Cabaret hits NYC in ‘unique’ new project

September 28, 2005
From Los Angeles to London, theater venues boast about employing alumni from the Yale School of Drama. Come Oct. 7, Bennigan’s in New York’s Times Square — the chain restaurant better known for mozzarella sticks and chicken wings than for fine theater — has reason to boast, too. In a little more than one week, »

Co-Ed seeks model Yalie

September 9, 2005
When Molly Dillon ’08 got ready to go to BAR on Thursday evening, she knew she was going to be judged not only by her peers. Instead, Dillon, who beat the typical Thursday crowd when she arrived with two friends at 5:30 p.m., knew her clothing would also be caught by the camera — a »

Policies let some go solo

September 6, 2005
For one freshman suite, the problems began with petty thievery. A Blue Book, a notebook, Directed Studies papers — all the items ended up on the same girl’s side of a double room. “Everything was being stolen,” said a senior, who said she does not want to be identified by her real name to avoid »

Crown nightclubs brace for new test

April 20, 2005
During the day, the street is quiet. Empty parking spaces wait for visitors. When street lights blink green, only a handful of cars rush through. The doors of many of the buildings are shut tight against the sun. At night though, Crown Street, which runs just one block beyond Yale’s campus, pulses with college students, »

Some students see red long after their graduation day

April 11, 2005
Like many of his peers, Yale alumnus Ben Hansen ’00 became involved in his career interests while he was an undergraduate, jumping into politics and interning over the summers to build his resume. But while many of his classmates left Yale to pursue their careers unencumbered by financial burdens, Hansen continues to pay for his »

Professors make voices heard on opinion pages

March 30, 2005
By Amanda Ruggeri Staff reporter Sometimes, Yale professors are in the news. And sometimes, Yale professors write the news. Opening The New York Times or The Washington Post to see an opinion piece by-lined by a recognizable Yale name is a common occurrence. History professor Paul Kennedy has a syndicated column with Tribune Media Services, »

Deep Springs alums find a change of place

March 23, 2005
The 26 students at Deep Springs College, on the California-Nevada border, do not watch television. They often get up before dawn. They spend their Friday nights in committees, figuring out how to run their school. When they go outside — which they do often to milk the cows, bale the hay, or sow crops — »

Mullins ’05 seeks fortune with the help of diet pill

March 21, 2005
Jacob Mullins ’05 has never struggled with his weight and he doesn’t trust the diet pill industry. But his life revolves around hoodia gordonii, a plant thought to suppress appetite. Last summer, he spent 40 hours a week working with hoodia. And last month, he flew all the way to southern Africa to research the »

Group helps Yalies cope with losses

February 2, 2005
Last school year, Tom Cannell ’06 would allow himself to joke about death, but only when he was in the company of those who were dealing with grief. The jokes were not out of malice, but a sense of shared experience and humor. Cannell’s father had passed away three months before. Being with peers who »

Witt guides Elis’ rise to the top of the conference

January 12, 2005
At 27, women’s ice hockey head coach Hilary Witt has been hitting pucks for two decorated decades. As a student athlete at Northeastern University, she set the all-time school records for goals and points. As a senior, she was ranked among the top 10 scorers in the Eastern College Athletic Conference in every offensive category. »

Elis outsmart Harvard with prank at Game

November 29, 2004
The “Harvard Pep Squad” ran up and down the aisles of Harvard Stadium at The Game Nov. 20. They had megaphones in hand and their faces were painted as they encouraged the crowd to hold up the 1,800 red and white pieces of construction paper they had handed out. It would read “Go Harvard,” they »

Mixed feelings surround Arafat’s death on campus

November 12, 2004
The death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat Wednesday was met on campus with reactions ranging from sadness to relief. But most agree that his death will, more than anything, create opportunity for a shift in Middle Eastern politics. Arafat, who led the Palestine Liberation Organization since 1969, passed away Thursday at 3:30 a.m. Paris time, »