Study: Bus exhaust a danger to schoolkids

February 13, 2002
The wheels on the bus go round and round, each day transporting 24 million American children to and from school. The results of a recent study, however, suggest that the young passengers on those 600,000 buses might have a little less to sing about. One of the most prominent authors of the study, Yale School »

UCS urges art students to seek out their dreams

January 31, 2002
Upon first glance, the 25 students seated in room 301 of Undergraduate Career Services appeared to be a random slice out of the diverse Yale student body. Most of these Yalies, however, have goals that do not include medical or law school. They aspire to paint. They hope to act. They dream of playing the »

Peer group Consent talks about harassment

January 25, 2002
The night started as planned. The peer counselors from Consent gathered in Dwight Hall prepared to host an information and education session. But that’s when they realized they were locked out of the room in which they had planned to host their discussion. After consideration, they moved the talk to Dwight Chapel. Ironically, they demonstrated »