on the eve of the Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, Dan Malloy said he would be giving a victory speech the next day. Tom Foley, stumping in East Hartford, said the same. Both of them were right. Foley, the Republican nominee and former ambassador to Ireland, and Malloy, the Democratic candidate and »

Most students set to vote in home state

November 2, 2010
Despite important races for governor and other offices in Connecticut, most Yale voters are planning to cast their votes in their home states instead of in Connecticut. According to a poll conducted by the News Monday, about 58 percent of 1,141 undergraduate respondents said that they have already voted or plan to vote in today’s »

New book tackles sex, God, conservatism

October 22, 2010
For God, for Country — and for Sex? Nathan Harden ’09, a national blogger and self-proclaimed “Post-Bush conservative,” landed a deal to write his memoirs this month. The book’s working title, “Sex and God at Yale,” invokes iconic conservative William F. Buckley Jr., who famously critiqued Yale for its liberal ideology in a book about »

Software a treasure trove for Remote Tutoring

October 13, 2010
One Yale alum’s new software program, TutorTrove, is making waves in the tutoring world. The scene is nothing new — a high school student looks to her tutor to explain a seemingly impossible homework problem. The tutor then writes out a step-by-step explanation, decoding the jumble of words and numbers. But in this scenario the »

New public health fellows will learn in the field

October 7, 2010
This spring, a group of 10 to 15 sophomores and juniors will take interdisciplinary classes about public health, do fieldwork and obtain internships through the new Global Health Fellows Program. The fellowship, which is an offshoot of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs’ Global Health Initiative, will allow students to combine new courses in the »
Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy worked with a Democratic-controlled Leg- islature to pass a $37.6 billion budget for the next two years.