Robinson: Palin’s bigger blunder

Author’s Note Appended

Last weekend, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate gave the keynote speech at the first National Tea Party Conference. It was a speech carried by many news channels and one that is still receiving a lot of attention. By now, the story is old: Sarah Palin glanced at some notes written on her hand during her speech and the subsequent question and answer section. The media and left-leaning critics have mocked her ceaselessly. Regardless, she got her message across: Anyone interested in politics across the country now knows her “three principles,” even if they didn’t pay attention to the speech. Well done.

It is not the reminder to “lift American spirits,” however, which has me most troubled or even the Tea Partiers who invited her to speak at their conference. Nor does it have anything to do with her left hand, upon which the notes were scribbled. What has me troubled is a black bracelet firmly clasped around her left wrist.

I hadn’t noticed it until I watched MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Tuesday, but it is a memorial bracelet; something familiar to veterans who have lost friends and family in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wear one commemorating a friend of mine who died in Baghdad in October of 2006, and I know many other veterans — and some still in the armed forces — who wear these bracelets as a reminder of the sacrifices their friends made on behalf of the units in which they served and the country they swore to protect.

There are many ways to commemorate soldiers; the reminders are everywhere. Yellow ribbons (or their magnetic counterparts) adorn cars and, occasionally, homes. Lapel pins and service flags — blue stars on a white background framed by a red border — grace the coats and homes of those with family members deployed at a war zone. As you might recall, Sarah Palin and Vice President Joe Biden both wore pins during the 2008 campaign. My parents displayed a double blue star during the holidays of 2008 when I was serving in Afghanistan and my brother was an Army officer in Iraq.

And for some soldiers, there is the gold star. It remains on the same white field and the flag has the same outline, but a gold star represents a family member killed in action — the most significant sacrifice one can make on behalf of their country.

This brings me back to my issue with Palin. The name on her black memorial bracelet — one, like the gold star, a demonstration of a friend or associate who was killed in action — is that of her oldest son, Track. Track served honorably in Iraq, and both he and his parents should be thanked for his selfless service to his country. He is also alive.

Commemorating Track’s service by wearing a a black memorial bracelet which is reserved for those dead or even a red bracelet for those missing in action, demonstrates a horrifying contempt for those who gave their last full measure of devotion or an almost unbelievable ignorance of the importance of symbols in American history.

Unfortunately, given Palin’s reputation and frequent public statements, I assume it is the latter.

Sarah Palin, please take off the bracelet. Be thankful you have no reason to wear it.

Eric Robinson is a first-year graduate student in international relations. He is a veteran of both the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan.

Author’s Note: In my column in the News Wednesday, I criticized former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for wearing a black memorial bracelet with her son’s name on it, as Track returned unharmed from Iraq last fall. However, Sarah Palin’s bracelet was not black; instead, it was a dark brown “DeployedHero” bracelet worn by those who have loved ones currently serving in the military. The bracelet is different from the black one associated with men and women who are killed in action overseas. Recognizing this, I apologize to the governor and to any reader who might have been misled by my piece. I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.


  • wholeFoodsRepub

    what is that makes ultra-liberals cringe and engage in ad feminem attacks against Gov. Palin?

    why do they look for any sign of flaw and amplify it beyond proportion?.
    •did she ever say there were 57 states like Barack Obama did?
    •did she ever say they speak Austrian in Austria like Barack Obama did?
    •did she ever mispronounce corpsman like Barack Obama did?
    ••and to review the mistakes, gaffes, and just plain goofiness of Biden would fill a book almost as big as the OED.

    ultra-libs fear Gov Palin because she is intelligent, and attractive woman who articulately espouses mainstream conservative views.

  • Recent Alum

    It always makes me sad when members of the U.S. military try to cater to the left, as Mr. Robinson did in at least two recent YDN columns. Mr. Robinson, thank you for your service to your country, but do you realize that the liberals who love to criticize don’t-ask-don’t-tell and to bash Palin and her family are usually the same people who denigrate the military generally and look down on our men and women in uniform?

  • Afraid, Very Afraid

    WholeFoodsRepub – surely WholeFoodsRepug
    Palin intelligent???? Shurely you jest!

  • thetabooparty

    Regardless of your political standing or persuasion, respect for our soldiers who have throughout history protected us to freely express our opinions without government control or intervention is a sacrifice that should be revered and honored.

    I firmly believe that Sarah Palin meant no disrespect. Many of us in our daily lives have offended others without knowledge or intent. The correct response would be for those who know the protocols to contact her or her staff and advise her of the rules regarding proper display. The real measure that would quell this debate would be to see if she complies.

    Ron Wilner
    Founder and Creator of the Taboo Party

  • chris greta

    About Ms. Palin’s HeroBracelet.

    We sent her those bracelets during the last election. When we learned that her son, Track and Senator Biden’s son were both being deployed overseas, we sent them both Deployed HeroBracelets with their son’s names.

    We’ve been providing Deployed HeroBracelets since 2004 for families to wear while their loved ones were serving. They can be made from sterling, copper, leather or bronze colored anodized aluminum (black is reserved for KIA).

    About half the bracelet we make are Deployed. Typically they will have the soldier or Marines rank, name, country of deployment and timeframe of deployment (2004/2005).

    So she isn’t out of line for wearing the Deployed HeroBracelet. There are ten’s of thousands of families around the country wearing them right now. On the HeroBracelets web site, we’ve got hundreds of letters from families, many vowing to not take the bracelet off till their loved one comes home.

    Chris Greta

  • Independent Alum ’81

    Mr. Robinson, thank you for your service to our Country. Your are certainly entitled to take personal offense at the Governor wearing a black bracelet to honor her son, but is seems rather misplaced. While black is generally reserved for honoring the dead, there is no strict protocol for this. Commemorative and supportive bracelets are available in many colors and it is a personal choice. They can be found here:
    and here:
    Rather than assume the worst about Gov. Palin, why don’t you ask her why she chose black? Her heart is in the right place. She has spent more time visiting and supporting our troops over the years than even our current president.
    I would think you be far more offended at President Obama for using a bracelet honoring fallen soldier Sgt. Ryan Jopek to try and score political points against John McCain. This was done against the wishes of Ryan’s family. See here:

    In addition, I would think you would find Obama’s use of coffins returning to Dover for a staged photo-op far more objectionable than the Gov. wearing a bracelet to rememberher son. Seventeen of the 18 families of fallen soldiers objected to Obama’s photo-op, but he ignored their wishes for purely political reasons.
    If you support our troops, you can’t help but agree with Gov. Palin that Obama dithered for months after our Generals called for more troops. We all knew he would authorize more troops, but he delayed so he could look ‘thoughtful’. Meanwhile, we undoubtedly lost more soldiers because of the delay.
    Please try not to take ‘Hardball’ seriously. It is one of the lowest rated cable shows. Half the viewers tune in because they share Chris (I feel a tingling up the leg for Obama)Mathews’ leftist views. The other half tune in to see how much froth and spittle will run down his chin as he rails against anyone who does not share his Liberal orthodoxy.
    Good luck with your studies.

  • yalemom

    Mr. Robinson, as everyone else has stated, thank you for your service. This being said…how do you know Mrs. Palin doesn’t know someone who has died?

    Why do you claim with such certainty she should remove the bracelet because she does not have a reason to wear it?

    Do you know her personally? What makes you all knowledgeable?

    I believe you should retract your words and apologize!

  • ES10

    Thanks for your article, Mr. Robinson. I appreciate you sharing this view with us YDN readers.

  • seriously

    the military has bigger issues than Palin’s bracelet right now. so why does Mr. Robinson feel that this is the thing he needs to right about? perhaps he thinks bashing Palin, however irrelevant to the greater world his reason, will make him popular on yale’s campus.

  • @2

    i deeply, deeply resent the argument that “liberals who love to criticize don’t-ask-don’t-tell and to bash Palin and her family are usually the same people who denigrate the military.”

    i condemn DADT as a dishonor to the many gay and lesbians who have worn a uniform over the years and who wish to wear one now, as well as a disservice to the strength and unity of our armed forces as a whole; i criticize Palin as a contemptuous, contemptible woman who has no respect for the offices she has held or aspires to hold.

    and i would NEVER denigrate the u.s. military, which has been the main employer of every male in my family for generations. you may say that criticism of military action is unpatriotic or dangerous, but you have never had to associate increased troop levels with increased daily fear that the people you love will never come home.

    you don’t know why people think, act, or vote the way they do. how dare you be so presumptuous?

  • Binary Logic

    wholeFoodsRepub asked:
    what is that makes ultra-liberals cringe and engage in ad feminem attacks against Gov. Palin?

    Cringe?! There’s no cringing. Liberals like Palin, we really do. She is a joke, and if her divisive, “us vs. them” speechifying is the best the right can offer at the national level, it is a tremendous advantage for progressives.
    She quit being governor because she has no respect for public office, and she has shown no respect for the current president. So there’s no reason to show her any respect.

  • J.S.

    Mr Robinson, she was wearing one of the copper colored bracelets reserved for families of deployed soldiers. You owe Mrs Palin an apology for writing : “Sarah Palin, please take off the bracelet. Be thankful you have no reason to wear it.”

    Man up and apologize.

  • robert99

    Get over it. She is respecting their sacrifice.

  • super


    It would be “ad feminam” if you insist on attempting Latin.

  • Tom Pile

    Thank you for your military service to our country, Mr. Robinson.

    It is possible that Sarah Palin has done this inadvertently, but on a personal level I am not prepared to cut her a break after she continues to claim that our president “pals around with terrorists,” with little to no evidence on the matter.

    Addressing other comments: I have great respect for the US armed forces. I do not want to see them called upon to make their heroic sacrifices at the bidding of foolish commands from poorly informed or irrational leaders.

    Those of you who assume Mr. Robinson is doing this for the benefit of his campus standing or for media attention — well, there is a saying that what we pick at in others, we find closest to our hearts. Who else might we know who is “manipulating the media” for “attention” and “public standing”?

  • Timetester

    Her bracelet is not black. It’s goldtone and as is common for “support” bracelets. You can purchase one here at Memorial Bracelets SUPPORT BRACELET link

    You can see Palin’s bracelet in not black Here




  • hstad

    Thanks for your service. As an ex-veteran myself I too have a black bracelet. So does my wife and several other family members. Yes this started out to honor those lives lost – but as Chris Greta states in her post – it has morphed into honoring all who serve past or present. My neighbor wears a bracelet with his sons name on it and his son is still alive. Mr. Robinson, things change (thank God) and are never static. You will find that out during your time at Yale. Again, thanks for your service to our country.

  • Miss Susan

    After reading your post, I did some research on the topic of soldier bracelets.

    Makes me wonder if you did any research prior to posting your story.

    It took me only seconds to realize your story is completely false.

    Please look at this web site:

    The web site shows all the various bracelets that family members or friends can wear to support a troop member.

    Further down the home page, you will see a photo of Sarah Palin, under which the caption states:

    “Sarah Palin wearing her Deployed HeroBracelet at a recent event.”

    Furthermore, the deployed hero bracelet is described on the web site: “bronze anodized aluminum.”

    It is NOT a black memorial bracelet as stated in your article/post.

    Questions: Will you make a retraction? Will you remove your incorrect post?

  • Ckaster

    “”””Palin’s Bigger Blunder

    While everyone was focused on notes Sarah Palin apparently wrote on her hand over the weekend, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Eric Robertson says he noticed the black bracelet on her wrist.

    “The name on her black memorial bracelet — one, like the gold star, a demonstration of a friend or associate who was killed in action — is that of her oldest son, Track. Track served honorably in Iraq, and both he and his parents should be thanked for his selfless service to his country. He is also alive.

    “Commemorating Track’s service by wearing a black memorial bracelet which is reserved for those dead or even a red bracelet for those missing in action, demonstrates a horrifying contempt for those who gave their last full measure of devotion or an almost unbelievable ignorance of the importance of symbols in American history…”

    “Sarah Palin, please take off the bracelet. Be thankful you have no reason to wear it.”

    Read more:
    PBrown (Sent Wednesday, February 10, 2010 2:54 PM)


    You know, you can criticize her for a bunch of things if you want, but please keep quiet about things you have no clue other than your opinion. I also am a veteran, and understand there is NO Official standard that civilians or military dependents/spouses/family have to follow on this issue. furthermore tradition on this issue starts and stops with Vietnam. Everything else is open to interpretation. These “Bracelets” currently are just another commercial commodity that can be manipulated for whichever purpose you like. She (Palin) is honoring her son, who was a Military Member, as she wants to, and can do so as she likes. Critics of this are either ignorant or ignore everything to facilitate their own views. I have added a small sampling from one of the (very) many commercial sites where you may purchase these…Also It has been reported/and even mentioned on these comments that it WAS NOT Black…so that even throws that silly argument of yours out. please forward your retraction to the appropriate web sites and blogs so the “Real” information can be gotten out.

    TSgt Kaster (Retired)

    “””” Does the color of the bracelet or dog tag symbolize anything?
    There isn’t any protocol that stipulates a specific color for any particular event or status for a Memorial Bracelet or Dog Tag. The color chosen is a matter of personal choice, although black is usually for someone who has passed away.

    The color of a Vietnam War POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag however does have significance. The standard color for a MIA/POW bracelet is red and a KIA is black. Some people still follow this tradition.

    People order customized bracelets and dog tags in all of the colors available; however stainless steel and black are the two most popular choices for current KIA bracelets. “”””

  • Wow…relax everybody…

    Mr. Robinson,
    I agreed with you and shared your surprise and dismay at the bracelet. It wasn’t until Chris Greta (commenter #5 above) from clarified that it was a “deployed” bracelet that I understood. Thank you Director Greta for the clarification. My surprise however is leveled at the vitriol with which your article was greeted. I hope you don’t let it get you down. Accidents happen and mistakes can be made. Everybody needs to relax a bit.

    Thank you again, Dir. Greta for your calm, even-handed non-inflammatory clarification. Though I can’t speak for Mr. Robinson, I think I can say that many of us, who were as concerned as he, appreciate the information.

  • Steve Verdon

    If this is the best research you can do Mr. Robinson, I expect this will be your last year as a graduate student. Here is a hint: google is your friend, I suggest you familiarize yourself with how it works.

  • You’re the clueless one…

    You have no idea what you’re talking about with regards to the black bracelets. Perhaps a little Internet research (at the least) may enlighten you.

    There are these things called the deployment bracelet and they are available in BOTH black and silver in color. Here’s a link to one of the places:

    Oh, and here’s another place you can get them.

    Now, do you feel like a complete moron? You should.

  • jwg

    dear yalemom,

    there are a few pictures of the bracelet on both conservative and liberal blogs by now. one can clearly see the name ‘track palin’ clearly written on it in several frames.

    that’s how eric knows she doesn’t know someone who died – because the someone is her son, who didn’t.

  • asdf

    Has Eric Robinson retracted his uninformed report yet? Greta clearly refuted him. End of story–Palin was right; Robinson was wrong.

  • S. Thomas

    Can’t you read your own damn comment section. You were told over 8 hours ago that it was not a memorial bracelet by the very person who gave it to her and still no correction. Clearly you have no competence – how about a little sense of shame?

  • Sue

    You might want to retract your Bashing of Gov. Palin someone from has said that they sent her & VP Biden a bracelet for their sons when they were deployed to Iraq. Apparently it is a deplyed heroes bracelet. Even the far-left websites have retracted their remarks. Look before you leap into knee-jerk, biased criticism. Please be a gentleman.

  • CliffNZ

    You have made your own blunder, Mr Robinson. I hope you have enough humility to apologise. It is sad that you have smeared the mother of a soldier deployed overseas in such a denigrating way.

  • Bob Gore

    Palin’s bracelet is not the black one; it’s the annodized bronze one. The bronze bracelet honors those who are presently serving not those who were killed. You people are amazing.

  • Tim

    A constructive corrective for the young Mr. Robinson: there is a difference between official symbols (United States Flag, Blue Star/Gold Star Flag, POW/MIA bracelet, military medals, etc.), folk symbols (yellow ribbon), personal symbols (memorial jewelry), and there is a difference in the importance of knowing the protocol for official symbols vs. personal symbols.

    “Hero Bracelets” or “Memorial Bracelets” are personal jewelry and have no protocol among veterans or the military.

  • Goethe Girl

    Since you are now a college student, I recommend you always check your account before committing it to writing. Otherwise, good luck on your college career.

  • SarahWW

    The bracelet isn’t black. It’s a copper color, and it’s one of the “deployed” bracelets made for families of persons serving.

    Are you going to correct? This is a dreadful error.

  • Paddy-Hugh

    Everybody, just read Chris Greta’s comment in #5. That will explain everything.

    It explains that Eric Robinson’s haste to condemn Palin rendered him incapable of looking at the facts.

    Perhaps he should look for a job with MSNBC.

  • Lurker

    The bracelet Palin is wearing is from Herobracelets and it looks like this bracelet here which is bronze anodized aluminum NOT black.

    You owe Palin a HUGE apology for smearing her.

  • WarEagle01

    Mr. Robinson, really. You seriously need to do a little research before embarrassing yourself in this manner. These bracelets are sold to thousands of people as “deployment bracelets” to honor loved ones who are serving overseas. There is absolutely no “gotcha” here. Try again.

  • memomachine



    1. Kos of Daily Kos with respect to American citizens working in Iraq as a security detail who were captured, tortured, killed and their bodies hung up from a bridge: “screw’em”

    2. The myriad cries by lefty twits that American soldiers are “murderers”, “rapists”, “baby-killers”, “thugs”, etc etc etc.

    3. The endless attempts by liberals to deny benefits and cut funding for the military at every opportunity with the very latest being “Parachute” Pelosi.

    Oh unless there’s a political point to be made and then once made, back to the cuts.

    etc etc etc

    Presumptuous? Not hardly.

  • Bob Gore

    It’s a bronze bracelet!!! Annodized bronze!!!

  • No Controversy here. I suggest you read this article about this so called controversy.She dishonored no one the United States millitary says so.

  • Dan Pet

    It is my understanding that you have retracted this lying,piece of trash “article”. I haven’t seen the retraction but I would assume you apologize to Mrs. Palin for calling her ignorant about an issue and then apologize to your readers your own ignorance. These hit pieces on Palin have become ridiculous. I am sure you wrote it thinking you were the smartest guy in the room. I am happy to find out that the room is empty, save for you and you still don’t get to claim the title.

  • Dan Pet

    Afraid, Very Afraid….you make a crack about Palin’s lack of intelligence. Why not try a spell check before you post. Surely you know that SHURELY surely doesn’t have a H in it. And Palin is the dope? This is getting embarassing for you Palin haters, really it is.

  • Denise

    You need to retract your story. This is not a black memorial braclet by a hero deployedm bracelet. Chris Greta from provided Governor Palin with the bracelet given to her by Chris Greta with Mr. Greta writes:

    In some recent photo’s of Sarah Palin, we noticed she’s wearing her Deployed HeroBracelet bearing her son’s name, Track [Palin]. Track is serving in the Middle East right now.

    Back in [2008], we had heard that both Sarah Palin’s son and now Vice President Joseph Biden’s son were heading off on deployments, so we made them both a set of Deployed HeroBracelets with their son’s names on the bracelets. Our way for thanking them both for having son’s in the military. We actually got a very nice call from Senator Biden’s office, thanking us for the HeroBracelets. And now we’re quite proud to see Sarah Palin wearing her HeroBracelet.

  • rrpjr

    As the origin and nature of the bracelet in question has been clarified, when can we expect to a retraction and apology for this uninformed piece?

    Or should we instead resign ourselves to the “horrifying contempt” for basic reporting skills demonstrated by much of modern journalism in its quest to destroy Sarah Palin?

  • ch

    In reference to comments made by Independent Alum ’81 who stated: “If you support our troops, you can’t help but agree with Gov. Palin that Obama dithered for months after our Generals called for more troops. We all knew he would authorize more troops, but he delayed so he could look ‘thoughtful’. Meanwhile, we undoubtedly lost more soldiers because of the delay.”

    Every time I see a statement that begins with “If you support our Troops” it invariably is followed by self-serving, fallacious drivel. To begin with, supporting our Troops has ZERO to do with being in agreement with any comment made by the former, barely half-term governor, who uses every opportunity to paint herself a patriot vis-à-vis our Troops. Further, President Obama’s careful, thoughtful decision-making on this issue is no different than how he makes decisions on other matters. If you managed even the barest research, you’ll find more informed people than you who have agreed with the President’s approach. I’d also like to see the crystal ball in which you have seen how many of our soldiers have died as a result of the President’s actions. How presumptuous of you to conflate facts with your own thinly supported opinion!

    One thing we do know for sure: how many of our Troops have died as a result of an unnecessary war. I’ve no doubt you are still waiting for the WMD to be “discovered.”

    Whatever Palin intended by wearing a bracelet of a color designated for the dead (with her son’s name on it no less) no one will ever know. What we do know is that Palin does nothing without motive or benefit. How do I know? Well, it comes straight from the mouths of former associates and mentors whom she has kicked to the curb when they outlasted their usefulness.

  • A mom

    Thank you for your service, Mr. Robinson. However, are you sure the bracelet was black? I recognize your piece is an opinion piece.

    Anyway, hopefully a Yale Daily News reporter will followup with a story about the bracelet with Gov. Palin. Perhaps she would be willing to speak about the bracelet and what it means to her. Where she got it from, etc…

  • WarEagle01

    “you may say that criticism of military action is unpatriotic or dangerous, but you have never had to associate increased troop levels with increased daily fear that the people you love will never come home.”——-huh? How do you know? He’s just making the point that liberals, in general, are the ones usually criticizing the military. And remember it was you liberals who spat on returning Vietnam War vets. It’s just what you people do.

  • Indigo Red

    Please read comment #5. Mrs. Palin IS NOT wearing a black Memorial Bracelet, it is a bronzed aluminum Deployment Bracelet with her son’s name engraved on it. Vice Pres Biden also wears a Deployment Bracelet with his son’s name engraved. HeroBracelets made the items for Plain and Biden and now half of sales are for depolyment bracelets.

  • Muawiyah

    Gee whiz, I carry around a list of 14 friends who were killed in the Nam by the Democrat party.

  • dan

    The entire premise of this article is incorrect, as the comment from Chris Greta of shows. The author should concede he is entirely off base on this and post a correction.

  • Molon Labe

    There are several other pics of Palin wearing the bracelet clearly showing that it’s bronze in color, not black. It indicates deployment, not memoriam.

  • Aguy


    You so missed the mark. You have done a disservice to Yalies everywhere. Too bad you react from the gut rather than the intellect.

    Get a clue. Please. Maybe you can start to actually learn something.

  • idesign

    Slowly the idiots move from the hand to the wrist.

  • Sorry my bad.

    I posted an inaccurate post with a link to hot air.I did not know the official military protocal on this.I apologize for saying the military says so.However after reading that article and the comment here from the gentleman who sent not only her,but VP Bidon these braclets.I can conclude there is no intention of disrespect on her part.I think she has a great love & respect for the armed forces.I also think President Obama has that same love and respect as well.Like the gentleman said here.There are thousands of people wearing these black braclets as their loved ones serve.Thank you for your great service.

  • VietVet

    Mr. Robinson, sir: You are an idiot.

    Next time, do your homework.

  • John Armstrong

    That is a common “Deployment” bracelet, worn by thousands of moms and dads around the country. Try leaving Yale and living a little before making your important jabs. Want to see mine?

  • Alan Davidson


    Place your head under cold water and clam down.

    And….thank you for your service Soldier!

  • Jack

    The bracelet is bronze and reflecting black from her sleeve you moron. You call yourself a journalist?

    At least have the decency to retract this garbage.

  • Billy Bob

    “But do you realize that the liberals who love to criticize don’t-ask-don’t-tell and to bash Palin and her family are usually the same people who denigrate the military generally and look down on our men and women in uniform?”

    It’s frustrating to see this non-sequitur used over and over again to deflect policy debate. This guy earned a right to an opinion, there is nothing unpatriotic about the principles of the democratic party. That is just garbage.

  • MissTammy

    I wear what I believe to be the exact same type of bracelet in honor of my very-much-alive nephew. Bought it here:–E/S3Mi__oVwlI/AAAAAAAABS4/xZKC1TGGbYY/s1600-h/Soldiers+Deployment+Bracelet.jpg

    Awaiting apology from you for this completely incorrect article, which insults all who wear this bracelet and exposes your complete lack of journalistic integrity, while at the same time highlighting your obvious inability to do basic research.

  • ctmom

    Why do libs continue to spout nonsense about things they have no knowledge of? I guess they are following the example of our current President. Regardless, Robinson owes Palin an apology and to Yale as well, for further lowering its prestige in patriotic Americans eyes.

  • Craig Fowler

    By Eric Robinson
    Guest Columnist
    Published Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Should have read:

    By Eric Robinson
    Guest “best way to look like a moron if you don’t conduct the proper background research before you launch a frontal assault on someone” Columnist
    Published Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Don’t jump to conclusions. Let facts guide your writings if you want to be taken seriously.

    Semper Fi Mac

  • Mark T. Tillar

    Mr. Robinson, Man up and apologize to Gov. Palin and her family. Once you have done that, frame your article and put it on your office wall to remind you that facts are stubborn things, unlike opinions.(Reminds me of sitting in pol. science class at Berkely listening to fellow students who were not vet’s talking about the fall of ‘Nam).

  • Bob

    Boy….you ivy leagers sure are sharp as a tack.

    Service or not, this piece was motivated by nothing but pure hatred of anything Palin. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Debbie

    This is what passes for Ivy League education?

  • Kent

    This article should be retracted as it is based on a falsehood. Any simple internet picture search of Sarah Palin speaking in Nashville confirms that the bracelet she is wearing is BRONZE.

    Eric, now it’s your turn to join the long line of “journalists” who owe Sarah Palin an apology.

  • unreal

    It is beyond obvious that the people who run herorbracelets are using this thread as a PR/sales forum. Just went to their website. They are a for profit business and only donate $2 per unit sold.

  • gaylib

    I have no respect for you at all Mr. Robinson. You tried in vain to use our soldier’s deaths to score political point in a mysoginistic hate filled rant against the mother of one of those soldiers. Shame on you. You are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore.

  • thank god i didn’t go to yale!

    yale recruited me out of high school…they were my first choice until I visited the campus and met the students and some alum.

    all typical WASP, blue blood, arrogant, ignorant, empty suits who spew the same garbage that many of our conservative leaders spew, the same tripe displayed on this board, the same hate filled rhetoric….

    “liberals hate the military”, blah blah blah…”liberal media” whine whine whine…never heard so many rich white guys bitch so much. oh you poor poor oppressed wealthy white men…

    thank god i chose another ivy for undegrad, and another for grad…Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth…The Young Future Fascists of America!

    Go Skull and Bones! You guys are sooooooooo cool….douchebags.

  • Vail Beach

    I hope you’re enjoying all the attention you’re getting for calling Ms. Palin out for her stupidity…incorrectly, cluelessly and I might say insensitively.

    Okay, so now that you’ve made a mistake, should the NY Times unleash a team of investigative reporters to examine every detail of your life? Because that’s what happens to people accused of saying stupid things.

    They also get mocked by late-night comedians, news anchors, and are called “the worst person in the world” by Keith Olbermann. You cool with that? You should be. And if you happen to have a spouse or a partner, I hope you’ve notified them of your public stupidity, because their lives are also about to be investigated. And your parents. You might want to clean out your e-mail box, too. I mean, for most people, it’s a crime to snoop at your e-mails, but for those publicly shown to be stupid, hey, guess what? It’s not a crime, it’s a public service. There might also be some pressure on Yale to drop you for cheating and plagiarism. What’s that you say? You’ve never cheated? Never plagiarized? Yes, well, but it still should be investigated.

    I mean, fair’s fair, right? You couldn’t possibly object. Hope you’ve got some money saved up for the legal bills.

  • Liberty

    Grow up Eric, I don’t know you, but I think you are better than this.

  • AJsDaddie

    Still waiting for a retraction and apology.

  • Tired of your bull$hit

    You should issue an immediate written apology to Mrs. Palin! You were wrong, did not know what you were talking about, and don’t seem able to check your facts. So you get your facts from watching Chis “tingles” Matthews huh, you must be from Yale!
    PS: I don’t give a damn about your military service, we deserve better than you in our military!

  • unclesmrgol

    The bracelet is bronze, not black, and was supplied by

  • Warrior Dude

    Go Yale Bulldogs!

  • SoFedUp

    Mr. Robinson, it has now been almost eleven hours since you were proven wrong in your supposition regarding Mrs. Palin’s bracelet. How long does it take you, or the Yale Daily News, to issue a retraction and apologize to Mrs. Palin?

  • Chris

    Mr. Robinson, you lie.

    Shame on you.

  • Former Dem

    The bracelet was not black, Mr. Robinson, nor was it a memorial bracelet. It was presented to her, along with VP Biden in the 2008 campaign to honor their sons’ deployments!!!! We’re waiting for the retraction of this incredibly insipid column.

    Oh, and thank you for your service. I would hope that as a former member of our military you might recognize what Mrs. Palin went through having Track deployed into a warzone. Did you realize that 11 of his fellow infantrymen were killed during their year-long deployment? Sarah Palin lived everyday with the worry that so many other military families live with during war time.

    And this is the thanks she gets!

  • S. Thomas

    This is embarrasing. Where’s the retraction/correction?

  • Jason

    WOW! Talk about an epic fail.

    Mr. Robinson, I’m sure you realize by now how bad you screwed this up. If you don’t. . . well.

    I suggest you get whomever it takes to get an update posted and accept responsibility for your error as fast as you possibly can. Beclowning oneself in this manner and not correcting the record runs you the risk of becoming an internet verb.

  • but really

    I’m so tired of all of this bracelet nonsense. I’m even more tired of the persistent rhetoric of heroism. So many people are being murdered by our guys who only ever joined the forces because it was a decent job right out of school. Never mind what it’s costing taxpayers. U! S! A!

  • Bob Gore

    This whole post defines the immaturity of liberalism. Even if Palin had worn a black bracelet, so what! There is no way I would have wanted someone like Robinson to serve with me. I am thankful he didn’t. Man up, soldier! And probably for the first time in your life.

    CDR Robert Gore USNR(ret)

  • Real Patriot

    The writer is the one that obviously knows nothing about military culture. Do you really are, or is this just a chance to attack Palin? Grow up.

  • RINO in Name Only

    Others have already pointed out your profound stupidity here. Not only are you totally wrong, but worse, you had the audacity to accuse someone else about something you had no knowledge of yourself.

    Even more pathetic, however, is your presumptuousness in questioning how someone else honors their loved one’s service. Even if you had been 100% correct (rather than 100% laughably wrong, as you are), you would STILL be a tool for your criticism.

    It is repulsive to question someone else’s service, or how their family honors it – perhaps your own service should be questioned, and your own family’s actions scrutinized. Please explain to the rest of us exactly what methods your family uses to honor your service, so that we may verify that your parents are not “unbelievably ignorant” like yourself. It would be a shame if we had to conclude that they were contemptuous of the dead.

  • BR’10

    So…did anybody see the byline? He did serve in the military and there is no evidence that he is one of party or another.

    Jesus. You people really do hate ‘libs’.

  • DougB

    You clearly have been drinking too much liberal kool-aid. It’s not even black. As someone said earlier, Google is your friend. Check here:

    or here:

    Even the wacky left-wing tabloid HuffPo retracted this silly POS:

    I know Yale is supposedly a really great institution of higher learning, but if you’re an example of what they churn out, we’re in deep trouble.


    Another liberal embarrasses Yale? Color me shocked.

  • Mike D

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country.

    Your article is dishonest chickenfeed that has been thoroughly exposed and
    de-bunked from one end of
    the country to the other.

    Gov Palin’s bracelet is quite obviously a Soldier Deployment bracelet.

    5 seconds of research would have alerted you to this.

    Either you a) didnt know that already or b) knew already but didnt care if you could find a way to unfairly slam Mrs Palin while her son is making the same honorable sacrifice you did.

    Both possibilities reflect very poorly on you as a person and your conduct here dishonors your service.

    Nice work.

  • Danielle

    If you do not publicly apologize to Sarah Palin you are without honor. This is your moment of truth.
    But you being you, I won’t hold my breath

  • Bob Wilson

    Many units provide black metal bracelets to the families of deployed service members; my unit did it in 2007 when I deployed to Afghanistan, and my wife wore the bracelet with my name on it. People need to keep up with current events and military service mores, what a non-story. . .

  • Lydia

    Awww sweetie I hope you’re pretty, cuz you’re not very smart. That’s a deployment bracelet. Maybe if you actually knew anything about the military besides your hatred of all things American, you wouldn’t make such an embarrassment of yourself.

  • Monchichipox

    Shame on you.

  • yaleone

    Mr. robinson, please show some respect to Gov. Palin, her son, as well as military families that wear this bracelet and apologize/retract your story. Next time, for your sake, as well as for the sake of your readers, please do your research well. Thank you for your service and I wish you well

  • Chris Greta

    I’m with, the organization that makes the Deployed HeroBracelets. We sent Gov Palin and Senator Biden Deployed HeroBracelets in 2008 because they both had sons about to deploy.

    She is NOT wearing a Memorial HeroBracelet. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the bracelet is bronze tinted, not black.

  • Sigmund

    Technically, BDD (Bracelet Dysmorphic Disorder) is a Somatoform Disorder as per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition. It specifically involves an excessive preoccupation with one or more physical characteristics of a bracelet. Although this condition is classified as a Somatoform Disorder, it shares many similarities with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ) in that individuals with both conditions experience obsessions and compulsions relating to appearance. For example, someone with BDD may have a compulsion to repeatedly check the way a bracelet looks under different lighting conditions. Individuals with BDD have obsessions about either an imaginary defect in the appearance of a bracelet or an exaggeration of a defect in appropriateness that to others seems inconsequential. Unique to BDD, the obsession or preoccupation regarding this imaginary or exaggerated defect predominates any other obsession. Even more than with OCD, the belief in the defect is very strongly held. Individuals with BDD may believe so strongly in the perceived defect that they can appear virtually delusional.

  • dan greene


  • kinase

    Next time do a little research before you pen an inaccurate diatribe of drivel.

  • Robert Loggia

    It was a “Jump to Conclusions” mat. You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor… and would have different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… What awful journalism… The bracelet was bronze… Meaning you wasted 548 words on a hit piece.

    Don’t worry… You can still get a job at the New York Times or MSNBC

  • Harvard 1998

    Glad you attend Yale. Thanks.

  • Lorelai Gilmore

    Yale huh? WOW! Where’s Rory Gilmore when you need her?

  • Jorge

    The vitriol is warranted…this was an attack on a mother wearing a bracelet with her own son’s name on it. It’s nobody else’s business, whether you served in the military or not.

    That it’s an attack is given away by the headline, which promises to describe a “blunder” by Palin.

  • Jack

    I am retired after 24 years in the US Army. I wear a black bracelet for my nephew who serves in Afghanistan in the same battalion that I did while I was in the Army.
    Mr. Robinson I do not salute anyone’s service who attempts to use that status to slander and besmirch someone else.
    In the future please refrain from mentioning your service when you choose to be so incorrect in your assertions. You embarrass all of us who chose to serve honorably and truthfully.

  • a little grace goes a long way

    The shame is on all of those who are posting nasty comments.

    I have no reason to believe Mr Robinson wrote this to be malicious. I believe he honestly thought Palin was wearing a black bracelet and HIS OWN RESPECT FOR OUR TROOPS moved him to speak out against it. You would too if you felt someone was disrespecting our Troops.

    Palin is not one of the Troops, nor is she an Iconic anything, so any nasty responses are really overblown.

    Mr. Robinson made an honest mistake and I am sure he will apologize.

    But, I also think he is owed an apology from those of you who were needlessly nasty.

  • Dean from Ohio

    Ready, fire, aim.

    Get some fire discipline already!

  • Tom Vest

    Apologize to the Palins, have some guts or is your Yale education on the taxpayer’s dime clouding your judgment on that too.

  • a little grace goes a long way

    I am sure the irony will be missed by this crowd…

    Mr. Robinson is being lynched for having made remkarks about Palin before having fully investigated his assumptions. All the while, Palin, is herself only casually acquainted with facts.

  • Mike Miller

    Libs love traitors. No bigger traitor than EX military libs. Author probably needs this to get laid.

  • MASSDad

    If this is the typical upcoming graduate that Yale is producing, then we are all in trouble.

  • Flay Jin

    Wow. Apparently the Yale Daily News doesn’t believe in checking the facts of its articles. Not only should Eric Robinson be ashamed of writing this, but the YDN should be ashamed for printing such crap.

  • Rod

    I agree with others here that the most appropriate and gentlemanly thing for you to do here is retract your statements and offer an apology.

    I too find it odd that you didn’t do a simple Bing search to verify your allegations. Surely it would not have required as much time or effort as writing this hitpiece or the retraction that should follow it.

  • Rod

    It seems you posted your apology and retraction as I was writing my comment. Good for you, it certainly was appropriate.

  • Obliterati

    I see you have learned, as others have learned, that any critisism of the Holy Champion will not be tolerated.

    Oh well. I too was certain that black bands were, as a matter of cultural norms, reserved for commemorating those who have given their lives in service for their country. I, my fellow Marines, our friends and family…we all understood this, practically at the intuitive level.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that, no, black wasn’t reserved for the dead. You can wear any color you want! You can even buy a whole bunch of different colored bracelets to mix and match with different outfits – that way you can express your patriotism and cut a dashing figure at the same time!

    Hi ho, so it goes.

  • Pleasant

    You Lie!

  • FeralCat

    Recognizing this, I apologize to the governor and to any reader who might have been misled by my piece.

    Might have been “misled”? What!?

    I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.

    That is like someone who just lynched an innocent person saying, “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of rope.”

  • Beej

    >>>given Palin’s reputation and frequent public statements, I assume it is the latter.

    See how easily and innocently our public statements can affect our reputation by those who wish it?

    Thank you indeed for your service. Truly. We ask SO much of our people in uniform we can’t possibly thank any of you enough.

  • 2ipa

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.” Are you in journalism school? This is pathetic. It took you all day to come up with this? And the bracelet is her “bigger mistake”- meaning I suppose that a few speech notes on her hand are a “mistake”? For an example of a mistake- see your column. I hope this serves as an important lesson to you- karma’s a beach. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, hater.

  • Miss Susan

    After waiting for hours to see this hit-piece posing as journalism retracted, I see the author has posted a pathetic statement at the END of the FALSE article. But, the false article remains posted. Here is his statement:

    “Author’s Note: In my column in News yesterday, I criticized former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for wearing a black memorial bracelet with her son’s name on it, as Track returned unharmed from Iraq last fall. However, Sarah Palin’s bracelet was not black; instead, it was a dark brown “DeployedHero” bracelet worn by those who have loved ones currently serving in the military. The bracelet is different from the black one associated with men and women who are killed in action overseas. Recognizing this, I apologize to the governor and to any reader who might have been misled by my piece. I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.”

  • Debbie K.

    Sure am glad I didn’t waste my money sending my kids to Yale. If this non-investigative journalism is the results of an Ivy League education you can count me out.

  • Max Regor

    Though I do like the apology, the last sentence is troubling.

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.”

    As you have acknowledge Palin did nothing wrong. You are the one that misused the symbols. If these symbols are important to you, you need to look into your own heart and figure out why you misused these symbols as you did.

  • Also

    Everyone hurling invective at Robinson, saying he was unworthy of the military, etc., should be ashamed of themselves for being so childishly, insultingly, thoughtlessly partisan. The man wrote an article, made a mistake, and sent in a note admitting as much. The tone of the article was quite respectful and dignified and, frankly, not very political. All of you who’ve been waiting around for hours to see the retraction, or posting multiple comments with insipid jokes about how glad you are you didn’t send your kids to Yale if this is the standard of journalism (ha ha ha! I get it!), or accusing Robinson of hating America: find something better to do with your lives.

  • clarice Feldman

    You cannot have spent a moment’s time studying her if you believed the calumny you originally printed about her. So, though you have retracted it as you had to, the point remains you were biased in your view of her when you wrote the story. Knowing your predilection, you should have double checked before you posted it.

  • Stew

    Thank you for posting your retraction. However, since your retraction makes your entire article moot, why did you choose to place your retraction at the bottom of your article instead of where it truly belongs, at the front. Perhaps, if you really intend to apologize, you should make the retraction larger and easier to read than the offensive article itself.

  • Rich Carroll

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.” I hope that this serves as an important lesson for you. The entire basis of your report/opinon is that these trinkets have an official meaning or standing much like medals or awards. You pretended to speak with authority on their status. Having served, you knew from the start that these bracelets are sentimental and come without any guidelines. You are dishonest and have been exposed as such.

  • Andy

    I read the “Author’s Note” and would hope that this article would serve as an important lesson for anyone interested in journalistic integrity and a case study of leftist academic bias. Born and raised in New Haven I had a dream of going to Yale when I was young, alas my SAT scores and GPA although quite high were not “Yale-worthy.” Today I wouldn’t hire a Yale graduate to work for me even if he offered me his diploma for me to use as toilet paper.

  • DeVan

    Sarah Palin is the only viable female candidate of either party that has a chance at the presidency in 2012. For any female even close on the Dem side all you can say is WHO DAT? And Mr. Robinson will never come anywhere CLOSE to accomplishing what Palin has.

  • Chris

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.”

    You’re really quite addled, but I suppose it’s hard to see clearly when you’re over your head in a sea of sanctimony.

    In a muddled attempt to save face, you’ve tried to recast a simple apology as an importantly important “teachable moment”. The irony is, of course, lost on you: YOU are the one who’s been schooled here–and yet, I’m pretty sure you’ve learned no lesson at all.

  • James

    As soon as “Yale” showed up in a story about this on the web site, I knew I had to come here to bathe in the brilliance and intelligence of someone who was so much smarter than a hick like me.
    Unfortunately, when I got here, there was a big black cloud of stupid and dumb hanging over the site. It was so dark I couldn’t see and I stepped into a steaming pile of liberal bull crap and when I tried to scrap it off, fell into a pool of imbecility. Yikes… I didn’t know Yale was such a dangerous place for a hick like me. I guess I will never have the intelligence, honesty and brilliance of Eric and all his fellow Yale intelligentsia and will forever be forced to wonder the land with liberal bull crap on my shoe.

  • Mitchell

    Perfect example for what plagues journalism today–impose your bias on “the facts” without having the facts.

    I, too, found the “apology” to be perplexing. Being “misled” was not really the issue here, now was it?
    Nor was it a teaching moment about symbols. It was instead an illustration of your following the pack of insecure liberals who are scared of Palin.

    I’m not a big Palin fan, but most normal people kind of figure you guys on the left have some sort of wierd facination with her. Self awareness does not seem to be your strong suit.

  • Way to go YDN editors…

    Shameful job on the part of the editors. I mean, really, couldn’t you do a simple fact check? Oh,that’s right, the YDN is too concerned about finding punchy, noticeable pieces. It’s not about the substance; it’s about the image. Well people sure as hell noticed this. Congrats!

  • BR’10

    I’m glad the tea-party people bum-rushed the comments section of the YDN.

    1. This is an opinion piece. Generally speaking, opinion pieces aren’t edited for factual content, only for grammatical issues.

    2. This is not investigative journalism.

    3. I’m confused over why everybody seems to be hating on Yale – a student publication allowed for an individual to publish his opinions. I have never understood the controversy in that. Really, end the anti-intellectualism already: there are plenty of students from working class families, from ‘real America’ who go to school here.

    4. The author of the piece doesn’t have control over the web publication software for the YDN and the YDN should leave the piece as a matter of public record, including the comments.

    5. The silly hatred of Yale seems rather inane.

  • S Thomas

    An important lesson? How brazen – the lesson here is for the author only.

  • Born Free

    Benedict Arnold was a patriot, before he was wasn’t. Prior service doesn’t immunize a traitor.

  • yale ’09

    Yale is not a school of journalism, nor is the YDN a professional paper. It is student-run and student-edited, with content largely from the Yale community. *This does not excuse false reporting*, but it does explain why, though several of you have strongly requested a retraction for several hours, you only just received one. The author and student(s) moderating the online paper were likely in class, studying, or doing one of the myriad other activities they pursue for personal development.

    This makes your vitriol at Yale (#s 105,115,etc.) that much harder to understand. In no way is this article the “result of a Yale education.” This is not an assignment or school project. Instead, the author noted what *he perceived* to be an injustice and took the steps to publicize it, in an open, public forum.

    As we know well by now, he made a terrible mistake in his assertions, but nothing in his tone suggests malicious intent. He seems to have spoken from concern for those he cares for and for the perceived slight against them, as you all have so admirably done here (albeit in a less public venue). *That* is an eventual goal of Yale- to produce well-rounded, intelligent students who take on leadership and speak out on issues, regardless of what position they choose to defend.

    The author showed a serious lapse in judgment, and will hopefully take appropriate steps to rectify it as best he can. In the meantime, you might consider what steps you could take to express your dismay in a more effective manner than posting destructive, insulting, and largely anonymous comments to a college newspaper message board.

  • joe Biden

    Hey color blind Maroon,

    I also received one of these “copper” bracelets for my sons’ deployment. With your searing logic, you probably think that corpsman is pronounced “corpseman” like my idgit boss, “the perfessor.” Dude, the man is so utterly clueless; he’s not even bright enough to write on his hand if his teleprompter breaks down.

  • Count de Money

    You call that a retraction? Not good enough. Try again.

  • poul

    so, what lesson exactly did you learn from this blunder, young man?

  • Alaskan Military Vet

    Mister Robinson this apology is inadequate.

    It is evident from the hatred spouted against Sarah Palin on the many blogs that ran with your nasty, ill-informed comments, that you need to personally search those blogs out and demand they publish a fuller apology which you need to sit down and write immediately, instead of relying on this inadequate squib of a mea culpa attached to this post.

    You should likewise be prepared to immediately appear on any network that requests your presence in order to discuss this nasty story, and to fully give Governor Palin the decency of a formal, loud and genuine apology that she sincerely deserves.

    You disgust me.

  • anonymous

    There are two things that this article demonstrates. First, that the author obviously didn’t do his homework. And second, that Palin supporters are a volatile angry mob.

    More important than all this is the fact that Sarah Palin is a poorly educated person with a very problematic grasp of complex political and social issues, and with virtually no understanding of international relations. The fact that she is taken seriously at all testifies to the crisis of American democracy and of the standards to which we hold our politicians.

  • JHE

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols”

    No, Eric, the only person who should have learned a lesson here is you.

  • T IN CT

    Mr. Robinson it is those of your ilk that proliferate lies and falsehoods among American voters who are unfortunately uninformed and only vote on what they read or see in 30 second clips on the nightly local news. Your retraction should be in boldface lettering twice the size of the original with a caption at the end that say “I apologize to all those that I mislead, I will from now on shut my pie-hole until I actually research a story before reporting on it.” Its too bad the likes of Chris Matthews and Olbermann won’t tear you apart on live TV like they do to the right instead of liberal liars like yourself. And by the way, VP Biden has one just like it for his son, never heard that story from you….

  • Carlos M.

    Mr. Robinson, thank you for serving.

    It is disheartening to read your slanderous essay. Not only did you fail to do your homework, you weren’t charitable in your ignorance. Instead, you jumped to conclusions and erred on the side of those who continually denigrate our military and undermine our war effort. Palin has been consistently on the side of our military and our war effort; Obama has been blatantly against both (which you’d realize if you weren’t so blinded by your bias). So you’re a former military member who is on the Left. That’s fine. That’s your perogative. But your ignorance coupled with your bias is not fine. You owe Mrs. Palin a retraction and an apology.

    Having attended a top school myself, I know better than to fall for the Ivy League aura — to me it just means “grade inflation,” and you’ve given the lie by publishing such folderol.

  • Jesse W.

    Gotta love an entire column bashing someone on a premise of the subject of being ignorant of the meaning of the black bracelet only to find out the entire author himself has some ignorance of his own. Guess I myself have some ignorance issues as I’m squarely in the category of “might have been misled by my piece”. Might of been misled?! Really? Explain to me how one might not have been misled?

  • anonymous


    lesson learned: crazy people are crazy.

  • CliffNZ

    Good apology. Some more famous and supposedly more experienced commentators could learn a thing or two from you.

  • Kensington

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols”

    Oh, my, nice spin. Rather, I’d say the important lesson is that journalists are frequently incompetent and knee-capped by their own biases and should never be presumed authoritative.

    To paraphrase what used to be a good standard in journalism: if a journalist tells you “this happened,” check it out.

  • Graxe

    Robinson says: “Recognizing this, I apologize to the governor and to any reader who might have been misled by my piece. I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.”

    As my grandmother would say, “what CRUST!” LOL Robinson NEGLECTS to fact check BEFORE he writes the piece, reaches wild conclusions based on misinformation, and then has the GALL to think he has an “important lesson” to teach anybody!

    The only lesson here is a “Don”t Let This Happpen To You” segment for a journalism course LMAO

  • Guest

    Mr Robinson-there will come a time when you will discover the Progressive Left is vicious. By every means necessary they will destroy those who serve our Nation.

    The choice is between allowing yourself to be used as a useful idiot tool aiding the destruction or choosing to stand with Liberty.

    Choose wisely, all that you are and ever will be is at stake.

  • for heaven’s sake

    To all angry Palin fans:


    We might all be stupid (and blind and filled with hatred for our country and our troops and the innocence of newborn children and etc., etc.) enough to go to Yale, but at least most of us have an elementary grasp on how newspapers work, even when they’re transferred to the internet.

  • Nicky from Baku

    #130 yale ’09

    How can you say with a straight face that nothing in his tone suggests malicious intent?

    … Commemorating Track’s service by wearing a a black memorial bracelet which is reserved for those dead or even a red bracelet for those missing in action, demonstrates a horrifying contempt for those who gave their last full measure of devotion or an almost unbelievable ignorance of the importance of symbols in American history.
    Unfortunately, given Palin’s reputation and frequent public statements, I assume it is the latter.

    So how was he so sure Plain falls in the later, if not wanting to sound malicious. I’m surprise how these intellectuals come to conclusions.

  • TiminPhx

    If you think leftist like the writer has learned anything about their White Whale obession over Palin, think again.

    This should indicate the sick quasi-stalker mindset these commentators and for that matter 90% of the Press has towards Palin.

    It’s an ever stronger strain of the sickness that was BDS.

    But if something similar happens next week, you can bet your money that they will go insane yet again.

    Write it on your palm or have it produced out on a teleprompter if you need a reminder.

  • Jeff in Arizona


    So, let me get this correct. Without research and checking you whimsically throw out a poorly written commentary then after you are exposed come back to apologize?

    Quit your day job.

    A good future job for you: coffee attendent. At least you will not go about with your foot in your mouth.

  • smibsid

    Did you get a tingle up your leg as you were writing that piece ?

  • Sean Salter

    While I applaud your apology to Sarah Palin, I feel compelled to mention that the apology does not “un-do” the effect of an ill-conceived blog post. A few more minutes fact-checking would have saved face and provided an informed opinion.

  • Karen

    In other words, I went Ivy League and lied and all the liberals clapped and I was popular but then I found out I was wrong but it doesn’t matter because Sarah Palin talks funny.

    Your attack on Sarah Palin shows your enthusiasm to jump to conclusions and write about things when you have no idea what your are doing. You are like a Toyota without brakes on a mountain highway.

  • JK

    Mr. Robinson,

    On the wearing of this bracelet you accused Mrs. Palin of an “unbelievable ignorance”. Will we see you writing the words “It has been proven that I am the one guilty of an unbelievable ignorance”? Nothing less in letters twice as bold than the original will suffice.

  • cu4hrc

    What did you think about Obama mis-pronouncing: corpsman as corpseman? that deserved an apology & didn’t get one…

  • Andy

    So if I am to understand the defenders of the author the fact that this piece was not “investigative journalism” and simply an “opinion piece” allows him to simply make his comments without any need or responsibility to actually etablish any truth and free to attack a public figure which he obviously hates with vitriol and then when he is proved wrong not even issue a mea culpa but rather continue to stand on his soap box and tell us that his innocent error provided us a teachable moment. Sounds like modus operandi of our POTUS but I digress… However in the spirit of the author, considering that my remarks are opinion and not investigative, I will state that all Yale students are cannibals and/or cold blooded murderers, all Yale professors are pedophiles, and all Yale administrators are simple minded effing retards (my thanks to Rahm Emmanuel for allowing me the use of that last phrase, previously it would have been politically incorrect to use such a disgusting phrase. Now I will issue my retraction by stating that my comments were perhaps incorrect but that they certainly teach us the importance of not attacking people based on appearances, blah blah blah…

  • John M

    What a smug, smarmy article, complete with the obligatory “Palin is stupid” inference. Has Yale graduate school written all over it, or maybe I’m thinking of Columbia. It so difficult to tell the difference.

    As for the apology, I guess being color blind is ample excuse for going totally over the top with ridicule and disrespect. Hence, your weak retraction.

    I give it a Barack B. You figure out the number grade.

  • Spider79

    ” I apologize to the governor and to any reader who might have been misled by my piece.”

    In other words you apologize to everyone who read the article….. since the whole thing was misleading. Is that what you meant to say?

  • Mike

    Robinson’s bigger blunder. Hatred is never a good thing. Free your mind.

  • K. Vickers

    I suggest YDN change the title of this piece to “Robinson’s Biggest Blunder”. Or make that “Blunders”. The bracelet is not black, it does not have Track’s name on it and there is no way Mr. Robinson can know what was in Ms. Palin’s mind or heart. Yes….the errors in this piece are quite impressive in scope compared to Mr. Robinson’s miserly attempt to set the record straight.

    And Mr. Robinson’s willingness to trot out soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice solely for the purpose of taking potshots at Private Citizen Palin is extremely distasteful.

    Mr. Robinson, come out from under your covers and make a proper job of your apology.

  • K Vickers

    My apologies to Mr. Robinson and “any readers who may have been misled” by my comment. In my image of Ms. Palin’s bracelet, Track Palin’s name on the deployed bracelet was not visible. It IS clearly visible in another photo.

    You may run my apology in advance of my comment (unlike that of Mr. Robinson).

  • Michael

    “Recognizing this, I apologize to the governor and to any reader who might have been misled by my piece. I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.”

    ??? “(M)ight have been misled”? Weasel words. The point over which readers “might have been misled” was the whole premise of the article, wasn’t it?

    And that’s what you should have said: “This article was completely wrong, and I retract it in its entirety,” or worsds to that effect.

    “..might have been misled” – Feh!

    Look, I get that you and many others have it in for Sarah Palin. (I don’t care about her one way or the other, though I’d never vote for her for president.) But you all need to take stock in yourselves as to what is driving you to be so completely relentless and over-the-top in your criticism of her?

  • Chris Greta

    Dear Mr. Robinson,
    It was a simple mistake. From the photos it looked like a black Memorial HeroBracelet. The only reason I knew it wasn’t was because I had sent her the bracelets. So I certainly don’t fault you on this. HeroBracelets have been worn my many in the public eye to honor those serving or lost in action. President Bush was presented with black Memorial HeroBracelets on several occasions by the mothers of the soldiers killed in Iraq. Both Obama and McCain wore them in the last election (again, presented to them by mothers). The goal of HeroBracelets from the start has been to create a simple way to keep those who serve in our hearts AND to raise funds for organizations that help Military families and the soldiers themselves.

  • Dave

    This to the editor of Yale News. Mr Robinson’s apology noted this is a “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.” Maybe it should be a lesson in honest journalism and Mr Robinson do a little more research before chastising a parent of a deployed soldier. Real news reporting would probably involve a phone cal to the Governors representatives to ask some question before jumping to conclusions. Maybe then the article would have been about the importance of not forgetting those who are overseas protecting our country. Nice try at pretending to be a reputable news source.

  • rhine1784

    Eric, you should try and get some of your tuition money back from Yale, apparently you haven’t learned to do much research. Research a junior highschool student would be able to find. That being said, thanks for your service.

  • A Visitor

    If this were a “truthful” article, I would say Excellent, but since it isn’t, I would like to say you are the proverbial POT calling the KETTLE black. You are calling someone on the carpet for what they do, in this case, wore, (just like Palin did when she bashed Obama using a teleprompter) without FACT checking before you wrote the article and pleaded with Kettle to take the wrist band off, just like she turned right around after her TEA party speech and used her “Palm-promter”. TSK TSK…

  • Solid B+

    Concerning your “retraction”. The bracelet is not dark brown, it is BRONZE! Also, to say that you apolgize to those who “may have been misled” is ridiculous. You act as if your erroneous, hateful vitriolic hit piece is somehow open to interpretation. Stop trying to mitigage your failings. You fail, period.

  • P Glog

    Mr Robinson:

    Thank you for your correction.

    However, place it at the top of your article. “Manning up” to YOUR mistake should be the first thing visitors read.


  • NDpenedentThinker

    You should retitle your piece “Robinson’s Blunder”.

  • ramblingman

    It would seem that another person with Palin Derangement Syndrome has been caught with their angry pants down.

    Let me add my thanks to Mr. Robinson for his service. Between my wife and myself, we have over 32 years of service, and we know full well the demands on a military servicemember.

    That being said, it is sad to see such a small apology for such a grievous hit piece, accompanied by numerous well-wishers who seek to deflect attention by attacking those who rightfully took the author to task.

    Staying on track with the responses – in reply #11, Binary Logic wrote about Palin: “She quit being governor because she has no respect for public office, and she has shown no respect for the current president. So there’s no reason to show her any respect.”

    You have no knowledge of why she left office. To credit it to not respecting the office merely opens the door to treat Obama the same for quitting as a state Senator and then quitting as a US Senator. The same holds true for him not showing the then-current President respect.

  • artist



    Er, the opinion was based on erroneous information.

    Care to guess what that means?

  • artist

    I’m squarely in the category of “might have been misled by my piece”. Might of been misled?! Really? Explain to me how one might not have been misled?


    Oh my!


  • TC

    Thank you for your service.
    Let me share something with you that Yale has not taught you. Research your story BEFORE you print.

  • JW

    Nice work Robinson. How about a little target identification before you pull the trigger? I am glad Palin’s “reputation” could be such a useful guide to you. And what about her reputation suggests she would dishonor fallen soldiers by misappropriating a symbol meant to honor them?

  • mel

    You should check your facts before you report on a story and You should have learned that in high school journalism. This is simple imcompetence on your part. She was wearing a deployed hero copper bracelet.

  • Ret Navy Son of WWII Vet

    What it means is that you should completely get your facts straight before you go off.

  • Vicki Chris

    Thanks for clearing it up and bringing everyone’s attention to the issue. I had never noticed the bracelts before. I didn’t know they meant so much.

  • Dave

    Pretty weak apology given the acidity of the original piece. More appropriate: an entire apology column or removal of the original column with an explanatory note that you were a typical Yalie jumped to a conclusion and then desperately tried to craft premises to support it.

  • Bill TX

    I’m afraid your apology is not sufficient. It should read “I am such an idiot. Next time, I’ll just make something up…er wait, that’s what I did. Well, okay then, I un-apologize but I’m still an idiot.” By the way, you were not expressing an opinion, you were stating “facts” about bracelets and the colors the bear with the corresponding meaning. You are entitled to dislike Sarah Palin, but you are not entitled to your own facts. It’s really shocking to see people grasp at any stick to beat her with. Do you guys have mothers? Didn’t they teach you the golden rule? Respect begets respect. Disagree, but don’t slander.

  • Tanner

    Where is the apology for Corpsemen?
    If Bush or anyother person from the other
    side of the aisle would have been able to live this down. The fact that his tel-promper writer put this term in 3 times shows the lengths he is protected. Oh by the way never mind his birth certificate how bout releasing his grades from Columbia and Harvard? Being “named” to head something (due to liberal guilt I’m sure) does not make the genious the media has labled him.

  • montana

    I guess that’s what you get for relying on Chris Matthews for your leads.

  • PTM

    congratulations for apologizing. if only others would be equally fair to the profession they profess to honor

  • CSR

    It’s not “dark brown”, it’s bronze. And rather than add some BS disclaimer at the bottom of the article, pull the article. That’ the only ethical thing to do.

  • Travis

    This guy does not know what the hell he is talking about! There are deployment Bracelets sold to honor your service members deployment in either silver or black online. His gotcha politics are unbecoming of a former service member. He of all people should not be bashing a person who is honoring a service member who is deployed for this country. here is a link to the bracelets online.

  • Colonel Lee Thompson

    You said…
    “Unfortunately, given Palin’s reputation and frequent public statements, I assume it is the latter”.

    My reading of this comment says you are predisposed to judge Sarah Palin’s honor. Not based upon her heart, but based upon your lack of appreciation for her politics. Not a very honorable thing to do.

    You don’t owe anybody an apology for mistaking the color of a bracelet. That’s a mistake any of us can make.

    Your transgression is that you are so caught up in your petty political leanings that you naturally and instinctively assume the worst of a mother whose son is in combat.

    I’d have thought you would have had the decency to apologize for the real indiscretion…not the fabricated one, that anybody would forgive.

    Until you can screw up the courage to tell the truth…and it’s not about the color of any bracelelt…you, sir dishonor the uniform you wore.

  • Track

    I hate my country.

    Oh, and for all of you Yale-bashing posters: International Relations isn’t so much a department as it is a revenue stream. You know, like bribes are in Alaska.
    Now I’m off to shoot a moose.

  • JMH

    If you want to redeem yourself, Mr. Robinson, perhaps you could write a column with a similar tone about Obama’s blunder in regard to his “Corpsmen” pronunciation. At least that would be true. But I won’t hold my breath. After all, that doesn’t fit the narrative, does it?

  • Sprite

    Thank you for apologizing, but the apology should have come first. I read through the whole long column (which was interesting–I did not know about some of the symbols) and might not have read the note. And people who want to have something to criticize in anyone who is not a statist stalinist money stealing socialist will take the first part and run with it.

  • Larr

    Why the conditional apology? (‘IF” I offended you)…Why not just have the backbone to say…I saw an opportunity to take a shot…I was wrong…I apologize.

  • Rolyat136

    Mr. Robinson:

    Why are you so eager to apologize? The principle you original post represents was and is correct (Palin, and other right wing persons) are all too eager to associate themselves with the genuine sacrifices of our military.
    We are failing to realize the promise of “progressivism” made possible by the last presidential election because your type insists on literal accuracy.
    President Obama is not afraid of asserting truth over accuracy. We shouldn’t be either.

  • mike d

    Again, thanks for your service to your country in wartime.

    I hope for the sake of all your comrades in arms that your military record was more honorable than your record as a transparently partisan Palin hater who didnt bother to inform yourself that the idiotic attack you launched at her was not only factually wrong but dishonorable in the extreme.

    Enjoy your fame in the left wing fever swamp, coz barring a miracle, thats the only place your writing will ever be taken seriously.

    And to commenter #188, to whom the word “Progressive” means never having to be factually correct about anything as long as you look good on the pages of the Daily Kos, the next time Obama is either accurate OR truthful it will be a first for him.

  • Medbob

    Truth and accuracy are one in the same. Any digression between the two is known as “spin”, and is very much akin to the word “lying”.
    Mary Katherine Ham has the backgroundon this “hero bracelet” at the web page:

    Thanks for making an apology about this. That is much bigger than many who have been proven wrong with regard to Gov. Palin.

  • Jim

    It is good that you had the guts to post the fact that you were wrong. The retraction should be at the top of the article though. Putting it below the falsehoods in the article will ensure that some leave your site quoting error.

  • Patrick

    @Rolyat136: Since he was wrong about why she is wearing the bracelet and the fact that she does have family that served, how can you possibly accuse her of being “eager to associate themselves with the” crap you just spewed?
    He was wrong. You are wrong. Don’t dig yourself in any further. If you want true honesty, how about pointing out the mistakes that both sides have. Do you people really think Dems are so perfect? Oh that’s right. Dems can be critical when Reps are in power but if Dems are, you are a terrorist if you criticize. Dems can actually *be* shown to make racist comments, but if a Rep does, they are asked to step down. Obama surrounds himself with communists, socialists, facists, and criminals but he is asserting truth. Both sides have become a joke. We haven’t been the United states for years now and I’m personally sick of it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Clean up your own parties before you cast another stone at your opposing party.

  • PR

    Eh, your apology is good enough, I guess, considering that you clearly wish that your original assumption had been true. I am not a Palin fan nor a hater, but you should really get a grip on your Palin Derangement Syndrome.

  • Shark

    The less attention given to this woman the better.

  • Learning Process

    Goodness. An apology isn’t enough here. This requires a full retraction. I understand that you’re students and YDN is a learning process, but you can’t just accuse people of being disrespectful of fallen soldiers when you don’t have confirmation of the facts.

  • Jo Ann Findlay

    Robinson, too little, too late. Only because of media attention on your ridiculous article, did you retract your statement. Get your facts straight, your head straight, and get out of your Ivy league bubble. This article you wrote will live with you forever. You are doomed.

  • Dennis Klein

    Hey, Eric
    I missed your editorial on Obama calling our Naval heroes, corpse man, three times.

    Can you please reprint that for all of us to see? At least that one would have been factual, or is your bigotry and bias showing?

    Thank you for your service, but please find a career outside of politics and journalism. Maybe Rev Wright needs some assistance, you belong with his hateful group.

  • Mark in New Jersey

    No No No,

    Full apology on Sean Hannity show. As a student you need to learn a lesson of over zealous partisan reporting. Also, come on how hard would it had been to confirm a color of a bracelet aired on 100+ networks world wide. Good Luck Dick Tracey

  • I wasn’t mislead – I was lied to

    How do you apologize if anyone was misled – when your entire piece is based on a lie? You didn’t mislead anyone – you lied (out of your own incompetence).

    The entire article should be removed and replaced with nothing but a retraction and apology for not checking your facts.

    The way the “retraction/apology” was written is almost like you don’t want to admit you’re wrong.

  • Furious_A

    Eric Robinson = Emily Litella. At least Gilda Radner was funny. Eric Robinson, not so much.

    West Point, Military Service, and Yale are no inoculation for BECLOWNING oneself. While thanking him for his service, remind Mr. Robinson he is an idiot.

    Apology and Full Retraction, if Mr. Robinson has any sense of honor.

    And Good on Sarah Palin, she’s caused yet another liberal nitwit’s head to explode. In print, for all to see.

  • Ann_IA

    So, it was more important to you to shame Palin, the mother of a fellow military man, than to check your facts in the first place? This column was/is a disgrace to your service in the military. I would have thought you grew up while in the military – apparently not.


    The ultimate insult to our troops, activly serving, MIA, KIA, or having formerly served is: to be part of the enemy within…I.E.;THE LEFT…by the way, that means YOU “track” (#184)……anytime sweetheart.

  • Nicole

    Maybe you could do a little work BEFORE you publish. Maybe then you wouldn’t look like such a FOOL!

  • myohmy

    Next time do your research well, young man. You manufactured outrage was an embarrassment.

  • OIFTroop

    Robinson, you should feel ashamed of yourself for jumping to conclusions and reporting on something without the facts. Quite frankly, Governor Palin’s wearing of a bracelet is none of your business. As a combat veteran of Iraq myself, I am appalled that you would write such garbage about any military mom. Governor Palin was saluting her son and you owe both your deepest apologies. Therefore, you should post a complete apology, not just the half-hearted retraction hidden at the bottom of your original piece. Please, for the sake of this countries future in foreign policy, mature more before jumping to far into International Relations.

  • NVA Patriot

    Sir – You are investing a lot of money and time to get a Yale education.

    Based on your article and the comments of people supporting you – I’d suggest you try the University of Idaho. Folks who graduate from there seem to be able to clean house in corrupt staes, take down over-zealous oil companies, and win debates going against highly trained Senators.

    On your way to Idaho, you might stop at a few diners, farms, small business’s along the way and get a feel for what makes the country work and WHO makes the country work – there’s a plummer in Ohio who give you pointers on interviewing skills and ideas on establishing facts.

    Good luck

  • SMSgt Mac

    First, Apologizing to anyone who ‘might’ have been misled without an added ‘by my unforced error’ would have been meaningful. It would have been more meaningful if there were some form of the word ‘retraction’ within the ‘apology’ as well.
    Second, even as a nice Non-Apologetic ‘apology’ it would have been more effective if it had been placed before the screed than after it.

  • Chris Thurston

    When John F. Kennedy first ran for Congress, a heckler barked out that he was Catholic. In reply, he said: “I don’t recall the Navy asking what religion I was when I volunteered for service in the South Pacific.”
    Years later, this country has proven it’s lack of prejudice by electing a black man President.
    I guess if a mother of a serviceman is color-blind, she’s stupid now…is that what we’ve come to?
    No…the truth is, she’s the mother of a serviceman who also happens to have conservative political beliefs and sees just fine…
    The only real reason she’s being called ignorant is because her name is Sarah Palin–and for that, she must be relentlessly attacked and bull-whipped and damned in the media…
    Congratulations, Mr. Robinson, you have lowered Yale and its paper to the level of the Joy Behar show.

  • Navy Wife

    I hope your future is not in journalism because your bias has gotten the best of you. Yes, we all have biases. But it’s important to be honest with ourselves and check facts before jumping to conclusions which only serve to support our preconceived ideas, even if they are untrue.

    Just curious…where was your outrage at the Commander-in-Chief’s disrespect to US Navy Corpsman? I understand we all misspeak or make gaffes. President Bush was notorious for them. But I feel President Obama has shown a flagrant disregard for these fine men and women by failing not once, not twice, but four times in two separate speeches to pronounce corpsman properly. It is not Corpse-man.

  • Dumb Masses

    How’s that crow taste? Want some salt and pepper?

  • Soulhuntre

    “might have been misled”? is that left speak for “anyone who believed me, since I was lying in a hate filled rage”?

    Yeah, seems that way.

  • roper

    yeah, this article should be replaced with the article, or the apology placed at the beginning of it.

    otherwise the actual facts come across as a footnote, and the incorrect info is still the main focus.

    right now it comes across as hiding the apology. is that intentional?

  • Tyrone

    This is what happens when you let your hate for Palin override journalist integrity. You’ve embarrassed yourself beyond belief in a desperate attempt to lash out at Sarah Palin. Now that you know that the bracelet is BRONZE, was the attack still worth it?

  • anonymous


  • Regular Guy

    Perhaps Yale no longer teaches logic.

    Mr. Robinson, when you were researching for this article did you search the net for information on bracelets honoring soldiers? I did a google search and the first thing I found was “Hero Bracelets.” And guess who has a picture in the website? Sarah Palin.

    Didn’t you ask yourself why Sarah would disparage the military? She has always shown utmost support.

    Didn’t you ask yourself why she would disparage her son? Certainly she must love her son and be proud of his service.

    There were just so many things that should have caused you pause before you wrote this article I am just amazed.

    The bottom line is you let your partisanship cloud you brain. You didn’t think, you didn’t do even the least bit of research.

    You should be ashamed. Write a retraction! Send letters of apology to both Sarah and Track! Then do us all a favor and quit writing articles. We have quite enough partisan hacks.

  • James Burkes

    Hate first and check facts later, that’s the liberal way. Throw out words like “horrifying contempt” and “unbelievable ignorance”, then find out you were lazy and dead wrong, and try to get off with a “Nevermind…” non-apology? And then wrap it up with the typical liberal “teachable moment” dodge. Geez, just be a man and say you screwed up.

  • Tiger

    “demonstrates a horrifying contempt for those who gave their last full measure of devotion or an almost unbelievable ignorance of the importance of symbols in American history.”

    “Horrifying contempt” or “unbelievable ignorance”?
    You’re trying too hard. We get it. You don’t like Palin. She makes you mad because she isn’t a failure like your favorite politicians. Go to your room, and you can come out again when you learn how to control yourself.

  • AaronH

    Eric, you made a mistake. We all do. It’s clear to anyone reading the story that your haste to condemn Gov. Palin was driven by your bias against her. Obviously, haste and bias are not a good combination for someone making an attempt at journalism.
    Your “bigger blunder” though is your half-baked apology. It is appreciated but it is grossly insufficient. The self-righteousness and condescension of your original article was palpable. You had an opportunity to reverse course and show some true humility. Instead you gave us a cold recognition that you had made an error (we were already aware of that fact) and then treated the entire episode as a teachable moment for all of us. Mr. Robinson, we all didn’t embarrass ourselves with our ignorance and laziness… only you did. I would suggest you try again.

  • Cory

    Wonders never cease. Its sad when someone representing one of the most prestigious schools in the country is so reactionary and bias in their reporting. Remember Dan Rather? Yeah, guess not. It’s funny how the “intellectuals” of this country rush to judgment and don’t even take the time to actually do some real investigative work. You are a reactionary sham and embody everything that is wrong and is currently going wrong with country, media, and everything else. Instead of a little side note, you should write a substantial piece on the value of real journalism. You sir, are just the other side of the same worthless coin, but your not intellectual enough to admit it and better yourself. Such a pity.

  • ArmyMan10

    Mr. Robinson, I hope a job in journalism was never your intention – because you just defined yourself forever with this piece and the poor excuse for an apology.

  • jgreene

    The continuing spewing of venomous hatred against Sarah Palin is actually a sociological study in ignorance. Very few Palin haters know much if anything about Sarah Palin and refuse to address any of her positions or statements on issues. Is this what is par for the “course” at Yale, today?

    Pretty amusing actually.

  • CHV

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson […]”

    Indeed. Let’s hope that YOU have actually learned the important lesson that was demonstrated and foisted upon yourself here – even if you so chose to ignore it in your little addendum, which in itself speaks volumes.

  • JK

    BR10, you stated, “This is an opinion piece. Generally speaking, opinion pieces aren’t edited for factual content, only for grammatical issues.”

    Why did I find it under Headline News?

  • Jim Ramsey

    I applaude your service, and I am pleased to see your apology, even if it was just tacked on to the article. Perhaps, you should take a basic journalism class if you are going to pass yourself off as a journalist and take such pot shots at people. Fact checking, and even common decency to check with the object of a story seems to be a practice that leftwing bloggers have left behind. Do enjoy eating your crow.


    This is a new record, and despite the ire of some parties was conducted rather responsibly. Chalk one up for public discourse

  • Mike W.

    Some posters have tried to pass off this amateurish bit of Palin hating as “just an opinion piece”, so facts don’t matter (i.e., it’s just checked for grammatical accuracy). Is this the way it is at Yale? As long as you wrap your ignorance in “opinion”, that somehow absolves you of the need to be factually truthful? What, you don’t believe in objective truth in those Ivy League institutions of “higher” learning? Say whatever you want, just as long as it’s opinion, factual truth be damned? If so, I really feel sorry for you. Try that in the real world, you won’t last a minute. Reality has a way of being brutally honest. Maybe you’ll be lucky and just end up getting fired or sued. If you’re not so lucky, you might end up, well, let’s just say, in a “grave situation”.

  • Molon labe

    Poster BR’10 says:

    “1. This is an opinion piece. Generally speaking, opinion pieces aren’t edited for factual content, only for grammatical issues.”

    Are you a student at Yale? If so, I am wondering, do the words lux et veritas mean anything to you?

  • Arshan

    I intended to upbraid you for your idiotic comment …. and then I saw the Yale affiliation. That Hatred 101 Class really comes through for you, doesn’t it.

  • Tim

    548 words lambasting Palin based on a false premis because everyone knows she is stupid and must me in the wrong, so no need to double check…117 words for never mind what I just wrote…i guess that is equal coverage for Yale.

  • BR’10

    No, I’m not saying that abstains the writer of responsibility for his content. Rather, this was a specific response to a claim of ‘what were the editors’ thinking?

  • Diana

    Your apology is weak!!! I’m glad Sarah Palin is certainly a bigger person than you to accept the libelous remarks and skimpy apology without a comment!!!

  • Lori

    You have a brilliant future in mainstream journalism. You lie.

  • David Simantob

    In short, the hate and errors in the article showed a definite lack of both Lux & Veritas!

  • @#225

    No, this isn’t a record just yet. The original article on Aliza Shvarts got well over 300.

  • SPalin

    Dear Teabaggers,

    None of this changes the fact that Palin is viewed as unqualified for the presidency by MOST AMERICANS.

    None of your ranting changes the poll numbers:

  • freakmaster

    Yale sucks.

  • Jayne

    You STILL have not amended your post to put your pathetic correction at the top!? How much derision are you willing to take, man? Excuse me, boy?

  • Lux et Veritas Aeterna

    “None of this changes the fact that Palin is viewed as unqualified for the presidency by MOST AMERICANS.”

    Most LIBERAL Americans. It’s funny and sad in a way that you slobs think Palin is stupid, blundering, unqualified, etc. Yet your present-a-dent has to take his teleprompters into an elementary school classroom, talks about campaigning in 57 states, says that some members of the military are “corpse-men”, has never managed so much as a lemonade stand, thinks they speak Austrian in Austria, and you never say anything about that, much less hear anyone in the mainstream media comment about it. You give your president a pass on blunders much more egregious than anything Palin has ever done. I see no articles or opinion pieces in the Yale News about your President’s “unbelievable ignorance”, to coin a phrase. Yet you evidently think he is qualified to hold the highest office in the land. What, is rank hypocrisy now an entrance requirement for self-proclaimed “prestigious” universities?

  • Tanner

    A reason why Yale needs to Reinstate ROTC

  • Gbeck

    Yes, the reason that Obama gets a pass is that at various points in his life he has proved his intellectual acumen–most notably, Harvard Law School.

    Sarah Palin has never once proved her intellectual capacity, quitting the governorship when it was too much work. This should not be surprising when one looks at her own academic career.

    That is why the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS give Obama a pass when me makes a gaffe but not Palin. Because when Palin makes a gaffe it only confirms the underlying fear of a MAJORITY OF AMERICANS that she has no idea what she’s talking about it.

  • @238

    Dear Teabaggers,

    In case you missed the first paragraph of the link above it stated:

    Washington (CNN) – As Sarah Palin marks her birthday, a new national poll indicates that 7 out of 10 Americans feel that she is not qualified to be president.

    According to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, 71 percent of the public say the former Alaska governor is not qualified to serve in the White House, with 26 percent saying the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee is qualified to be president. The 26 percent who say Palin is qualified is down 12 points from an ABC News/Washington Post poll from November

  • Hieronymus

    Lest we forgot, the esteemed Governor, who quit her term, was also found guilty of abusing her power. Did she ever apologize for that?

  • Hieronymus

    To all of you demanding an apology from my esteemed colleague, where are apologies from Bush,Cheney,and Rummy over the WMDs?

    MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, weapons of mass destruction. Key goal of the military campaign is finding those weapons of mass destruction. None have been found yet. There was a raid on the Answar Al-Islam Camp up in the north last night. A lot of people expected to find ricin there. None was found. How big of a problem is that? And is it curious to you that given how much control U.S. and coalition forces now have in the country, they haven’t found any weapons of mass destruction?

    SEC. RUMSFELD: Not at all. If you think — let me take that, both pieces — the area in the south and the west and the north that coalition forces control is substantial. It happens not to be the area where weapons of mass destruction were dispersed. We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.

    The fact that you tea people have no outrage over those statements but are frothing at the mouth and demanding an apology reveals your own biases, no?

  • TheDopeFromHope

    Other than Robinson’s story being totally wrong, it was accurate.

  • @240

    Dear Intellectual Slobs, er, Snobs,

    Why is it that your oh-so-brilliant Messiah has never even produced a single academic transcipt? Why is it that your supposedly brilliant Present-a-dent has never produced a scholarly publication? Why is it that your so-called President never published an article in the lsw review he was supposed to be the editor of? Why did your supposedly brilliant President when running for office get his opponent’s previously-sealed divorce records made public? For someone supposedly so smart, that is pretty despicable. Why did your supposedly brilliant President say he was on the Senate Banking Committee when he was not?

    Most of all, why didn’t you hearabout any of these things in the mainstream press? No bias there, no sir.

  • JK

    So a Yale student makes a jerk of himself by going after a citizen with a false charge. People defend the woman and that automatically makes them “teabaggers” who want to see her be President?

    Yale each year becomes more of a joke.

  • @245

    Right, BO is stupid b/c he was offered a tenured position at UChicago Law and an editor of the Harvard Law Review. How many school’s did Palin quit from? She’s a quitter, it’s a pattern in her life, and she’s not up to the task of leading the US.

  • @246

    Right, Yale’s a joke, and that’s why there are 240+ posts to this story.

  • OnTheOtherHand

    To #242:
    I do not believe the Gov. has anything for which to apologize . Given the circumstances, she did the right thing in the interest of public safety and the subsequent report of the Alaska Personnel Board cleared her of any ethics violation in contradiction to earlier reports. Good summary here:
    As for quitting her term, it is evident she also did the right thing. Her political opponents on the Left tried to bankrupt her by alleging one ethics violation after another. In Alaska, any one can demand an ethics probe and the Governor has to defend herself using her own funds. Of 15 ethics suits, she was cleared of all 15, but at a huge personal cost. She already accomplished for Alaska what she promised to do as Gov. She did the right thing for her family and Alaska to step down.

  • rabbit

    Even if the bracelet had been black, I say this: Palin, as a mother of a son in combat, can carry any reminder of her son that she wishes, and it is not the place of Eric Robinson – or anyone – to criticize.

    What a ridiculous and small-minded article. Palin hardly has to attack left-wing media when they seem so intent on committing suicide.

  • Another Serviceman

    The really amusing sentence in the retraction is the last one…

    “I hope that this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in the importance of these symbols.”

    The author might seem a bit more genuine and contrite if he’d instead closed with something along the lines of

    “I hope this serves as an important lesson for anyone interested in writing fallacious screeds against the media’s current target du jour”.

  • Helen

    The HeroBracelets spokesperson says, “we’ve got hundreds of letters from families, many vowing to not take the bracelet off till their loved one comes home.” Track is home. He’s been home since September 2009. So, maybe Sarah just really, really likes the bracelet?

  • @247

    Obama was never offered a tenured position at UC. He was offered a tenure-track position. They are not the same thing. I wish for once you self-proclaimed “smart people” would get your simple facts straight.

    Obama turned down the offer and left his position. IOW, he quit. By your logic, he’s a quitter, it’s a pattern in his life, and therefore he’s not up to the task of leading the US. You’ve just been hoist on your own petard.

    Obama didn’t take the offer of a tenure-track position because to that point the faculty of UC Law School generally had the reputation for strong publication in legal journals. Do you know how many publications in scholarly journals Obama has to his credit? Give you a hint that even Ivy League types can get: you can count them on no hands. So much for your “brilliant” president.

  • @253 wrong again teabagger

    The dean of UC at the time disagrees with you. Google is your friend.

    Jodi Kantor | 3:48 p.m.: Several readers have asked questions about Mr. Obama’s status at the school. Let me clarify: he started teaching as a lecturer, meaning as a member of the adjunct faculty. But in 1996, he was promoted to senior lecturer, which in Chicago’s parlance, made him a professor.

    When the law school tried to hire Mr. Obama after his failed 2000 congressional race, it was for a tenured job, according to Daniel Fischel, the dean at the time. In our interview, I asked him if he meant “tenure-track,” and he said no. “He would be hired as a tenured professor,” he explained. The faculty would vote, but Mr. Obama already had their support, he added.

    Now start ranting about how smart Palin is. And btw, Joe the Plumber now hates Palin.

  • @253

    The next post is from Akhil Reed Amar, a professor of constitutional law at Yale and a former clerk to Justice Stephen Breyer, who compliments the quality of Mr. Obama’s exam questions.

    Akhil Reed Amar | 11:51 a.m.: Barack Obama’s exam questions and answers engaged me on several levels.

    First, As a constitutional law professor, I came away impressed — dazzled, really — by the analytic intelligence and sophistication of these questions and answers. A really good exam — an exam that tests and stretches the student, while simultaneously providing the professor with a handy and fair index to rank the class — is its own special art form. Composing such an exam is like crafting a sonnet or a crossword puzzle. We don’t have Obama’s answer key every year; but the questions themselves are in many instances beautifully constructed to enable students to explore the seams and plumb the depths of the Supreme Court’s case law. I am tempted to use variations of several of these questions myself in some future exam. (I won’t say which, lest I tip my students off.) When I read Jodi Kantor’s piece, I was very interested to hear that the University of Chicago Law School was willing to offer Obama tenure. In these materials I see why.


  • Recent Alum

    “According to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, 71 percent of the public say the former Alaska governor is not qualified to serve in the White House”

    #241, what the national public is influenced by the media? They believe what they read in the news and what they hear on TV day after day? Impossible, who would have thought!!!

    (For the record, Palin is one of my least favorite Republican candidates, but she is still eminently more qualified to be President than the guy who attended a racist church for 20 years and had his first political fundraiser hosted by an unapologetic terrorist).

  • @253


    Jodi Kantor | 3:48 p.m.: Several readers have asked questions about Mr. Obama’s status at the school. Let me clarify: he started teaching as a lecturer, meaning as a member of the adjunct faculty. But in 1996, he was promoted to senior lecturer, which in Chicago’s parlance, made him a professor.

    When the law school tried to hire Mr. Obama after his failed 2000 congressional race, it was for a tenured job, according to Daniel Fischel, the dean at the time. In our interview, I asked him if he meant “tenure-track,” and he said no. “He would be hired as a tenured professor,” he explained. The faculty would vote, but Mr. Obama already had their support, he added.

  • @255

    I doubt your a recent alum. Palin’s church is crazy, too, ever read about it? Oh, and Todd belongs to a militia that wants to overthrow the government.
    So what about that?

  • @255

    Rummy shook hands w/ Saddam and congratulated him–what does that make him?

  • @256

    I call Bravo Sierra. We had an applicant turned down for a tenured position on the basis of a weak publication record. He had about a dozen publications in refereed journals, another dozen or so transaction publications. That’s two dozen more publications than Obama has. And you’re going to tell me a place like UC would offer tenure to someone with a zero publication record? If so, it’s not being offered on the basis of merit, more like it’s affirmative action run amok.

  • @254

    A Yale Law professor, eh? Is that the same school that has a newspaper that publishes hit pieces on a private citizen that turn out to be nothing but trash? If so, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. If your oh-so-brilliant present-a-dent is such a genius, why didn’t be put his so-called brilliance to work and publish a single journal article? Why couldn’t he even contribute an authored article to the law review he supposedly edited? If he’s so smart and didn’t produce anything, then I’d have to say he’s lazy. It’s a pattern in his life, and that indicates he is not qualified to lead the US. How’s that lazy quitter stuff workin’ out for ya?

  • JK

    People here can post about, Obama, Bush, Tea Party and other as much as they want but none of it changes the core.

    A Yale student made an ass of himself attacking a woman innocent of the charge he brought and he is not enough of a stand up man to attempt to correct it in a proper way.

  • Michigan reader

    That you reference watching MSNBC defines you as amongst those who dislike Gov. Palin.

    Just looking for an excuse to criticize….

  • AnotherAlumnamedMike ’81

    Palin was correct when she said ‘We need a Commander-in-Chief not a professor of law’. Whether he was a professor or senior lecturer is moot (pun intended). He is a fairly bright guy, but I went to Yale with some brilliant folks who I would not trust to run a diner, let alone a Country. His numerous gaffes were pretty much ignored by the media while other politicians from Quayle to Bush to Palin were hammered mercilessly for their gaffes. Same goes for ‘foot in mouth’ Biden. For example, Joe Biden made 22 mistakes during the VP debates, while Palin made only two. But to hear it from the MSM, Biden was brilliant, a real sage. Good recap here:
    I am not really concerned about Obama’s past education, although it is amazing the double standard the media applied to G.W. Bush. They tracked down transcripts, SATs, military records only to find that he did better academically than John Kerry—the one they considered so erudite. When it came to Obama, the media couldn’t be bothered to look at his college or graduate school record, or inquire about his prior admitted cocaine use. I am far more concerned about his past associations and recent appointments. As Palin said, he did pall around with terrorists-William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorhn. Obama funneled millions of dollars to Ayers’ alternative radical schools when they worked together on the Annenberg Challenge and Ayers held a fund raiser in his house to help launch Obama’s senate career. See here:
    Obama even wrote a nice blurb for one of Ayers’ books. See here:
    Of more concern are Obama’s radical appointments to his administration. He has appointed more Czars than Russia ever had. And his Stimulus Bill advisors included another domestic terrorist, Jeff Jones, and the radical Apollo Alliance. See here:
    While Palin may or may not be Presidential material, it is clear that there was, and is, an incredible bias against her in the media as is evidenced by Mr. Robinson’s article. The media failed to vet Obama properly and now we are suffering the consequences.

  • Kathy

    The author seems to feel his knowledge is vastly superior to Sarah Palin’s. I read the whole article wondering how Sarah could have made such a mistake, wearing the black bracelet. After the author used this gaffe to slam her intelligence once again, we then read, at the very bottom of the article, that the author was the one who made the gaffe, the entire article being based on his own faulty misconception! The apology was certainly too brief, and furthermore it should be placed at the BEGINNING of the article, not at the end, to warn people that what they are about to read is pure falsehood. Shame on you!

  • @Everyone

    Do keep in mind that the YDN is an entirely student run paper. The administration takes no official stance on any particular article or issue of the paper. They don’t go through censors or anything. To equate Yale with the paper seems silly.

  • toosinbeymen

    Who cares about symbols, pins, braclets, whatever. What are her policies? Can she run the country? Why do we always have to elect people based on their personalities instead of how they plan to run the country?

  • cpr

    thank you for figuring out a way to lecture us after your personal and maybe uniquely stupid oversight.

  • JK

    “To equate Yale with the paper seems silly”

    Students run the paper and what is Yale without the students? They represent Yale. They are what people see and are a product by which people judge the University.

  • jamesymac

    Three quick points:

    I.) Attractiveness is nothing to be afraid of…..

    II.) Predictable modus operandi: Folks who did not agree w/R.Reagan similarly & dismissively attacked the quality his innate intelligence (i.e. relatively non-egghead persona)…Time has proved his depth within this area via release of here-to-fore unread notes/letters.

    III.) The inferior usually attack the superior : )

    Note: Less personally squared away entertainment individuals who use their Hollywood platform(s) to pontificate to their fellow Americans R the ones who truly insult the intelligence of their mainstream fellow citizens.

  • Half Pint

    Author also doesn’t capitalize “Gold Star”, which represents a unique and profound sacrifice and is a formal noun. If symbols are important, start with grammar – then work on journalism. Needless to say, stay away from the art Rhetoric altogether.

  • Don Mei

    Typical of this liberal paper.

    At the botom is the “Authors Note” which mitigates everything said in the article. But few will read it.

    Its also misnamed. It should read RETRACTION or CORRECTION.

    The premise of the entire article was wrong. I don’t get why the Authors Note is not given prominence.

  • Paul Bunker

    I hope Mr. Robinson has learned a lesson: don’t shoot off your mouth until you have the facts.

  • Glftips

    Is that it..the color of a bracelet? As a twice wounded combat veteran, I fully support Palin’s choice to honor her son.
    If the left wing journalists are down to criticizing the color of her bracelts then she is more powerful than we think.

  • answerme

    Eric Robinson called Palin’s wearing of what he incorrectly thought was a memorial brachlet “an almost unbelievable ignorance of the importance of symbols in American history”. That wording can be applied to you, Eric, with a sew minor changes: your story reflects an almost unbelievale ignorance of the importance of symbols of American joournalism – truth, unbiase truth.

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