Four years later, Bush has me fully on board

February 4, 2005
Four years ago, I remember being very lukewarm about President Bush. I was, after all, a McCain Republican: As a social moderate, a self-styled “internationalist” and a fiscal conservative, I had reason to approach the Bush administration with some skepticism. I was unsure what to expect with calls for “reaching across the aisle” and for »

When partisans clash at Yale, it’s all about culture

January 10, 2005
The events of last semester have reinforced a strong sense of partisan pride among Yalies. More than at any time in recent memory, liberals and conservatives unapologetically trumpet their views, ideals and politics. While the election has long passed, Democrats still adorn their bags with anti-Bush paraphernalia and defiantly wear Kerry/Edwards merchandise; the Bush-Cheney hat »

Mourning period’s over: Start talking to us again

November 11, 2004
Nearly one week after John Kerry conceded the election to President Bush, my liberal friends have still to regain their full color. I remember the campus being deathly quiet on Wednesday afternoon — the only reactions I could get from passing Democrats were scowls and shaking heads. My suite remained silent for much of the »

Duelfer proves it: Bush justified in Iraq

October 12, 2004
Howard Dean must have been ecstatic as he read the headlines on Oct. 7: “Report Discounts Iraqi Arms Threat” affirmed the Washington Post, while The New York Times, not to be outdone, jubilantly proclaimed that “sanctions worked.” The Yale dining halls were abuzz with liberal energy: I could scarcely walk to my table without hearing »

Kerry has yet to offer real alternatives to Bush

September 29, 2004
There are a few things that I’m not very proud about. Many find my love of Billy Joel unfortunate and my fascination with the European techno star Blumchen simply atrocious. I drink far too much coffee each day and my constant ramblings about the hit TV sitcom “Charles in Charge” have begun to worry my »

‘Republican’ does not have to be a dirty word

September 16, 2004
Apparently, the best way to end a dinner conversation prematurely is to announce your political beliefs. Perhaps I was expecting too much; as I mouthed the word “Republican,” visions of being embraced for “fighting the good fight” flooded my head. For a split second, I had forgotten that Yale students don’t experience a warm, fuzzy »

Picking anyone but Bush is anything but wise

September 1, 2004
I have a nasty habit of putting myself into difficult situations (the thousands of dirty looks I received at the Freshman Bazaar while canvassing for the president seemed to reinforce this penchant of mine). On July 26, I entered the belly of the beast. Democrats to the left of me, Democrats to the right of »

Bush needs reform, not orthodoxy for Nov.

April 20, 2004
In 2000, then Governor Bush trumpeted a record of “reaching across the aisle” and ending partisan gridlock as the crux of his presidential platform. Bush was to be a compassionate conservative: a leader who, despite strong Republican values, would resist the calls of party militants and set a more conciliatory and bipartisan national agenda. After »

Gay marriage fits Republican values

April 7, 2004
As the leader of the Yale College Republicans, I find my personal politics ever compared with the national standard of the GOP. As one might expect of any member of the Republican Party, my stances lean right on a number of issues: I am firmly committed to the foreign policy of President Bush, believe strongly »