N.Y. Times may leave dining halls

January 27, 2010
For avid news junkies at Yale, leafing through The New York Times while eating at the dining hall might eventually be a thing of the past. In response to a request from the President’s Office to gauge student interest in reading the print version of the Times on campus, Yale College Council representatives polled themselves »
Assistant Dean George Levesque speaks to 62 seniors and 10 juniors at Yale’s Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony in Battell Chapel in December.

All Phi Beta Kappas not created equal

January 12, 2010
Though membership in the honor society Phi Beta Kappa is one of the nation’s oldest academic distinctions, the 62 Yale seniors and 10 juniors who were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa on Dec. 7 might not necessarily qualify at most other Ivy League universities. The academic honors society has more than half a million members »

Despite policy change, plagiarism cases up

December 4, 2009
Though English lecturer Fred Strebeigh, like many other instructors, asks his students to cite sources in their essays, Strebeigh sometimes goes one step further: For each endnote, he requires students to include the referenced passages and capitalize the key words they used to develop their arguments. The goal, Strebeigh said, is for students to avoid »

Potty talk from Yale author

December 2, 2009
What does it mean if your urine is foamy or red? How much flatulence daily is too much? Yale School of Medicine professor Anish Sheth, the co-author of the best-seller “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” has written a new book titled “What’s My Pee Telling Me?” In an interview with the News, Sheth talked about »

Briefly: Korean court upholds “Shingate” decision

November 30, 2009
South Korea’s Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the 18-month prison sentence of Shin Jeong-ah, the former professor at Dongguk University in South Korea who falsely claimed to have received her doctorate at Yale, according to an article in the Korea Times. Shin, who was arrested by South Korean authorities in October 2007, was convicted of »
Students gather at a send-off pep rally for the Princeton game in 1940. The YCC is reviving the tradition this Thursday at 9 p.m. on Old Campus.

YCC plans to have a ball

November 18, 2009
For the first time, Yale is sponsoring a party to bring Harvard and Yale students together before The Game. The Dance Party with Pance Party, a free Yale-Harvard event organized by the Yale College Council, Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry and Yale College Dean Mary Miller, will be the capstone of the Yale-Harvard Week. »

Discovery could help treat HIV

November 11, 2009
Yale University researchers have synthesized molecules that could help discover new methods of therapy for HIV and prostate cancer. A team of researchers headed by assistant professor of chemistry David Spiegel has developed two molecules that can enhance the body’s immune response to HIV, HIV-infected cells and prostate cancer cells using the organism’s own antibodies. »

Athletes, alumni connect

October 29, 2009
The Yale Athletics Department announced last week the creation of a program that will help Yale athletes to better plan their futures after they leave the athletic field. The Department of Athletics Outreach Office is working to develop a database, called the Career Network, that will match current and recently graduated Yale student-athletes with graduated »

Physics Olympics inspires

October 26, 2009
How long would it take someone to count out loud to one billion? On Saturday, high school students participating in the 12th annual Yale Physics Olympics competed against each other to estimate the answer (over 31 years at a rate of one number per second). Over 350 students from 37 high schools across Connecticut, New »
Students signed up for the Bike Share Program on Sunday at a booth outside Durfee Hall on Old Campus. Forty-nine students, including 26 YCC members, have registered for the new program.

Bike share program gears up

October 26, 2009
Yale students broke in 25 shiny red-and-white bicycles, parading them around Old Campus yesterday to mark the launch of the Yale College Council and Yale Student Environmental Coalition’s Bike Share Program. Starting Tuesday, students will be able to rent bikes for an annual fee of $10. The 25 bikes will be divided among Calhoun, Jonathan »

Graduate school honors alumni

October 7, 2009
Yale on Tuesday honored four alumni for their achievements in academia, granting each the Wilbur Cross Medal, the highest alumni award bestowed by the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Richard Powell GRD ’88, Michael Levine GRD ’81, William Willis a’54 GRD ’58 and Laura Kiessling GRD ’89 all accepted the award at a »

Davenport hosts satirical Tea

October 6, 2009
An MTV bus rolling along a Staten Island highway at 4:30 a.m. crashes and women wearing stripper clothes spill out. It’s like an oil spill — except it’s a “slut spill.” This is a typical video on Onion News Network, network writers Carol Kolb and Jack Kukoda ’02 said as they chatted Friday afternoon with »