Letter: Either with us or against us

I wish to protest the News’ headline “For some Yalies, split allegiances” (Nov. 17). There are and can be no split allegiances among Yalies. A person split between Yale and Harvard is with Harvard. At Yale students are taught to know where they stand.

Steven Smith

Nov. 17

The writer is the Alfred Cowles Professor of Political Science and the Master of Branford College.


  • cc ’10


  • td’10

    Bam! And that’s the way it is.

  • BR’08

    Amen Master Smith

  • BR’11

    Speak it, Master Smith!

  • DC’12


  • Alum


  • mc 00

    worthy of tenure.

  • JE ’10


  • Recent Alum

    How antiquated views in the age of Obama! Now perhaps President Levin should bow before the Crimsons to show respect.

  • masgter smith

    ist eh smot aweoeem master int ehw oerld.

  • TC’12

    OMG EPIC! Go, Smith!

  • Branford ’13

    Yeah Master Smith!

  • jack sidlecki

    I think Master Smith was high when he wrote this.

  • br 09

    I think comment 10 really put it best

  • well said


  • anom

    Well said