Lupe Fiasco headed to Spring Fling

UPDATED: 9:05 p.m.Rapper Lupe Fiasco will be performing at Yale’s Spring Fling this year, according to his website.

The artist’s official website listed a concert at Yale University under tour dates for Tuesday, April 26, the day of Yale’s Spring Fling.

The 29-year old rapper released his debut album in 2006, and performed for a benefit for Haiti in 2010.

Michael Chao ’11, Yale College Council events director, declined to comment on whether Lupe Fiasco will indeed be performing at this year’s Spring Fling and on whether any other artists have been booked for the event.

“We will release the full lineup once all of our artists have signed contracts,” Chao said. He added that this will likely be in late March or early April.

Lupe Fiasco’s website was updated around 8:25 p.m. and several scheduled concerts, including the Spring Fling appearance and an event at Cornell, were removed from the tour dates section. Shortly after, those concerts were removed from the main page of the site, which currently only lists three upcoming concerts.

Check back for more updates.


  • ShaveTheWhales


  • houston12


  • wtf

    EW. WTF. Why can’t we ever get anything other than electronic/rap?

  • Luke_Bavarious

    ^ stop being a rockist


    I agree. As long as it’s danceable, it’s gonna be a good time.

  • dfsdfs

    lupe’s actually a really great performer. he literally performs as if it’s a rock concert, which means NONSTOP energy.

  • rbJE10

    I never understood why despite it seeming like the second class musical discipline, people always use rock as the barometer of goodness, particularly in rap–party like a “rock” star, “rock” out, “rock” the mic. So if Lupe Fiasco “literally performs as if it’s a rock concert, which means NONSTOP energy,” why not just get an actual rock act?

  • dfsdfs

    you’re missing a very obvious point: because rock music and rap music are completely different sounds.

    rappers oftentimes have cool songs but not much stage presence, and to equate a rapper with having the energy of a rock concert was just a simile with reference to the performance itself (not simply musical content).

    also, the statement that rock music a “second class musical discipline” is an assumption you made yourself; no one actually said that.

  • Undergrad

    Lupe Fiasco also happens to be in a rock band. But I assume we won’t be hearing any of them.

  • Undergrad

    MGMT definitely counted as rock though.

  • houston12

    @Undergrad Every Lupe concert I’ve been to consisted of a combination of his rap and rock songs.

  • dfsdfs

    @undergrad … mgmt is just an unfortunate band of performers. soooo lame.