Ten reasons why Horowitz is misguided

March 27, 2001 • 0
I feel there are many issues that can be called important to contemporary black society. America’s dangerous decision that affirmative action is a thing of the past, the fact our government builds more jails than schools, the condition of schools in our inner cities — and the list goes on and on. Reparations did not »

What Eminem’s fame says about America

February 27, 2001 • 0
Eminem performed with Elton John. Toni Braxton wore a loincloth. Lil’ Bow Wow drove Madonna onto the stage. Jill Scott sang with The Blue Man Group. In the tradition of American music, the Baha Men took a “jump up” Soca song, exploited it so that it is now something played at high school football games »