Four men attack student

April 5, 2005 • 0
A group of four men allegedly chased and assaulted a Yale student Sunday night on Edgewood Avenue as he walked home to his apartment. After being dropped off by friends, Toshiro Kida ’05 was hit with a Snapple bottle around 10.30 p.m. outside his apartment on 65 Edgewood Ave. University Police responded to the assault, »

Lasaga prison sentence faces new scrutiny

April 4, 2005 • 1
By Alexandra Adler Staff reportER The U.S. Attorney’s Office is seeking a reconsideration of the sentence of former Saybrook Master Antonio C. Lasaga in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision this January invalidating mandatory sentencing guidelines in federal cases. Lasaga is currently sentenced to 15 years in prison for the possession and receipt »

Police arrest students in brawl at Toad’s

April 4, 2005 • 0
At least two Yale students were arrested Saturday at Toad’s Place when a fight broke out between several students and New Haven residents. Police were called when those involved in the fight began attacking Toad’s security and staff, resulting in three arrests by the end of the night. A junior female who asked to remain »

Search of Green yields no sign of gun

March 29, 2005 • 1
A confrontation on the New Haven Green Saturday that included reports of gunfire stemmed from an altercation which occurred earlier that day at a local mall, New Haven Police and University officials said Monday. After responding to reports of gunshots, police arrested a group of six teenage males, two juveniles and four adults, on charges »

Gunshots reported on Green

March 28, 2005 • 0
Flashing lights illuminated the New Haven Green Saturday night as police sealed off the area to investigate reports of gunshots. New Haven Police on the scene declined to comment to the News on the incident, which occurred after 9 p.m. Police told News Channel 8 that a handgun was involved in the incident, but would »

Police mull COPS membership

March 24, 2005 • 0
Yale Police union members met Wednesday to consider joining a larger parent union, following concerns raised by officers regarding Police Chief James Perrotti’s leadership style and the perceived unresponsiveness of the department’s management. Thirty of the 55 members of the union, the Yale Police Benevolent Association, attended a presentation by the Connecticut Organization for Public »

Students papers hit the presses

March 23, 2005 • 0
When Doris Wang ’04 came to Yale, she knew she liked neuroscience. But over her four years, her interest grew exponentially. By graduation, Wang’s neurophysiology work was in print — three articles on her research appeared in the Journal of Physiology and one ran in the Journal of Neurophysiology. Submitting to national scientific journals is »

Profs debate Mars mission

March 3, 2005 • 0
In 1803, Lewis and Clark set out for the Pacific Ocean. In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Now, in 2005, humans are again trying to push the limits of adventure with a new destination in mind: Mars. President Bush announced in January plans to send astronauts to the Moon and Mars, a project »

Gym clarifies guest policy after accusations

February 23, 2005 • 0
Responding to recent accusations of racial profiling at Payne Whitney Gymnasium, gym administrators have clarified the policy to all workers and emphasized the University’s commitment to non-discrimination. Several student desk attendants had expressed concerns that their supervisors were encouraging them to racially profile visitors seeking to purchase guest passes to use the Lanman Center basketball »

Students push for campaign reform in capitol

February 21, 2005 • 0
The Yale College Democrats and Yale Students for Clean Elections trekked to the state capital Friday to lobby lawmakers for campaign finance reform, with possible implications for politics in New Haven and the state in general. Twenty Yale students engaged legislators in debate about Senate Bill 877, which would create a voluntary system of public »

Summers releases text of speech

February 18, 2005 • 0
Responding to increasing pressure from Harvard faculty that has begun to threaten his career, Harvard President Lawrence Summers authorized on Thursday the release of the transcript of controversial statements regarding female scientists that he made at a closed-door academic conference Jan. 14. The transcript, which Summers had previously refused to release, details the embattled president’s »

Protest decries Levin’s silence

February 18, 2005 • 0
Protesting Yale President Richard Levin’s silence regarding controversial statements made by Harvard President Lawrence Summers, more than 100 members of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization marched to Betts House Thursday afternoon to criticize the treatment of women and minorities at Yale. The protesters assailed Levin for not joining Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Susan »