OP-ED LIVE: The legacy of William F. Buckley ’50


  • The Anti-Yale

    Actually, naming it after Buckley has raised the important issues of our times in a renewr, controversial way, a way that naming an aroganization after Colin Powell or Irving Krystal would not have done. Also, BNuckley’s career was built on his *God and Man at Yale* and no other conservative has that kind of Yale history. His devotion to the debating society at Yale Political Union well into his upper seventies and to the *Yale Daily News* are other reasons to name the conservative organization at Yale after him. I agree with Scott, that this interview avoided the really embarrassing issues like the “queer” comment and his anti-communist devotion to a man whose inebriated exaggerations ruined the lives and careers of hundreds: Joseph Mc Carthy. (Note: the one good thing to come out of McCarthyism was Arthur Miller’s writing *The Crucible* to point out the forging of the American paranoidal psyche.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Buckley was more active with conservatives where they thrive: DARTMOUTH.**

    The Dartmouth Review
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    In the fall of 1990, the Dartmouth Review (whose staff was at the time one-quarter Jewish) was accused of anti-Semitism for its publication of a quote from Mein Kampf in its masthead in place of its usual quote from Teddy Roosevelt. The quote was discovered by Dartmouth Review staffers three days after the paper was distributed. The Dartmouth Review recalled the issue and then editor-in-chief, Kevin Pritchett issued a campus-wide apology. According to Review backer William F. Buckley, Jr.’s book In Search of Anti-Semitism, this incident was the work of a disgruntled former staff member.


  • PC15

    Just because Buckley *said* he had reformed his views on race doesn’t mean he actually did, either. It’s possible (maybe even likely) that he only *changed* his views to appear more palatable to more people.

  • SY

    Nathaniel was wrong to say that “This is essentially a useless conversation.” YDN videos and Op-Ed Live’s are useful additions. 1. Their spoken opinions get to truth disguised in the written opinions. 2. They show what would be better arguments and opinions. When the writers’ opinions are important to them, it also is useful, and amusing, to see and hear their civil, reasoned argument and rebuttal, which do not change the other’s mind, and then everyone get a bit disgusted.

    1.Before the Op-Ed Live, I wondered, “Why is anyone arguing about 1951 anti-communist strategy and a 1957 racial statement?” Both are before just about everyone at Yale, including many professors, was born, and one was resolved by conservatives without major war in 1989, and the other by the election of an African-American president, after two conservative Secretaries of State. Is there going to be a new Buckley College? The Op-Ed Live cleared up that the unresolved Buckley issues are gay marriage and sex.

    2.The Op-Ed Live also suggested that a better approach, argument, for gay marriage is not trashing Bill Buckley, but is more something through Mary Cheney and Dick Cheney’s support for gay marriage. Convince 51% of voters state by state that gay pairs are likeable and not threatening. If WFB had several children, he would have had a gay child. Gay children almost always are born to prominent conservatives–Ron Reagan, Jr., Mary Cheney. Providence maybe. Why argue about WFB’s views on this subject when you have been handed Dick Cheney (another Yale student, for a while)?

  • charlesdarwin

    YES, I was student at Yale 20-years… I Never, Never, Never thought academics do it for the Money.. There is little or no money in academic….. Academics do it in search for the truth or Knowledge.

    Yale, like MIT, should post All classes, online, for free free free.

    MIT, giving 2000-classes away for free free free

    Bill Gates/Warren Buffet: giving wealth away… give it away, we cannot take it with us.. .give it away…..100 million to 1000 million can see for free free free anytime/anywhere.. give it away for free free free free..


    I’ m class of 1990… I remember many happy days lectures parties on the New Haven campus.

    Yale can be a “global university” in 21st. century…….

    As Anyone who has been to a college campus knows: there are good/bad courses… good / bad professors.