CHANDRA: Our extracurricular IR problem

February 21, 2014
If us at Yale strive for excellence in all its forms: the classroom, the art studio, the sports field. I hope we can restore excellence in our extracurricular IR endeavors as well.

CHANDRA: The subway look

January 14, 2014
Why do we ignore our acquaintances? Why do we do this to each other?
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CHANDRA: Rhodes to prestige

December 5, 2013
Should Yale really celebrate a student’s ability to massage his own ego? Should it highlight its most brazenly and successfully prestige-seeking students?

CHANDRA: Tastelessness is not a crime

September 18, 2012
How are we to understand the rioting and violence across the world, over the past week, resulting from a YouTube video? A fringe California gas station owner, reportedly either a Coptic Christian or an Israeli Jew, who goes by, among other names, Sam Bacile and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, uploaded a video on YouTube. The video »