Letter: An engaging way to spark discussion

Though I am of course familiar with the Israel-Palestine debate, I acknowledge that I am not well-versed enough to provide a solid argument either way. I leave that to those who know more about the issue. However, as a layman on the subject, I take issue with the column recently written by Leah Sarna and Yishai Schwartz (“Evicting the truth,” April 22). About half of their article takes issue with the facts presented on the flyers, while the other half attacks the method itself, asserting that there is not even “the faintest attempt at building a constructive dialogue.” It is to this that I now turn.

First of all, the assertion of “ambivalence towards constructive conversation” is simply incorrect. One only needs to turn the eviction notice around to see the words “open discussion” on whether home demolitions are an infringement on human rights. Furthermore, I have seen other flyers and emails by SJP, which do strive to promote conversation, just as YFI does. Where YFI has a former Israeli Chief Justice, Israeli soldiers and a Consul General, SJP has an American political scientist, an American journalist and an American and French anthropologist. Sounds like constructive conversation to me — even a balance in what would otherwise be a lopsided debate. But in order to have discussion, you need to get people’s attention, and that is exactly what these flyers did.

And why on Earth shouldn’t they capture people’s attention in a startling way? This group clearly believes that a serious human rights issue is at stake; must all activism be confined to “roundtable discussions”? I’ll wager that many people weren’t thinking about the issue at all before: it’s removed from our daily lives, and is out of the American political limelight. SJP managed to make a point and draw attention back to it in an innovative way by letting every suite in the college know about it. That’s bold. And why should such boldness be pooh-poohed as “infantile,” when even in this very newspaper it is sparking discourse about the topic?

At Yale, we are already suffused with forums and debates to discuss political and humanitarian issues. Often, these are addressed on an intellectual level and removed from real action. Seeing an immediate and personal tactic that brings the issue closer to home is effective and, frankly, refreshing.

Raja Pillai

April 22

The writer is a junior in Pierson College.


  • The Anti-Yale

    Flyers are startling? Sounds prissy to this veteran of the ’60’s.

    How a bout a severed pig’s head on a silver platter presented to the Judge at the trial of the Chicago Seven? Or blood spread by priests and nuns at nuclear power plants. Or Lord bertrand Russell chaining himself to the steps of Parliament in the traditional of Mahatma Gandhi who did the same in his semi-clothed state.

    Forty years ago at a Cornell meeting I attended as an outsider about racism was interrupted by a zealous audience member screaming at the top of his lungs about injustice to Palestinians.

    We haven’t come far in four decades. If the peacemaker for the Irish/British controversy can’t crack this
    conundrum, who can?

  • Labanite

    Anti-Yale has a point. But, compared to the usual, it’s pretty good.

  • ignatz

    To paraphrase the letter: “I haven’t a clue who’s actually right on the substance, but I really enjoyed this latest tactic!”

    Can it be that this, and only this, is the fruit of a Yale education? Admiration for flashy tactics conjoined with ignorance, even indifference, about the substance of the issue?

  • GeoBible

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