Police find missing former student

Anthony Kinuthia
Anthony Kinuthia Photo by Yale Daily News.

The Yale Police have located former Yale senior Anthony Kinuthia, whom authorities were looking for as recently as Friday.

In an e-mail to the Yale community Saturday afternoon, YPD Chief James Perrotti said police have determined that Kinuthia, a former economics major in Branford College who recently withdrew from Yale, is staying with family out of state and is fine.

Perrotti sent an e-mail to the Yale community Friday night asking for help finding Kinuthia, who Yale spokesman Tom Conroy said withdrew prior to this past week because of “personal issues.” Perrotti said Friday that the Yale Police were in contact with Kinuthia’s family in Kenya, and were hoping to confirm his well-being and help with his visa.

“We wish to make sure that he is okay so we’ve asked for the community’s and the public’s help in locating him,” Conroy added in an e-mail late Friday.

In his e-mail Saturday, Perrotti thanked members of the Yale community for helping the police reach Kinuthia, though he did not specify who had helped or how.

Branford College Master Steven Smith said Friday night that authorities had been looking for Kinuthia since before Friday.

Nora Caplan-Bricker and Vivian Yee contributed reporting.


  • anonymous

    . . . thus providing further evidence concerning the incompetence of the yale police department.

  • joey

    Chill. He only went for a jog. Route 1 to White Plains, A quickie down the pike to Hoboken,round thru Philly and back home.

  • 12

    I don’t quite understand why they thought he was missing. From what’s been reported thus far, it seems like he withdrew and went to his closest “home”. It’s not like he just vanished off campus when he should have been going to class. I just don’t understand why he was “missing.” Perhaps further reporting will clarify…?

  • what?

    why is this an article? too personal. and no one cares.

  • Recent Alum

    Can the YDN confirm that Kinuthia is not in the country illegally?

  • Alabaster9

    This was an article because it was sent as a campus-wide message to help locate a missing student just days after Cameron Dabaghi’s death.

    I don’t know why it’s front page now though.

  • skeptic

    Calm down people… no conspiracies, no Yale misconduct, nothing….

    Consider the likely scenario:

    Foreign student withdraws from Yale for his own reasons, does not tell parents, goes to stay with friends in the US.

    Parents no longer can contact him at Yale, the call the University (Master, Dean, ??) who tells parents he is no longer enrolled.

    Parents freak out (normal reaction) and ask police to consider him a missing person. Since he is no longer a student, his visa situation has probably changed and could be a problem.. hence need for “help with his visa”.

    What should Yale do? Nothing? (Major disaster for former student as well as others if anything is wrong) Initiate inquiries? (Of course… no harm, possible good)

    Jim P was right on, as usual. Yale has been fortunate to have him, as his job is a difficult balancing act in many ways.

    And we can all be happy with the outcome in this case.

  • I agree with #4

    This is no one’s business. I would be really annoyed if I was Anthony.

  • CC ’12

    The story behind the story is simple. The YDN (as well as the YPD) got duped. Federal authorities wanted help in tracking down and deporting Kinuthia, given his recent loss of student status. Therefore, they alerted YPD (who the told YDN) that the guy was “missing” and that we need the public’s help to find him because his family’s worried. YPD complied, and now the guy is ready to be deported. Game Set Match, Feds.

  • Recent Alum

    #9, that would be a realistic scenario if federal authorities actually cared about enforcing our laws. If the Feds spent only 10% of the energy you describe on each person who is in the country illegally, that would go a long way toward solving this country’s illegal immigration problem.

  • Johnny Mac (@ CC’12)

    I think you are overly optimistic on the efficiency of the US Federal government in dealing with visa issues…or any issue for that matter. It can’t track every single foreign student that withdraws unless responsibility is delegated at the local level. Yale was probably following federal guidelines for responding to foreigners with student visas who withdraw from the university. Prior to September 11th, visa holders regularly overstayed because the federal government had no capacity to track them. Given the current climate that foreigners are being subjected to in this country, Anthony should have made himself knowledgeable on the restrictions of his student visa and should have had some intuition on how hypersensitized university officials might respond towards a student visa holder who disappears without explanation.

  • kenyan yalie

    students on an F1 student visa have a 60 day grace period to depart from the United States once they are no longer in “student status”…
    Anthony is therefore still legal, given that he only withdrew two or so weeks ago

  • @Recent Alum

    A fellow Yalie withdraws in his senior year, obviously in the midst of serious personal turmoil, and all you care about is whether the officers of the state can deport him quick enough? Shame on you!

  • Couch

    This doesnt have anything to do with this, but this guy was near my couch once. It was dangerous as the couch was in motion.