Carlton steps into Kane’s shoes as registrar

September 22, 2003 • 1
The individual exudes an air of mystery and intrigue. Lurking in the bureaucratic underworld of Yale administration, he or she holds the cards to every student’s future, yet rarely emerges to deliver a riveting public address, to break ground for a new building, or to otherwise make him or herself relevant to world at large. »

As fears run high, some put off studies in Asia

April 30, 2003 • 0
After finishing her first year of college 7,000 miles from home, Annette Wong ’06 had planned to return to Beijing this summer to spend time with her family. But with the deadly outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, sweeping across Asia and prompting travel restrictions and quarantines in several countries, Wong no longer »

Blue phones are security devices, but serve a dual purpose

April 18, 2003 • 0
Their locations are strategic. Some are found in high-traffic locations, such as next to the ATM at Phelps Gate, outside the entrance to Payne Whitney Gymnasium, and behind Toad’s Place. Others are more off the beaten path, some even located on city streets in downtown New Haven. Around 250 exterior phones, distinguishable by their royal »

For some Yale colleges, more security

March 26, 2003 • 0
As Yale students returned to their dorm rooms after two weeks of spring break, many discovered a curious new decoration firmly affixed to their suite doors, courtesy of Yale: a blue rectangular sticker with bold print urging them to lock their doors and dial 111 in the event of an emergency. These door decals represent »

As workers picket, students adapt

March 4, 2003 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Just after sunrise Monday morning, the usually quiet sidewalks lining Wall Street near Cross Campus became an assembling ground. Members of locals 34 and 35 and students in the Graduate Employees and Students Organization, or GESO, met in the cold weather to begin »

Navigating the world of consulting internships

February 24, 2003 • 0
With spring interviews now underway for summer consulting positions, a fair number of Yale students are pulling out their finest business attire in the hopes of landing one of the coveted spaces inside a respected consulting firm. The motivations are varied: some seek the promise of a full-time job offer upon completion of a summer »

Moment of truth for three local early applicants

January 16, 2003 • 0
Almost three months ago, three Connecticut high school students — Maya Shankar, Megan Powers and Paige Rossetti — were anxiously putting the final touches on their early decision applications to Yale. After six weeks of anticipation, the results are finally in — online, by phone or slowly making their way by mail. Two will join »

Threat of war hits close to home

November 11, 2002 • 1
In the Oval Office of the White House, President Bush consults with his top national security advisors in mapping out a decisive strategy toward the “Axis of Evil.” Inside the hot, bustling bazaars of Tehran, Iranian citizens converse about the preparation for war while shopping for rugs and handspun goods. And in the wood-paneled common »

Local early applicants hope to join Class of ’07

November 1, 2002 • 0
and Brooke Fitzgerald Contributing Reporter Today is an insignificant day for most. Many Yale students are recovering from Halloween festivities and the late-night YSO show. Professors are holding office hours and grading midterms. And a few students are scrambling to their deans’ offices to change their Credit/D/Fail classes to a grade. But for many high »

Out of sniper’s range, a secondhand fear

October 18, 2002 • 0
For the parents of Amsalu Dabela ’04 and Ellen Dabela ’06, a trip up to Yale for Parents’ Weekend from their Washington, D.C., suburb of Bethesda, Md., provided more than just a good chance to spend time with their daughters. It also served as a welcome respite from the fear and paranoia that has gripped »

New washers clean out students’ wallets

October 11, 2002 • 0
The relentless pursuit of the truth is one of the hallmarks of a liberal Yale education. So when Yale decided to charge students an extra 25 cents to use newly installed laundry machines, some inquiring minds among the student body wanted to know why. “I just want to know why the price went up,” Rebecca »

Law administrators weigh options

October 7, 2002 • 0
While the Yale Law School is lifting its nondiscrimination policy to permit the military to participate in this fall’s on-campus interview program, administrators said it was a temporary measure intended to prevent the loss of federal funding until a better solution can be found. Administrators at many of the nation’s other law schools may soon »