LETTER: Yale’s monkey friends

It is appalling that the Yale Daily News would refer to vervet monkeys as “Yale’s newest collaborators;” it is morally on par with blaming a woman for being raped or describing her as a “collaborator” in the assault.

Animals who have been taken from their homeland, torn from their familes, forced to live in captivity and slated for death cannot honestly be described as “collaborators.” They are victims, and they deserve our support.

Ian Smith

Oct. 20


  • The Anti-Yale

    I agree.

    But why does animal experimentation evoke more sympathy and outrage than worldwide child slavery?

  • penny_lane

    Medical advancements developed through animal research have increased the human lifespan an average of 23 years.

  • River_Tam

    penny_lane and I don’t always agree, but when we do, it’s over indisputable facts.

  • The Anti-Yale

    And the Crusades increased the lifespan of Christians.

  • River_Tam

    Except that Muslims were not animals.

  • CX

    wtf is this I don’t even…

  • Yale12

    Paul, are you a vegan?

  • The Anti-Yale

    To Christians they were worse than animals.

  • The Anti-Yale

    No I’m not a vegan. But lobbying forced MacDonalds to stop buying chickens which had been raised in inhumane conditions. The brilliant autistic designer of humane beef slaughter procedures, Temple Grandin, has humiliated the beef industry into acknowledging its beastly behavior and addressing it; I see no reason why a nationwide student-led rebellion against inhumane academic research on animals could not MODIFY the long-term suffering endured by the animals to short-term suffering.

    I’ve been raising hell for forty years without the benefit of social networking. I’m sure you can trump me.

    For Godssakes—you’re the Twitter generation. Get out there and TWEET.

  • River_Tam

    Regardless of whether they *thought* they were worse than animals, they *weren’t* actually less human than animals.

    Objective truths, people.

    We’re okay with “humanely” killing animals for food, not so much with Muslims.

  • RexMottram08

    Where is the vervet monkey support group meeting?

  • River_Tam

    > Where is the vervet monkey support group meeting?

    At the Yale Women’s Center?

  • RexMottram08

    Finish that sentence Paul!

    …and women are lower than animals to Muslims.

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