Peer schools offer advice on faculty senate

February 20, 2014
As Yale works on creating its faculty senate, professors from across the country are offering words of advice — and words of caution.

New college integration considered

February 11, 2014
In 1958, then-University President A. Whitney Griswold wrote a proposal for two new residential colleges.

Dahl’s legacy remembered

February 7, 2014
Robert Dahl GRD ’40, the man considered by many to be the father of modern political science, died yesterday. He was 98.

Yale’s top earners defended

February 6, 2014
The University’s highest paid employees deserve their salaries and more, according to financial experts and Yale faculty.

Sexual misconduct report released

February 4, 2014
Yale’s fifth semi-annual report of sexual misconduct complaints contains the highest number of complaints ever disclosed in the report since it was first issued in 2011.

Dean search process outlined

January 31, 2014
Peter Salovey said he will name an advisory committee to provide recommendations to fill Miller and Pollard’s shoes.

Admins consider faculty dean

January 31, 2014
In the coming weeks, Salovey will weigh the possibility of the most significant change in University faculty governance in decades.

Fossil Free Yale mulls next step

January 31, 2014
At a meeting of the ACIR, approximately 30 student activists affiliated with Fossil Free Yale gathered to discuss fossil fuel divestment.

Yale’s fiscal 2013 endowment return in line with national average

January 29, 2014
For university and college endowments nationwide, the fiscal year that ended June 30 was a good year.

Capital projects remain on track

January 24, 2014
Senior administrators remain confident in the proposed timelines for ongoing capital projects.

Divestment proposed to administration

January 22, 2014
Two months after the student body voted in favor of divestment, the issue is slated to reach admins for ultimate decision.

Ivies face deficits

January 21, 2014
Faced with increasing financial pressure, half of the Ivy League was in the red last year.