SOM hosts first integrated case competition

April 10, 2013 • 0
Last Saturday, students from four U.S. business schools participated in the School of Management’s inaugural integrated leadership case competition.

Yale-NUS releases curriculum report

April 5, 2013 • 0
The Yale-NUS Curriculum Committee unveiled the specific details of the Singaporean college’s curriculum in a report released Thursday.
Students from four international business schools visited SOM during Immersion Week to hear lectures on behavioral economics.

SOM hosts Immersion Week

April 2, 2013 • 0
Students at the School of Management positively reviewed the new Immersion Week program.
Yale-NUS President Pericles Lewis sought to address faculty concerns with the Singaporean college at a Thursday meeting.

FAS meeting stirs Yale-NUS debate

March 29, 2013 • 0
Roughly 20 professors discussed Yale’s venture in Singapore during a closed-door meeting Thursday afternoon.

Study finds class affects Law School experience

March 28, 2013 • 0
The nation’s top-ranked law school may not be guaranteeing an equal shot at success for all members of its future classes, a new report has found.
Salovey and Yale-NUS

With Salovey, little change for Yale-NUS expected

March 26, 2013 • 0
When President-elect Peter Salovey arrives at the Singaporean campus next month, the buildings under construction will be a familiar sight.
Former Mexican President and Yale professor Ernesto Zedillo GRD ’81 has been accused of cover- ing up a December 1997 massacre of 45 civilians in the village of Acteal, Mexico.

Mexican court rules Zedillo ineligible for immunity

March 25, 2013 • 0
A recent ruling by a Mexican court declared that former Mexican President and Yale professor Ernesto Zedillo GRD ’81 is not eligible for immunity protection under the Mexican Constitution.

SOM alumni participation remains high

March 8, 2013 • 0
The School of Management has maintained high levels of alumni participation over the past 10 years.

Yale-NUS to continue taking visiting profs

March 7, 2013 • 0
Yale faculty will be able to apply for visiting faculty positions at the Yale-NUS campus in Singapore.

Amid plummeting app numbers, law schools adapt to economy

March 4, 2013 • 0
The Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions earned a record-high number of applications this year.

SOM boosts financial aid budget

February 27, 2013 • 0
The School of Management, which currently allocates $3 million for financial aid, plans to increase its combined scholarship and loan-forgiveness budget to $6.4 million by 2015.
Law School

After report, Law School improves gender balance

February 21, 2013 • 0
The student group that released last year's report has found that gender balance at the school has improved.