Spizzwinks(?) perform at Carnegie Hall

NEW YORK — The Spizzwinks(?) took on a bigger stage than usual Monday night.

Yale’s oldest underclassman a cappella singing group ushered in the holiday season with a medley of Christmas songs at a performance at Carnegie Hall Monday. In front of a crowd of approximately 1,500, the group sang a six-minute Christmas medley arranged by Andy Berry ’13 for the concert, titled “Christmas Time in the City.”

Other performers included The Continuo Arts Symphonic Chorus and Orchestra, alto soloist Avery Sommers and the violin duo Diva Musica.

Associate Dean of Yale College Marichal Gentry was among the attendees.

One guest, Karen Burrows, who had never heard of the Spizzwinks(?) before, said she enjoyed their performance.

“They were truly awesome,” Burrows said. “They had lots of spirit and attitude.”

Another guest, Joan Daurio, said she regretted having missed a Spizzwinks(?) concert at her church in New Jersey and was excited to attend yesterday’s concert at Carnegie Hall.

Kent Twardock ’11 of the Spizzwinks coordinated the logistics of the performance with the Candace Wicke, director and founder of the Continuo Arts Foundation.

Five members of the Spizzwinks(?) interviewed said the experience was one they will never forget.

“This is only my second time in New York and I was here as a performer at Carnegie Hall,” tenor Matthew Kroon ’11 said.

Bass Dan Turcza ’11 described the venue as “enormous, gorgeous and filled with people.”

“Its such a rush to perform for a crowds that large, enthusiastic and into the music,” he added.

The Spizzwinks(?) also sang composer Stephen Edwards’ “A Carol Fantasy” with high school choirs and other semi-professional choirs at the end of the event.


  • Recent Alum

    Is the Spizzwinks the singing group that you join if you don’t get an offer from any of the other 10 or so male singing groups on campus? That’s what I seem to recollect.

  • Current Student

    Something like that …. or maybe not.

  • yalie80

    Didn’t get in, eh #1?

  • F. P. Raff SY 96

    Congrats Winks! Great article except for the “Yale’s oldest underclassman a cappella singing group” part. It was commonly known in my years that the Spizzwinks were founded as a social club in the nineteen-teens, then disbanded. Decades later the name was resurrected for use by the singing group. The SOBs / Os and Bs, or Society of Orpheus and Bacchus est. 1938/9 is Yale’s oldest underclassman a cappella singing group, and certainly the oldest in continuous operation, as proven by an uninterrupted SOB alumni roster. Any other claim must be made – with a ‘Wink!

  • ‘Wink ’13

    Though the SOBs is in fact the oldest underclassman a cappella group in continuous operation – though one cannot ignore the first 4 to 5 years beginning in 1914 when the ‘Winks were a functioning singing group. The group was later resurrected in the early ’40s by the son of the original founder.