Drive-by shooting in Dixwell comes to campus

Photo by YDN.

A man shot in the left shoulder on Shelton Avenue stopped his car on Elm Street between York and High Streets after colliding into another vehicle, according to the accounts of three officers at the site. The man, identified as 21-year-old George Pettaway, was alive and taken to the Hospital of St. Raphael, according to New Haven Police Department spokesman David Hartman, who added Pettaway’s wound did not appear to be life-threatening.

Hartman said his department responded to reports of a shooting at 90 Shelton Avenue at 5:26 p.m. Soon after, a description of Pettaway’s BMW vehicle with a smashed front-left window was released. Yale Police Department officers then spotted the vehicle and engaged in a “short pursuit,” which ended after Pettaway’s vehicle collided with a Nissan Maxima on Elm Street and subsequently stopped.

Over 10 NHPD cars responded and cordoned off the portion of Elm Street between York and High Streets shortly after 5:30 p.m. Though officers said they expected the street to remain closed for a “couple hours,” the scene was cleared and traffic resumed around 6:30 p.m.

Two other shootings were reported Sunday afternoon. A 17-year old male with a gunshot wound to the left was reported at Yale-New Haven Hospital at 3:09 p.m., claiming to have been shot in the area of Shelton Avenue and Read Street.

Another man was reported to have entered the Hospital of St. Raphael’s at 6:19 p.m., Hartman said, adding the victim has not yet been identified and a report of the circumstances of his shooting is not yet available.

Investigations into all three incidents have been launched and Hartman said there was “nothing at the moment” to say they are related.


  • phantomllama

    Yale should leave New Haven. The city is deplorable in every respect.

    Seriously. The endowment’s large enough. It can be done.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Instead of spending billions moving the campus, give the unemployed jobs.

    • lakia

      They don’t WANT jobs. it’s too much work.

      • ac826

        They would clearly rather risk getting shot selling drugs than work an honest job. Clearly.

  • Basil

    I agree with theantiyale – instead of moving the campus, give the unemployed jobs – in Afghanistan…..

  • Sillitar13

    phantomllama, no, not even with Yale’s endowment is that possible. Nice try though

  • user_name

    We already have massive walls and barred gates, and even that doesn’t seem enough. separate private walkways? Buy chunks of streets that matter to Yale and make them inaccessible to the public? We already have an army of policemen guarding us. New Haven, I hate you.

    • uncommons

      “Buy chunks of streets that matter to Yale and make them inaccessible to the public?”

      it’s funny cause we’ve already done that to high street and wall street

  • chandlerpv

    If we moved Yale, we could take it to southern california.. or hawaii.

    jobs are available in Afghanistan. It’s called enlisting.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Buy Quinnipiac

    Move to the Sleeping Giant. New Haven will be under water in 50 years more of Global Warming.

    When they demolished and dug up the “Doctors’ Building” where my grandmother worked in 1960 to build the new Shubert Theatre, they found sand and seashells instead of earth and rocks digging the new foundation.

    New Haven center itself was the Harbor —–and will be again.

    If it doesn’t drown in blood first.

    • theantiantiyale

      “New Haven center itself was the Harbor —–and will be again. If it doesn’t drown in blood first.”

      Bro, I understand that you are anti-Yale, but you are taking this way too far. You sound like a creepy movie villan.

      • The Anti-Yale

        Hey. I saw the foundation with my own eyes. Seawater up to and beyond the Shubert Theatre. That’s one block from the Green.

        • The Anti-Yale

          Oh, and don’t forget the murder statistics———-and the drug trade at the intersection of New York/Jersey and New England (91 and 93) ————and the racial divide.

        • connman250

          This person is right-on!

  • NewHaven23

    Every city in America has the same urban issues. Actually, compared to cities like Los Angeles and Washington, the education system in New Haven is excellent. Please stop being Yale elitists and appreciate what New Haven has to offer. If you want, you can take your Yale education, go work on Wall Street and exacerbate every problem you abhor. Otherwise, you can actually take your critical thinking skills and work to solve problems that plague our urban communities.

    • phantomllama

      The problem is that the only thing that New Haven has to offer, outside of Yale, is bullets.

      • Standards

        Tell that to Miya’s.

        Goddamn I love Miya’s.

      • Yale12

        That’s just not true. Have you ever been to Edgerton Park? QPac’s gorgeous campus? Wooster Square? One of the many farmers’ market? East Rock? West Rock? Edgewood Park? Westville? You clearly know nothing about New Haven if you think all it has to offer is bullets. Be honest, how far outside of Yale’s campus have you ever really ventured?

        • lacking_class

          Thank you.

  • The Anti-Yale

    It is just POSSIBLE that Yale is naive about New Haven.

    When I was growing up at the foot of the Sleeping Giant, my girlfriend’s father was a Bookie, who ran a legitimate 2nd business as a FRONT for his Book.

    It –his Book —was protected—by the brotherhood. Everyone knew this, including the authorities, and told polite jokes about it.

    That is the tip of the New Haven ice burg. Add drugs and racial hatred and you’ve got a real mix.

    If Yale ever discussed this publicly, their Admissions Office would have a fit. Instead, Yale gives out band-aid scholarships to local school children and ignores the real problem: drop-outs; drug dealers; and organized crime.

    And as violence tightens like a noose around its Gothic neck, Yale gags, but persists in perceiving that choking rope as a silk tie—even building two new student fortresses at the nape of the ghetto on Prospect Street.


    • connman250

      Add drugs and racial hatred and you’ve got a real mix. …..Where is all that racial hatred comming from, but within the minority community, among it’s young people who run drugs as a business. They are not shooting eachother because of love. It’s competition, maaaaaan!!!!

  • Standards

    In what Universe is prospect street the ghetto.

    I think you may be exaggerating a tad, there, PK.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Prospect Street is not the ghetto. But the triangular area off Prospect Street behind the cemetery in which the new fortresses are being built ABUTS the poor/drugladen neighborhood of Winchester Avenue area.

    I said “the nape of the ghetto”. Nape means the back of the neck. The ghetto backs up to and abuts Prospect Street . Ever walked Winchester Avenue and Newhallville after dark?

    If I was Yale I’d replace those fortresses with a Community Center which trained ghetto kids how to use computers—– even give them free lap-tops.

    • uncommons

      could Yale maybe give Yale students free laptops before we give them to other people? just a thought

    • Yale12

      Do you ever interact with “ghetto kids”? I’m pretty sure they all know how to use computers. You’re a joke.

      Yale also HAS built a community center in Dixwell – it’s next to the police station, and hundreds of kids get tutoring there every week.

    • lacking_class

      “Ghetto kids” probably can all use a computer better than you gramps.

    • connman250

      Have you ever seen the school palaces that are the present New Haven schools. Yeah, we couldn’t use all those jobs that politicans and corporations sent over to China.

  • smartypants79

    Give me a break–yale does plenty for the “ghetto kids” and does have a community center of sorts–the yale police station has space that is constantly being used by “community members.” There are countless volunteer orgs on campus that serve the poor of new haven; new haven is footing a big part of the bill for the New Haven Promise thing; and Yale keeps new haven from being Bridgeport.

    I wholeheartedly reject claims that other cities have similar kinds of crime etc. New Haven is a SMALL city, so to compare it’s crime levels with LA, NY etc, is absurd!! and someone correct points out that there is nothing else really going on in New Haven but yale stuff. Maybe south central LA is a sh**hole, but at least there is a LOT of other stuff going on in LA.

    • The Anti-Yale

      “there is nothing else really going on in New Haven but yale stuff”

      How many times must I repeat this: Yale, with it’s ass-in-your-face-fortress architecture and its infestation of wealthy, privileged, materialistically unchallenged, youth swarming New Haven streets everyday, RUBS NEW HAVENERS THE WRONG WAY, creating a constant salt in your economic wounds effect.

      • CrazyBus

        If Yale left, New Haven would collapse.

      • Yale12

        I’m pretty sure our architecture is the least of New Haven’s problems. Yale does WAY more good for New Haven than harm. Want to know what New Haven would be like without Yale’s ass-in-your-face architecture? Check out Bridgeport.

        • The Anti-Yale

          I am not disputung the architectural inspiration in New Haven due to yale. I am merely reflecting how an actual New Haven-born-and-bred FEELS.

        • lacking_class

          Having lived in Bridgeport for 2 years (North end, near Trumbull),

          My main observation is an improved attitude/respect among residents as compared with New Haven residents (especially including college residents), and my guess is that the lack of extreme class separation contributes to this. My OPINION is that there is a strong local community with values unseen by those who have never stepped foot in the city but rather observe delapidated structures from the highway on occasion.

          Please investigate your inferences before stating them as judgemental fact thank you.

        • connman250

          Corporate backed politicians have made Bridgeport what it is today. It was one of the nations great manufacturing centers. If Yale could find some way feasible to move to China, they would, and New Haven would be finished.

      • jamesdakrn


  • smartypants79

    ps “According to FBI data on murder rates, 471 people were murdered in New York City in 2009 giving NYC a murder rate of 5.61 murders per 100,000 people.” (

    so, with wikipedia’s info of 129,779 people as the population of new haven, that would mean that to be compared with NYC, we should have about 7 murders in new haven a year–not 30+.

    • wangyyue

      Be shocked!

  • smartypants79

    when compared to the size of boston, new haven should have 1 murder per year

  • wangyyue

    the gun, it is the evil, isnot it?!

    • connman250

      The gun is an instrament that is used to kill, by evil people.

  • connman250

    Even when unemployment was 6 or 7 %, many years ago, we still had murders. Do you really think these people will ever work an honest job or just want easy money, by selling drugs?

    So, Yale backed DeStafano gets relected again and nothing will change untill racial profiling is used to pull cars over in black neighborhoods and clear them of drugs and guns. In order to leagally do this, martial law would have to be declared. Maybe it’s time students started to protect themselves.