Respect for other side can cool theater battle

December 5, 2006
This is Alexander Dominitz, war correspondent for the Yale Daily News. I’ve just returned from the front, and things look grim. Many are tired of fighting. Many want to go home and see their families, to get out of the rain and cold air, to feel safe once more. Most have grown weary of waiting. »

Buffett talk was an artistic experience

November 14, 2006
Which end of the room is the front? we asked. There was no microphone, just round white tables crammed with students. I grabbed a chair along the wall and looked for an opening at one of the tables. Seeing none, I tiptoed in between chattering MBA candidates and plopped my chair down in the middle »

‘Evil’ capitalism provides the money for art

October 31, 2006
Ever tried to get money for an artistic project at Yale? It’s easy. Just put in an application for a Sudler Fund, and suddenly you’ve got $100, even $1,000, to put on a play, shoot a film, choreograph a dance or showcase your photography. (Hey, those hors d’oeuvres can get expensive.) The only obstacles that »

A colorblind society is key to ending racism

October 17, 2006
It is a belief, common among well-meaning Americans, that the first step to ending racism is to recognize its existence. This seems perfectly logical; after all, how can we combat racism if we refuse to acknowledge its existence? Yet decades after the civil rights movement, the legacy of racism permeates seemingly every sector of our »

To win, Dems must unify ideas

September 13, 2006
Eighteen years ago this month, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis visited a plant in Michigan where he took part in a photo-op with an M1 Abrams tank. Many felt that, rather than instilling a sense of confidence in his ability to lead America’s armed forces, Dukakis appeared awkward and uncomfortable at the helm. This evening, »

Political consensus not always worth forging

September 11, 2006
If you know the name Peter Buckley, you most likely know him as the Democratic state representative from Oregon. Few know him as a former administrator of Dell’Arte International, a school of ensemble-based physical theater in Blue Lake, Calif. This summer, I, along with other participants in a Dell’Arte workshop, received a copy of an »

Tolerance is linchpin of righteousness

January 11, 2006
Forget apathetic religious stances. I am willing to say here and now that Peter Johnston is a good person. But what do I mean by “good person”? And would Johnston, author of the “Love, not tolerance, makes one righteous” editorial (1/9), agree? Much to Peter’s chagrin, I am not a Christian, and consequently I found »