Visually appealing, “Good Goods” leaves questions unanswered

February 22, 2012 • 0
Christina Anderson’s DRA ’11 “Good Goods,” in its world premiere at the Yale Repertory Theatre under the direction of Tina Landau ’84, is ambitious in its narrative scope. According to her program notes, Anderson has created a world with no definite geographical place or historical timing that is haunted by an ambiguous catastrophe. This ambition, »
Greg Keller plays Zack, an American expatriate in Paris, in Amy Herzog’s new play “Belleville.”

Review: “Belleville takes unsettling trip”

November 2, 2011 • 1
“Belleville,” the new play by Amy Herzog currently at the Yale Repertory Theatre, unsettles at first sight. The contemporary bourgeois bohème apartment of Zack (Greg Keller) and Abby (Maria Dizzia) sits on the stage as though directly transplanted from the Rue de Belleville in Paris, complete with broken neon signs and the sounds of the »