HAWKE: Remembrance and return

September 8, 2011 • 1
This time of year, I never know exactly what to do with myself. In the years immediately following the attacks, like so many others, I surrounded myself with close friends in a futile attempt to work through the immense grief, frustration and anger that dwelled deep within me. In shared sorrow, we’d spend each 9/11 »

Hawke: Seeing the other side

April 20, 2011 • 3
As my boots first hit the Iraqi desert in 2008, I had little doubt of my force’s superiority. After all, we were the good guys. As an interrogator with months of cultural awareness training, force status briefings, and numerous exercises placing my cunning and intellect against that of the “terror leader,” I was fighting for »

Hawke: Chief Limon must go

April 5, 2011 • 0
In 1973, the New Haven Parks Department planted 72 Yoshino cherry blossom trees around Wooster Square Park. They resonated with the serenity of the city’s sacred garden. Cultivated in the Edo period in Japan, these trees have sparked cherry blossom festivals around the world. Fragrant, white-pink flowers sprout from an ornamental branching pattern, igniting the »

Hawke: Spreading the wrong message

March 23, 2011 • 0
In today’s world of social networking, information spreads like a wildfire and greatly influences public opinion. Through Facebook and Twitter accounts around the globe, people share news articles, undertake political and ideological conversations, and even influence news coverage in national outlets. Over the past couple months, we’ve witnessed this intense power as blogs, discussion boards, »

Hawke: Cowboys and classrooms

February 22, 2011 • 2
Much of America sees Texas as a caricature of the days of yore: cowboys riding horses into town, shootouts at high noon, victors walking through swinging saloon gates for a celebratory whiskey. While Texans aren’t the stereotypical cowpokes we imagine, their actions sometimes reinforce the sentiment. They tend to be fiercely independent. They’ve even edited »

Hawke: Living through the plans and paths

February 10, 2011 • 3
From my bedroom window as a child I looked upon a field that had no end. So many nights I would stare into the darkness and let my mind drift away to thoughts about the future and growing up. I’d think about my parents, good people happily stuck in the cycle of the midwestern middle »

Hawke: From Fendi to faux

January 27, 2011 • 2
Americans, rich and poor, absolutely love luxury. For the wealthy, it’s no problem: Hit 5th Avenue and walk away with your arms full of real bags, watches, scarves and the rest. We all want to feel special — carry our Louis Vuitton as we strut down an imaginary red carpet and say, “Look at me, »

Hawke: Losing our security virginity

January 10, 2011 • 0
For me, this holiday travel season sparked a swirl of emotion as memories of my “first time” came rushing back. I was so nervous. My palms were clammy as I struggled to take off my shoes. Should I look you in the eye while we do it? What do I do with my hands? Luckily, »

Hawke: A city of broken windows

December 1, 2010 • 7
A couple of weeks ago I sat out in Wooster Park enjoying an evening cigarette when the sound of breaking glass shattered the peace. As a military reservist and former NYPD police officer, my training and instincts led me towards the sound. As I approached, a neighbor, seeing my rush, said, “No worries, not a »

Hawke: Protect our warriors — keep their secrets

November 10, 2010 • 4
As Mr. Marsh welcomes President Obama back to Earth, I wish to welcome Mr. Marsh to reality. The accusations and assumptions made in his Monday column (“Thank you, WikiLeaks,” Nov. 8) were disheartening, disconnected and an injustice to the thousands of military and civilian personnel directly impacted by the leak. Furthermore, much of the information, »