Clark warrant to be public

The last search warrant in the case of case of Raymond Clark III, the man who in January pleaded not guilty to the September murder of Annie Le GRD ’13, will likely be made public in the coming weeks.

New Haven Superior Court Judge Roland Fasano said at a brief hearing Wednesday that he plans to “apply the same reasoning and the same standards” to the unsealing of the final warrant as he did in unsealing the other warrants in the case, which were made public in November and December, and that he plans to redact portions of the remaining warrant.

Within a few weeks, Fasano will file a memorandum calling for the documents to be unsealed, and the unsealed portions of the warrant will be held for three days afterward before being released in order to allow for an appeal.

The warrant was issued after Clark’s Sept. 17 arrest, one of Clark’s lawyers, Joseph Lopez, said Tuesday.

Neither Lopez nor Clark’s other lawyer, Beth Merkin, was present at the hearing Wednesday, but public defender Tejas Bhatt appeared on their behalf.

Search and seizure warrants released in early December showed that bloodstains were found in Clark’s apartment and the arrest warrant affidavit released in November revealed that bloody items of clothing and DNA evidence led to Clark’s arrest.

Lopez said Tuesday that he does not think the information in the final warrant will be surprising.

At the Jan. 26 hearing when Clark pleaded not guilty, a new charge of felony murder was added, meaning jurors could convict Clark if they conclude Le’s death was unintentional but occurred in the process of committing another felony, such as rape or kidnapping.

Clark is currently being held on a $3 million bond at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Conn. His next pre-trial court date is scheduled for April 7.


  • Benny Etipalipalou

    Good. release it. I bet there’s more nothing on this one than on the first disclosed warrant. How come that black male who was peeking out of that door was never identified ? The same lavatory type door that Annie is seen entering. It was on one of the first released pics of security cam. in the days immediately following her death/ discovery.Because he looked familiar, as I’ve seen him in a car talking drunkenly.
    I wish they would show ALL the folks entering on the day of her murder.
    The unsecured murder is scene in a horrifying scenario. And sorry but , with the reputation of the New Haven Police Dept. it is a gut wrenching churning disgust.
    As much as this Ray is a punk and RAT i doubt he did it – And we wish for closure and the killer brought to justice as much as anybody. But this reeks.

  • Observer

    There are a lot of unanswered questions with Annie Le’s murder. Ray seems to be the most convenient suspect because he was there the whole day because it was his job. I doubt it was some random stranger who did the crime since they did find a lab coat with blood that had unknown male DNA according to the first warrant. If Ray was framed, the person doing would have to know he used a green pen, on top of knowing he kept his shoes lying around the lab.
    Personally, I doubt Ray would have left all that incriminating evidence for law enforcement to find a few days later. He had more than a day to bring in a backpack and walk out with it, or give it to someone else and ask them to take it out for him.

  • joey ohee

    Clark probably had a hard time sneaking around after he killed her. An even harder time as the police converged,no more scurrying about unnoticed.Clark is not the brightest bulb of the lab by any means, but was impressing even the police with his mad clean up skills.

  • Observer

    If he killed, and there was as much blood as they’ve said, it would have been next to impossible for him to be walking around that lab area, either with the body, or with his bloodied clothing on. The killer had to transport the body down a hallway before placing it in the chase, if you look at the layout of the lab area (this was printed in the hartford courant a few months ago). They would need to point out a time period when Clark was not only in the room committing the murder, but that people weren’t scanning in and out during the time he was attempting to conceal the body and clean up the evidence. He scanned in after her around 10:30am, he had various lunch breaks, and he left the lab for the day at 4pm. They will need to provide a time line to show he had the time and the means to do the murder, concealment of the body and clean up without anyone seeing him.

  • i don knoow

    The answer to that ,”by observer”, is
    – Accomplice.
    Clark entered the Lab area using his card
    Almost immediately after Annie did.Annie never swiped out,Clark did a half hour after his swipe. Annie was basically found in the same vicinity that she swiped into.

  • Observer

    @ I Don Knoow

    You don’t need to swipe out to leave a room. Swipes are only for entering a room. If you read the warrant, he did not swipe in ‘almost immediately’ after her, unless you count 1/2 hour as immediate. Yes, she swiped in 10:10am, Ray Clark swiped in 10:40am.
    From the diagrams the courant published, she wasn’t found in the vicinity she swiped in. Her body was in a chase in a locker room which was down the hall from the room she last swiped into.