Jovin file faces new FOI Act review

October 11, 2001
HARTFORD — The state Freedom of Information Commission agreed Wednesday to re-examine the New Haven Police Department’s extensive file on the Suzanne Jovin ’99 murder case to determine if any sections of it should be released to the public. Representatives of the Hartford Courant and Jeff Mitchell, a friend of former Yale lecturer James Van »

For Muslims, a fear of what lies off campus

September 20, 2001
Muslim and Arab students say they feel safe at Yale but worry about venturing out into New Haven, particularly after the surge of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim violence and hostility nationwide that followed last week’s terrorist attacks. Yale administrators and police have worked hard to maintain a sense of security, as have Arab, Muslim and South »

State liquor agents crack down on drinking

September 14, 2001
With the start of the new school year, it did not take long for state liquor agents to visit popular Yale drinking establishments. Agents and local police entered Naples Pizza and Restaurant and Toad’s Place late Wednesday night and Thursday morning, citing each establishment for multiple instances of serving alcohol to minors, said Maria Delaney, »

NHPD, Yale police out in force after WTC blast

September 12, 2001
New Haven and Yale police were out in force throughout the city, and New Haven’s Emergency Operations Center was fully manned following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington Tuesday morning. New Haven Police Chief Melvin H. Wearing ordered the NHPD’s evening shift to report to duty around 11 a.m. The entire shift was »

Expelled student arrested again

September 7, 2001
Start with forgery and a false identity. Mix in a fake kidnapping, along with the alleged kidnapping and attempted murder of someone else. Stir with some cocaine, a conspiracy and the FBI. Then add a dash of Yale for flavor. That’s the story of Tonica Jenkins, once GRD ’03, a woman whose recent past would »

Ruling keeps Jovin police records confidential

September 6, 2001
Most details of the police investigation into the 1998 murder of Suzanne Jovin ’99 can remain secret, a state Freedom of Information Commission case officer has recommended. The Hartford Courant and Jeff Mitchell, a friend of former Yale lecturer James Van de Velde ’82, filed formal requests for the release of the New Haven Police »

Why woman was lost in Africa still a mystery

September 5, 2001
For 23 days in August, the family and friends of Natasha Smalls ’02 prayed she would resurface after disappearing in South Africa. When she did, they rejoiced. But since her homecoming Aug. 26, questions, confusion and accusations have ruled the day. At a homecoming news conference and through their congressman, the Smalls, who are black, »

Missing for over three weeks, Yale senior found in South Africa

August 25, 2001
More than three weeks after vanishing without a trace in South Africa, Yale senior Natasha Smalls has resurfaced and is on her way home, a spokesman for U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks said Friday. Smalls placed phone calls to her mother and the American consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa, Thursday, 23 days after failing to board »

Yale senior reported missing

August 14, 2001
The mother of a Yale senior has reported her daughter missing after she failed to return from South Africa as planned two weeks ago. Natasha Smalls ’02 was scheduled to fly home to New York Aug. 1 after spending nearly a year at the University of Natal in Durbin, South Africa. But her mother, Glory »

Fire ravages Saybrook Master’s House

June 20, 2001
A two-alarm fire roared through part of Saybrook College Saturday night, gutting the Master’s House on High Street but leaving the majority of the college undamaged. New Haven firefighters responded to the scene at approximately 10 p.m., shortly after the fire was reported, and were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the rest »

Tight security at Bush speech

May 22, 2001
Security for the 2001 Commencement was the tightest for any Yale graduation ceremony since the last time a President Bush received an honorary degree and addressed the University’s graduates. Heavy concentrations of Secret Service agents and police were spread throughout the Yale campus, particularly around Old Campus and the President’s House on Hillhouse Avenue, where »

Man caught in building with stolen laptop, tools

April 20, 2001
Yale police officers apprehended a man carrying burglar’s tools and a stolen laptop from the epidemiology and public health building Monday. Police responded to the EPH building at the School of Medicine around 11:15 a.m. after receiving a report of a suspicious man who refused to identify himself walking around the building. Based on the »