Residential college weekday dinner hours to be extended next year

Residential college dining halls will be open until at least 7:30 p.m. and Commons will no longer serve dinner next year in a series of changes to meal hours that will be implemented by Yale Dining.

Following discussions with students, Yale College Council members, administrators and unions, Executive Director Rafi Taherian announced Monday that they would extend dinner hours in the colleges on Monday through Thursday nights.

Taherian initially said that Yale Dining would consider the extension after 77 percent of students expressed support for extended dinner hours in a Yale Daily News poll in March.

“We knew that this was a major issue for students, and we knew we wanted to do something about it,” he said. “It was the perfect scenario, this was the right time to do it.”

Next year, all twelve colleges will serve dinner until 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Morse, Ezra Stiles, and Calhoun colleges will stay open until 8 p.m. those days. Dining hall hours will remain the same on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so that colleges will still be able to host evening events like dances in their dining halls.

In another major change, Commons will no longer serve dinner on weekdays, closing at 3 p.m. Transfers will be accepted until 5 p.m. at Durfee’s, Uncommons, and other retail locations. Commons was never open on weekends.

The facility used to only serve breakfast and lunch before residential college renovations began 12 years ago.

Jeanette Norton, Deputy Director of Finance & Administration, said closing Commons for dinner will — in returning Commons to its previous schedule — help balance out labor costs, and encourage freshmen to eat dinner in their residential colleges.

With the renovations of the 12 residential colleges finished, and additional dining staff needed for the 12th dining hall, Taherian said many of the Commons workers will have new shifts to accommodate the opening of Ezra Stiles and the longer college dinner hours so that Yale Dining does not have to make any significant layoffs or hires

Philips told the News in April that students have voiced their desires for later dinner hours in the past, and after the issue came up again this year Dining decided to include a detailed questionnaire about hours in their spring survey.

After getting such strong support for extending hours, Taherian said he met with members of the YCC to discuss the plan, who helped him discuss various options for extending dinner hours. He added that many YCC members had included extending dinner hours in their election platforms, which showed that this was an issue students cared about.

All of Yale’s Dining Halls will end their service for the year after dinner on Tuesday.


  • Leah

    Wait, why did they not poll anyone on this? This is much worse than the old system. Commons was open til 9pm, so now eating time is much shorter. Also, residential colleges don’t let you hold dinner meetings and hold a table for a group. Commons did, because it was so much bigger. Many of the student groups I’m in had weekly meetings in Commons and now we won’t be able to meet during dining hall hours at all (the time most people have free).

  • CBKM

    Seriously, I feel like this completely came out of nowhere. Immense dislike.

    Who actually eats dinner at 5pm? Let’s not pretend students are on normal working stiff schedules here; closing dinner at 7:30 is just driving tons of money to GHeav and Yorkside.

    I second Leah’s concerns about the ability to hold meetings in the residential colleges.

    While we’re here, can “family nights” PLEASE DIE? I have never understood why Yale thinks it’s so important to foster these nonsensical meaningless residential college “communities”. Making it harder for me to eat with my friends, to access COLLEGE COMMON ROOMS, to reserve spaces, etc, is not doing anyone any favors at all. We’re all at Yale, we have real communities, real interests, real social circles, we don’t need this artificial crap based on nothing but who you were assigned to live with freshman year. If people are really into their college social scene, fine, but no one needs to tie the rest of us to it for their sake.

  • grumpyalum

    Wow. This completely ruins Commons. The Yale Administration takes another step to screw anyone that may have a friend group out of a randomly assigned group of students from freshmen year.

    The administration, through its obsession with the residential colleges, is inadvertently harming Yale extracurriculurs and communities.

  • jwr

    Closing Commons at 3:00 is ridiculous – the whole point of Commons was to create a space where people could SIT DOWN and eat during irregular hours. People who’re forced to get dinner at 8:30 have no good options now.

    Plus, aren’t residential colleges crowded enough before closing Commons? Ugh.

  • Locke

    This is absurd, and obviously a move to cut costs veiled in a piss-poor attempt at populist rhetoric. Seriously, who on earth believes it when someone says, “We’ve heard overwhelming demand for later dinner, so we’re going to close an hour-and-a-half earlier.”

    Utter nonsense.

  • Quals

    So in response to student requests that the dh be open longer…commons, which used to be open til 9pm, is closing for dinner, and 30 minutes are added to residential colleges? WTF They really don’t care…

  • Boogs

    The answer to many of the questions above is in the article. This change wasn’t made because it’s best for students. The change was made because labor costs at Yale’s unionized dining halls are crazy expensive and it’s extraordinarily expensive to have so many dining halls on campus on top of that. Any university this size elsewhere would probably have a total of three dining halls, if that. Granted, Yale’s an exceptional place, but the residential college system isn’t efficient, but that’s part of the extravagance one expects at an elite institution.

    In the end, Yale doesn’t have the stomach to take on the unions, so they’ll continue to cut into the students’ services. What are you going to do? Go somewhere else? And, as someone else said, you’ll just go to Gourmet Heaven, and Yale takes your money anyway.

  • weee

    This is a horrible idea. Commons is a place where everyone from different colleges can have a meal on neutral ground. Not to mention, it’s going to majorly complicate things for students who have to eat past 7:30. Extending college dining hall hours by half an hour is NOT a fair trade for cutting all Commons dinners. Yale Dining, you have disappointed me in a very profound way.

  • Quals

    Boogs, true, but it is amusing how they spin the reasons for their cost-cutting measures. No paper cups to bring food outside because we are all about sustainability now (when is the last time you saw someone with those free mugs anyways?) and of course the ever-popular trayless dining experiments.

  • Sillitar13

    This will royally screw all of the central college dining halls (Silliman, Berkeley & Calhoun) that already are overcrowded at meals, from people who realize the food is better than Commons and nearby. Has Yale Dining not paid attention to foot traffic in Commons at dinner? It is *very* well used at dinner – not as insane as lunch, but still, there is a need for dinner in Commons. Boogs is right though, unfortunately. It seems that this decision was made not for the students, but because Yale Dining wanted any excuse to cut down on labor costs in Commons. Opportunistic, to say the least.

    Commons *was* the late-night meal option, for which a 7:30pm closing time in the college dining halls doesn’t come close to compensating.

  • je13

    This is a ridiculous move. Just because students wanted later residential college dining hours does not mean that we were willing to sacrifice dinner at commons.

  • Inigo_Montoya

    NB that there will be three dining halls open until 8pm (including Morse & Stiles, which will be good for athletes). Commons closes its servery at 8 as it stands; all that currently stays open until 9 is the salad bar (plus you can get pizza or pasta if any is left over). It would be very easy for the three “late hour” dining halls to stay open on that basis until 9 (while the staff closes the kitchen and cleans it and the servery). In fact, it might be worth trying to convince Yale Dining on that point. I’m not defending the new policy as it stands (I think there are real issues, like that of meetings/large group dinners), but let’s keep our facts straight.

  • tsbshb

    Why? This does not make any sense except for money cutting measures at the expense of the students’ well-being. How does a 30 min extension make up for the 2 hours that commons use to offer. This needs to change now!

  • Quals

    Good points Inigo, but the salad and pizza I thought was pretty good post-8pm at commons. And honestly, who wants to eat a stiles and morse dh?

  • Yalewhaaaa

    Oh no. Varsity athletes will now have to eat with other students. This is appalling.

  • ARM

    I really don’t understand why Yale has suddenly decided to put a big damper on student life outside of the residential colleges. I think the above comments that said this was about cost cutting were right, but it’s still telling that support for anything that fosters community outside of residential colleges is a prime target for cuts. Look, I liked my residential college – I good friends and good times there. But I had great friends in other residential colleges and I was also part of extracurricular groups that rivaled the colleges in their importance to me as communities and as homes during my years at Yale. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that, but Yale seems to. It’s sad that they have so little faith in our ability to form our own positive communities that they’re trying to forcibly isolate us into the residential college communities.

  • Jaymin


  • realyalestudent

    one more reason I’m happy I don’t have to be on a meal plan. Does anyone know where we can direct our complaints about this?

  • aidegechang

    one more reason I’m happy I don’t have to be on a meal plan. Does anyone know where we can direct our complaints about this?

  • yaylie

    This sucks. Has anyone done a proper feasibility survey of this? Imagine lines out the door of some dining halls all the way to the servery.

  • coldy

    what will happen to the employees who work at commons….?

  • Jaymin

    If Yale Dining is going to partially replace Commons with its retail vendors, I hope they at least have the courtesy to lower the outrageous prices so that a simple hummus wrap at Uncommons no longer costs nearly 6 bucks.

  • yale11

    commons workers will work at stiles since there are now 12 colleges open

    also an additional half hour or hour on each college would cost more labor than closing commons at 3 would save, so it doesn’t seem like this is about cutting labor costs

  • mrosett

    @Yale11: That doesn’t seem right. Essentially the residential college dining halls will be open an extra 7.5 hours/day (collectively) and Commons will be open 6hrs/day less. Since Commons requires far more employees to run than a residential college dining hall (which is why it’s closed on the weekends) that should be a net savings of labor. Additionally, there are significant fixed costs that come with serving dinner in Commons at all, so those savings can offset the additional cost of keeping the other 12 open marginally longer.

    That said, this is a horrible idea. In addition to issues like groups holding dinner together, etc, Yale’s dining halls will be open for a grand total of 3 hours between 3pm Friday and 11am Saturday. Yale’s dining plan is already the worst deal at any university I know of- the 14 meal plan turns out to be more expensive than just buying lunch and dinner every day of the term- and this only makes matters worse.

  • rbJE10

    This is jaw-droppingly awful. I wasn’t an athlete, but I worked on many time-consuming extracurriculars, which pushed my dining schedule to rely on Commons’ wide hours AND its wide selection of food–college dining halls have such painfully low variety, I hated eating there on weekends when Commons was closed because I’d usually end up eating Lucky Charms when the residential college menus had nothing but weird or gross food. Commons always has the fallback of pasta or pizza, so regardless of what the featured menu item is, you cannot leave Commons hungry.

    Residential colleges were always a nightmare to eat at because lines were always ridiculous, the food was often hit or miss with the only alternatives being cereal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner (assuming they didn’t run out of stuff), it was always so frustratingly difficult to get a table, and as someone who wasn’t particularly close with his residential college, it really sucked eating in a room full of people you kinda knew but not really.

    Commons was great because you go in whenever convenient for you, you eat, and then you get out. I guess people liked to use Commons as a meeting room, which makes an even more sensible argument on behalf of Yalies in general, but I know I wasn’t alone in liking to use Commons for All-Dayers, where you camp out in the morning till closing time working on a paper or something. I wrote a lot of my Thesis in Commons!

    The hours and the variety made Commons more of a home than JE to me. This new plan is horrible. Yale has billions of dollars. Pay for Commons to stay open.

  • BrightSide2013

    I don’t think Yale is trying to force people to become close to people in their residential colleges.

    I’m in three student groups that meet in college dining halls. One meets in TD, another in Davenport, and another in Calhoun. I’m not in any of those colleges. When I’m meeting friends in other residential colleges for lunch or dinner, we just meet at any dining hall that is convenient for all of us. Usually somewhere in the middle of campus like Calhoun or Bk.

    If you don’t feel close to people in your residential colleges, you can eat somewhere else. Student groups that meet in other colleges will just have to relocate to res. college dining halls, res. college common rooms, or rooms in LC or WLH.

    P.S.: Most colleges don’t care if you eat somewhere else on family night. You’re card will swipe anywhere and they’re most likely not going to check your sticker.

  • ohno

    Surprised no one has commented about the Durfee’s swipes, which are still a little nonsensical in the new plan. Why not extend the Durfee’s swipes until 7 or 8? Or 9? Or…closing? That would take a lot less hassle than overhauling dining hall workers’ hours, and students who can’t eat until 8 or are constantly on the go would still get be able to grab a sandwich and soda on their meal plan.

  • Leah

    If you’re upset about the change and want to present Dean Gentry with a unified complaint, join the facebook event here:

  • yalie13


    talk about bait and switch! Students will protest. Seriously, this is insane.

  • CBKM

    I’ve had a very different experience with family night than BrightSide2013. One time a friend guest swiped me in and the dining hall worked pulled out that college’s handbook to see if I was in the college. It’s really absurd. Obviously different colleges (and workers) handle it differently, but it’s consistently been a pain in my ass, and gets worse every year.

    Also I’m still very unsure that all 12 dining halls can handle the Commons overflow. JE family nights were always a mess, and there was never anywhere to sit, and I’m betting all 12 dining halls will be like that now, especially if the entire dinner window is only 2.5 hrs long, with practically no one there from 5 to 5:30.

    I also second rbJE10’s comments. Commons always had totally passable salad and sandwich bars, pizza, and pasta– there was always something to eat. Residential colleges vary on salad and sandwich bars A LOT. This is really annoying for those of us with dietary restrictions, which we could just pester our colleges about, OR just keep Commons open.

  • Jake

    Absolutely dreadful news. Whoever decided that the headline should be about the “extended hours” and not that Commons will be closed for dinner ought to be fired.

  • swp

    This is absurdly stupid. Yeah, longer hours in residential colleges would be nice, but not in exchange for Commons. Commons consistently has some of the best food, has more options, and is never as overcrowded as Davenport and Berkeley are.

  • yalie13

    I HATE YOU YALE COLLEGE COUNCIL. You’re backstabbing pricks who misrepresent us.

    What motive did the YCC have to put out that survey so duplicitously?! That’s what the real headline should be here.

  • onlineproductmanager

    disgusting tactics by the Yale administration. Everyone involved in this decision should be ashamed of themselves for waiting until school was almost done to publicize this, thereby preventing students from mobilizing to protest against in force until next year. Join Leah Libresco’s facebook group!

  • Quinn

    This is absolutely absurd. If Yale Dining is making their decision because of student polls, they could have easily asked about student use of commons. As will hopefully become even more apparent in the next few days, this does NOT have student support.
    Quinn BR ’14

  • rr22

    Hmm…Princeton’s college dining halls have always been open til 7:30pm, seven days a week, and if you miss that you can eat for the same meal plan swipe at Frist Campus center until 10pm. Also, the eating clubs at Princeton have always had dinner until 8:00 pm and they benefit from the immense variety of each having a different chef and menu from each other…. Why can’t Yale get this right?!

  • coldy

    I say we vote out every member of the YCC!!! I feel betrayed

  • Sharif

    What gives YCC? You’re not dumb people. Why the hell did you do this?

  • silliwin01

    Was this travesty accepted by the recently elected YCC executive board?

  • AshokB

    So, instead of having an option from 3 to 9, we now have . . . 5 to 7:30. For a net reduction of several hours. The hell? Durfee’s has almost no food that I actually want to eat. Who thought this would be a good idea?

  • yalie_14

    this is sickening!!! as an athlete i have to eat at commons every day as the residential colleges are closed. not to mention the residential colleges are already really crowded for dinner. this cannot happen

  • PeterX

    I’ve spent entire days in Commons “working” and meeting people from many other colleges. I can’t say the same about most residential dining halls, and while I mostly prefer their food, having Commons open is a necessary option.

    Also, student group meetings in Commons are an issue. @BrightSide2013: smaller organizations and board meetings can probably be held in one of the less popular dining halls, but when you have 20 or so people in a student group sitting down for weekly dinner, it’s just impossible to consistently find seats.

    I’m not sure if this is everyone’s sentiments, though; administrators, please do a poll with the options of “Close Commons at 3:00pm on weekdays” and “Extend dining hall hours to 7:30pm!”

  • BrightSide2013

    Posting once again. I think the best argument against this is that it will make the residential colleges too crowded. They’re bad enough on weekends when people don’t have a choice.

    Groups can still have meetings in residential colleges but if they’re overcrowded it may make finding a place annoying.

    The Durfee’s swipe is extended until 5 but I’m guessing that doesn’t include a dinner swipe so it’s not a huge help.

  • WilloughbyChase

    What a bad idea! We need commons. Residential Dining Halls are already too crowded, and 7:30 is definitely not late enough for dinner. I wouldn’t want the residential dining halls open till 9 pm, but having at least one place that is flexible is great. And what of eating between 3-5? This seems like a ripoff for those on the unlimited meal plan.

  • dfpetrin

    This is ridiculous. I use Commons for dinner at least twice a week, and groups I’m in meet there all the time. What is the point of Commons if it closes at 3? You might as well close it altogether.

  • Yalie14

    3 swipes a day: anytime, anywhere.
    Other universities do it, so should we. This plan is absurd, what gives YCC?

  • elMC

    Craziness, and sad. I hope there’s still time to change this, otherwise GHeav will be getting a lot more of my money.

    Also, curious to see what will happen with people on the unlimited swipe plan now that transfers are available until 5:00… If I transfer for lunch at 11:00, can I not eat until 5:00? That would drastically reduce the utility of the unlimited plan, especially now that Commons won’t be open at night.

  • SK2012

    So, in response to Yale not serving dinner late enough, they cut dinner hours from 9pm to 7:30pm? Interesting logic. Also, where are all the athletes supposed to eat? We get out of the gym by 7pm at the earliest, by the time we get to a dining hall there will be no food left! This is absurd.

  • catikinz


  • JohnnyE

    Nonsense. Free us from this extortion masquerading as a dining plan.

  • yale11

    isn’t it 8 (for 3 dining halls)? commons did not serve hot food past 8 and athletes would not be happy if they only got pizza and sandwiches, so they must get in their before 8

    stiles and morse will be open to 8, providing a place for teams to go right after they exit Payne Whitney.

  • CBKM

    Oh, yeah, I might care a lot less if Yale didn’t force students living on campus to pay for full meal plans- or any meal plan, really. That would in all seriousness make me much less invested in this.

  • CBKM

    I think Yale11 is ignoring the overcrowding problem, even in the three that are open later. Dining halls will almost certainly either end up turning people away hungry or fostering norms of “come, eat in 15 minutes, leave”. Both are bad.

  • lets_be_reasonable

    This sucks. So much for hoping Yale Dining would stop sucking for my senior year. I suppose if entrees are actually available, for a change, within a half hour of the college d-halls’ stated closing time, I might be able to live with this. But only if carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is made a daily option.

    But no, seriously, eff this.

  • wouldbecasaubon

    You split your infinitive, Sam.
    Also: this idea is a bad one.

  • thinking_straight

    Okay this is what should be done:

    Residential dining halls are virtually empty from 5 – 5:30 and packed from 6-7. I’ve never understood why dining halls don’t strategically stagger their time slots. We have TWELVE. I agree that because Commons costs so much more to maintain, it doesn’t make sense being open until 9 for the relatively few people who use it during the 8-9 window. They could easily fit into a dining hall, and the obvious best “extra-late night” college would be Silliman as it’s already the most delicious, is next to Commons, and has the most space. Though I’d recommend one on the other side of campus, too, maybe Dport. This plan proposes keeping 12 dining halls open half an hour longer for six extra res. college hours aggregate. Take four of those and distribute them to Silli and Dport to make their hours 6-10. Distribute the other two hours to four dining halls on the corners of campus and keep them open an extra half hour (2.5 hours) from 5:30- 8. During the absolute minimum use time, 5-5:30, only Calhoun, Morse, and JE, should be open and they’ll close at 6:30. Every other college will be 5:30 – 7:30. Use that to open Commons from 6:30 – 8 for people with section and meetings. That keeps the time conservation and results in nonstop dining options from 5-10 at pretty convenient locations no matter what.

    I realize the money distribution between Commons and the res. college dining halls probably isn’t perfectly transferable, and it might not make a ton of sense to open all of Commons for so short a time, but I think that’s the best way to address late night options, meeting space, room in res. colleges during peak hours (6:30 – 8 honestly)

    Durfee’s lunch swipe should extend to at least 3 (it should now!) and dinner transfer should be allowed from 5-6 and 9-10 as a backup at the very least for people on the fringes. They overcharge enough as it is.


  • T

    No. This is awful. No one wants or likes this. No one.

    Hey YCC, you know how you’re always talking (around election season, anyway) about “making YCC more transparent”, “convincing students what the YCC does matters”, “breaking down barriers between the YCC and the rest of the student body” and all of that nonsense? You’re off to an absolutely dreadful start. I object.

  • jazzitomer

    i’m just an admitted student, and i’m already shocked at how unresponsive the administration is to student input… and to make this decision after everyone has left campus?!
    there are so many inconveniences that arise as a result of this new dining plan- yes, i understand that this may bring people from residential colleges closer together, but isn’t ‘family night’ for that? i understand that freshmen are all attached to their own colleges, but isn’t this just going to make old campus residents flock to the nearest res. col. dining halls and overcrowd them (i.e. calhoun, JE, etc.) during dinner hours? i understand that the commons tend to be emptier during certain hours in the evening, but does eliminating access to it during ALL hours of the evening remedy that problem?
    again, i’m shocked and dismayed. and i don’t even go there yet.

  • mvy

    horrible idea. what are athletes or anyone else who NEEDS a late dinner at commons supposed to do?

  • Moosetracks

    Please, can we please just have 3 swipes a day to use whenever we like??? Or can the 14 meal plan actually be cheaper than the full meal plan? Or maybe, could we possibly have the option of living on campus but opting out of the meal plan???
    Over crowding is going to be the main result of this plan. Please reconsider this!!!! I would like to take back my vote for extended dinner hours if this is the only way to do it.

  • zjkil9

    How sad that this trivial change has sparked greater outcry than the events of the past year that have merited actual protest.

  • yalie_14

    i would take back my vote for extended dinner hours if i knew this is what they were going to do

  • Sillitar13

    One thing people should keep in mind is that this was a decision made by Yale Dining with input (and presumably, approval) from YCC. Though it’s fun to get into administration-bashing, the only administration at fault here, as far as I’m aware, is Yale Dining. Keep your complaints focused on the right culprits.

    I’m a bit surprised though that the unions would agree to a reduction in hours. Do they hate Commons too?

  • Sillitar13

    Also, this isn’t the first time Yale Dining has tried to do this (granted, the first time it actually had explicit approval from the President, though it might have this time too). Cf. this article, pass it on to everyone you know:

  • cjmarzan

    If only residential colleges are open for dinner, then overcrowding will be rampant as it already is on weekends. And Commons is simply a necessity, not just for athletes.

  • Quals

    good find Sillitar13!

  • PC_always

    Wow, great response from the YCC addressing this issue. It’s about time we have some transparency.

  • onlineproductmanager

    ^^^is that a sarcastic response?

  • whoa13

    ycc actually just sent an email

  • ETD

    Comparing the YCC email and this YDN article leaves a good deal in the way of questions and, in particular, highlights some major issues with the reporting that’s been done for this piece. Not a single YCC member is quoted or even referred to in the article, nor is there a word from other Yale students. In other words, the article completely ignores student opinion in favor of administration bloviating that dances around the issue without acknowledging the negative impact that this will have on student groups, teams, etc.

    I hope the YDN can follow up more on this piece to add a little more clarity about the reasons behind this change. The YCC email has its own level of spin, but it does say that Dining is getting a budget cut. On the other hand, this article suggests that the administration is just trying to balance costs – in other words, it’s not cost-cutting, but just cost-shifting. If it is cost-cutting, that would, frankly, make this change a lot more acceptable to my mind. Here’s hoping the YDN can get to the bottom of this.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Student Personnel Services Grad101Course:

    Never, never, never, mess with students’ appetites. Ever. Ever.

  • inycepoo

    This is an egregious intrusion onto the daily eating habits of a majority of the Yale population. Athletes, hardcore students who go through corporal punishment, and extracurricular meetings aside, residential college dining halls don’t really do much to cater to students’ dietary needs. I’m a celiac (no gluten, wheat, oat or barley), and from experience, Commons was the only place I could get something to eat either after section or those arduously long physics labs on weekdays. There’s literally so little I can have already around campus, and now they’re going to take away the place with the most food available so they can “cut costs”? What the hell happened to all the tuition I’m paying? And room & board money? And that godforsaken meal plan I’m pretty much forced to take? What the hell am I supposed to do, just eat around New Haven restaurants (with again, very little food choices) for the rest of my time here? This is some high-class bullsh!t. Despicable of Yale Dining to do this, especially without any consideration whatsoever on the students’ part. Disgusting.

  • The Anti-Yale

    As someone who holds a professional degree in Administration in Higher Education and Student Personnel Services (M.Ed., Kent State University, 1972), I have been analyzing administration behavior with controversial announcements for almost 40 years.

    Here’s the strategy, in case your posters and the Yale Daily News itself, hasn’t figured it out: MAKE THE ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END OF THE YEAR, preferably after the campus paper has concluded its final edition, and students, frantic with exams and desirous of getting home, CANNOT AND WILL NOT MOUNT AN EFFECTIVE PROTEST.

    Summer, will dilute if not evaporate all the anger and the students will be as passive as lambs when they return in September and have to swallow the new RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE policies.

    Another administrative tactic is “benign neglect and intransigent equivocation,” better known as “drag your feet and bullsxxx” until the issue fades away with the passage of time

    These strategies are all quite predictable.

    Paul D. Keane, M. Div. ’80

    M.A., M.Ed.

  • inycepoo

    Psh, are you kidding me? One Facebook event and post, along with some text messages, and legions of people will gather to protest this. What the administration pleasantly forgot is that Admissions worked its butt off admitting the best they possibly could, and here we are. We go to Yale. We WILL mount an effective protest against this. Mark my words.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Maybe a new day IS dawning. I am open to that possibility.

    On the other hand, inertia and apathy never sleep and are always increasing their grip.

  • whytewhine

    … whitewhine.

  • The Anti-Yale


    Remember, one quarter of Yale’s “Institutional Memory” graduates every year and a new quarter of its consciousness enters blind and deaf to the past.

    This reality is something which administrators also cynically calculate when they take controversial actions. Facebook and Twitter can do nothing to stem this institutional ebb and flow.


  • jmarks

    Not to be a cynic, but how, exactly, do you plan to protest? And what leverage, exactly, do you have? I’m sorry you don’t like the decision and I agree that perhaps the tactics were poor, but I’d imagine this was for reasons that have to do with labor/union contracts… and I wonder if we will not all simply get used to these arrangements?

  • The Anti-Yale

    “and I wonder if we will not all simply get used to these arrangements?”


    EXACTLY what administrators calculate will happen: Benign neglect and intransigent equivocation will win the day every time!

  • Quals

    I think PK articulated perfectly what the admins are doing, and that’s why I’m not holding out that much hope…

  • gklitt

    This is ridiculous. It seems like the YCC did a decent job trying to keep Commons open, but they definitely could have been more creative and implemented some of the numerous ideas suggested here to deal with the budget issue.

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    Bring back CCL!

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  • realistic_perspective

    Interesting…so many people here say they want late hours but not at the expense of Commons. No one here is willing to sacrifice anything. Is that really the way things should work?

    Also, Yale can’t run departments to lose money. Alum aren’t going to donate to subsidize poor management. Cuts are cuts no matter how you dress it up, but they are necessary. We have choices, they are just different choices. Grow up. We have food to eat and a place to sleep.

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    Is Yale Dining a money loser?

  • phantomllama


    For the amount we pay for food, I would expect a Michelin starred restaurant.
    For the amount we pay for our rooms, I would expect the Waldorf-Astoria.

    I am exaggerating, but your calls to ‘grow up’ because ‘we have food to eat and a place to sleep’ are ridiculous. We pay for a service, and whilst the academic part of that service is delivered as we would expect it to be, the room/board aspect is most certainly not. We house freshmen in the squalor of Lanman-Wright Hall, and will become about the only university in the country without a central place where students can take dinner.

    If anyone needs to ‘grow up,’ it’s those who are happy to throw their money into the drain that is Yale Dining, paying the best part of $30 for a day for often second-rate food and dictatorial management.

  • The Anti-Yale

    Students are economic vassals.

  • JohnnyE


    Yes, despite the exorbitant fee students pay for a meal plan, that’s the problem: Yale is *still losing money* from the dining situation. Yale pays a premium on everything it buys for some reason or another. All the locally grown, organic, fair trade food alongside the fact that we pay the dining hall workers multiple times the market rate for their labor adds up. In reality, only half your meal plan money is going toward food, whereas the other half is going toward charity. **This is why we have the low quality of food and short hours of service that we do. This is why you will never be able to get off the meal plan. All of the on-campus students must buy into it to support this broken arrangement.**

  • xiaonizi00

    Oh, what a surprise! Here you will find what you want, to act now! Oh, even more gifts

  • Kelly2011

    This change is appallingly disrespectful and inconsiderate to not only athletes and vegetarians but also science majors or other students who work long hours up on science hill. As both a vegetarian and a science major, I ate dinner in Commons four nights of the week (every night it was open) because I worked in lab until 7:30pm on Mon-Thurs. Whenever I ate meals in the residential college, it was always difficult to find good vegetarian alternatives to the meat-heavy dishes prepared. Even though I am graduating this year (in a week), I am so disgusted by this proposed change in the dining schedule and worried for the future students at Yale, especially the ones who have experienced Commons dinner and know how much better it is than the res coll dinners (was that new pasta station this year not awesome????!!). This change is disturbing and disappointing– I thought Yale cared more about its students than this.

  • weiyideai007

    The good news!

  • michaeldiscala


    • michaeldiscala

      this is a threaded comment

  • yalie13

    The title of this article epitomizes the back-handedness of the Yale administration: “Residential college weekday dinner hours to be extended next year”.

    What a new low.

    The article should read something like: “Commons no longer serving dinner next year; residential college weekday dinner hours slightly extended.”

    I think somebody owes George Orwell a royalty check.

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  • taser888

    Yale dining’s senior adminstrator should resign, this is too big a job for him! no more surprises and no more charting money saving gimmicks just honest work is what we want. pay the administrator’s less and reduce the overhead to put the money where it belongs (staff and services)!

    We should contract food service just like Penn, University of Chicago and Duke, better service and happier staff and customers.

  • River Tam

    Apparently Yale doesn’t care about people who have jobs that keep working past 7pm, even though they force them to buy a dining plan to live on-campus.

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