Around New Haven: 4.16.10

Unknown powder proves harmless

The Hospital of St. Raphael activated its decontamination protocols Thursday morning immediately after a patient with an unknown powder on his clothing and skin came to the emergency room. The New Haven Fire Department’s hazardous materials teams were notified, but the substance was subsequently deemed harmless and normal operations at the hospital resumed shortly after noon.

—Yale Daily News

Robber nabbed after chase

A 15-year-old male had his MP3 player and a silver necklace stolen Wednesday evening, police said. The thief fled toward the intersection of James and Chapel Street, where he was spotted by the victim’s father, Luis Ambert, who ran after him. The father caught up with the alleged thief, who assaulted him, causing minor injuries to his face. During the chase, the suspect, Jackson Keenin, 20, dropped both the MP3 player and the necklace. Keenin was arrested and charged.

—Yale Daily News

Gas leak almost forced downtown evacuation

A water company hit a gas line Monday morning, almost forcing the closure of four streets surrounding the leak because officials at first believed the line to be high pressure, police said. The department also planned to evacuate numerous areas in downtown New Haven, including the Foote School on Loomis Place. But the New Haven Fire Department later discovered the leak was low pressure and voided the evacuation plans.

—Yale Daily News

Second lane to open on highway ramp

A second lane on the ramp connecting I-91 and I-95 is scheduled to open Saturday, Gov. Jodi Rell said in a statement this week. The additional lane, which is expected to ease traffic, is part of a $92 million state transportation project that will also create a Route 34 bridge by November 2011. Rell said the additional lane is expected to improve the lives of thousands of drivers who use the ramp, adding that the entire project is on budget and a month ahead of schedule.

—Yale Daily News

Republicans rally in New Haven

Thirty Republican candidates for positions in state and municipal government rallied at the second annual Tea Party Tax Day Rally at Long Wharf on Thursday to protest what they called “reckless” government spending. Protests also occurred in other Connecticut cities, such as Hartford, Greenwich, and New Milford. Thursday was the deadline for filing federal and state taxes.

—Yale Daily News

Police chief tours Whalley Avenue, Beaver Hills

Newly sworn-in New Haven Police Chief Frank Limon toured the Whalley Avenue business district and the Beaver Hills neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. Guided by Ward 28 Alderwoman Claudette Robinson-Thorpe and community activists, Limon walked past loitering hot spots and stopped into a few businesses, the New Haven Register reported Wednesday. Before the tour, Robinson-Thorpe told the Register she hoped Limon’s agenda would include more community policing.

—Yale Daily News