LIVE BLOG | M. HOCKEY | Yale run ends with 5-3 loss to Minnesota-Duluth

Photo by Brianne Bowen.

After yesterday’s nail-biter, we’re back live blogging the national quarterfinals and East Regional finals versus University of Minnesota-Duluth.


  • siouxchamp

    Let’s RE-CAP: ECAC brought the #1 seeded team (Yale) and the #1 nation’s ranked PowerPlay (Union), and “so-called” NHL caliber goaltending (RPI) to the NCAA tournament. The results? Yale was the “ONLY team to score a single goal in the tournament. Union did NOTHING, In fact Union couldn’t score a goal on a WCHA team that didn’t win (1) game in the WCHA tournament. Yale was lucky to made it past the first round and RPI got down right BLASTED by the Fighting Sioux! Have the SIoux stopped scoring yet? Haven’t checked recently.

  • siouxchamp

    Just puts a “Stamp” on the fact Yale was a VERY over ranked team and this conf. is a laughing joke to “anyone” living west of Ohio. I do have good news, though! Yale will get to play Colgate, Crest, and Sally’s bar league next year on their schedule, AGAIN. Go BULLFROGS! (comma)(comma)(comma)(comma). SMILES! GO SIOUX!

  • LyonStreetFan

    Hmmm. Did you see the game, siouxchamp? Its pretty clear that the CCHA refs who called the Yale/UMD game are being paid off (by the NCAA? To get Minnesota to the FFour?). Hope their “sponsors” helped them make it to their cars after the game – some pretty righteous Yale fans out there. The second period was ridiculous: Yale vs. The Refs/UMD. Clearly the Sioux are a great team but Yale is too. And, heh, if we’re keeping score: lets not forget the Yale/UND game last year . . . GO YALE. To Brian O’Neill – that call was ridiculous. Hope you get to listen to the ESPN coverage & feel vindicated. You’re great and that call was b*******.

  • dwvandy

    Yalies, explain me this:
    Brian O’Neill is ejected and requires “several stitches above the eye”, and UMD’s Hendrickson also has a visible mark on his forehead, seen clearly in the TV shot of the UMD bench, yet head to head contact is being denied?… Come on, do you know what deductive reasoning is? Botton line on O’Neill’s hit:
    1. Watch his feet. This is Charging.
    2. The puck is gone. This is Interference.
    3. Still denying head to head contact? With that many full speed strides you are risking an Intent to Injure call. This is also a major/game ejecton.
    An then coach Allain does not go through the handshake line to acknowledge the UMD effort. What did they do to deserve that childish gesture?
    UMD played a controlled, poised game and siezed what they earned. They ARE a very capable team. Yale’s season is over. Learn from it.